The 2214 Saga Interactive Online Visual Novel

A story about interplanetary migration, government conspiracy, and time travel.

Chapter Zero: Prologue

Chapter Zero: Prologue - Scene I: "Introduction"

NARRATOR: Welcome to the 2214 visual novel. It is a reboot of the original web comic.

NARRATOR: Not only will this be an entirely new type of presentation for the story, but it will also be a complete reboot of the story as well.

NARRATOR: 2214, as a web comic, suffered from pacing issues and inadequate space for explanatory text.

NARRATOR: This new visual novel format will provide ample space for text in addition to music and other media elements to enhance the story.

NARRATOR: To get started, this visual novel works best on a 16:9 aspect ratio screen (most computer monitors, televisions, and smartphones in landscape mode).

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NARRATOR: If you're on a computer, you can use the space bar to advance and your arrow keys to switch scenes and replay the current scene. Enter toggles full screen mode.

NARRATOR: If you have read the 2214 web comic, please note that the story will deviate somewhat from the original work. This is a reboot; it is not merely a remake.

NARRATOR: Let's begin.

Chapter Zero: Prologue - Scene II: "Prologue"

NARRATOR: In the year 2214, a massive interplanetary migration is scheduled by a global quasi-governmental ruling group known as "Zetsfir".

NARRATOR: The governments of most countries have coalesced into a global entity. Zetsfir's disproportionate influence over the world government is protested by many.

NARRATOR: Although there is no official reason for the forced migration of a portion of the world's population, it is speculated that an impending crisis is the cause.

NARRATOR: Those who refused were forcibly taken to the migration spacecraft, known as the "Morgan's Gate", named after Dr. Raul Morgan, its designer.

NARRATOR: The "Gate", as it's colloquially known, was assembled in Earth Orbit from 2186 to 2194 and is the size of a large city.

NARRATOR: It was designed to sustain human life for hundreds of generations.

NARRATOR: Rumors began to spread that something had gone horribly wrong with the migration plan, however...


Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene I: "Gesh's Desperate Atrocity"

NARRATOR: Saulsburg, Oregon. January 18, 2214, 3:14 am.

NARRATOR: Mr. Disphumis!!!

Negotiator: Please, listen to reason!

Gesh: So... the negotiator has arrived...

Gesh: Don't you get it?! You will not take me alive or intact!

Gesh: Unnngh... Just save your breath, already! There's nothing to discuss here.

Negotiator: Please... just put down the detonator and let's talk this through, alright?

Gesh: Can't you hear me? There's nothing to discuss! I am not your lab rat.

Gesh: My DNA is not yours to toy with!

Gesh: Nobody alive has the wisdom to handle this situation with any sense of decency.

Policeman: Just how much explosive does he have on him?

Negotiator: It's deeper than that, Mr. Disphumis.

Negotiator: You literally contain information inside your brain cells that could save the world from tragedy!

Gesh: NO DICE!!!


Negotiator: Please just listen to reason!

Negotiator: One small sample of your brain tissue will provide the missing data to ensure a successful migration!

Negotiator: The extraction procedure will not harm you at all.


Gesh: Sorry, lady. I am taking these secrets to hell with me.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene II: "Zetsfir Institute - Upcoming Experiment"

NARRATOR: Zetsfir Institute, March 11, 2214, 9:10 am

Azurat: What's our status, folks?

Dr. Pathos: Dr. Disphumis, I know he was your brother-in-law, so I don't know how to approach this...

Azurat: You don't have to worry, Martin. He had some serious issues ever since my wife's accident. It's a very difficult situation all around.

Azurat: Between having the government questioning us about everything under the sun and the pressure to get results...

Azurat: I just want to focus on the task at hand, so never mind the subject matter.

Dr. Pathos: Yes sir. Understood.

Azurat: Anyway... is there any news on possible remains? We are running out of time with only four days to obtain the samples.

Dr. Ross: Azurat, since downtown reconstruction started, it doesn't look good for any remains in the area. However...

Dr. Ross: The quantum A.I. system has interpolated much of the missing data via the process of elimination.

Azurat: That's good, Dr. Ross. We shouldn't rely on that any more than we absolutely have to.

Dr. Ross: Right, it's not perfect...

Dr. Pathos: Dr. Ross, do you think there's any chance we could proceed without Gesh's brain tissue?

Dr. Pathos: I mean... you know... in the worst case scenario.

Dr. Ross: Theoretically. It depends on the results of the tests.

Azurat: Which I would have to leave up to you. I'm afraid I cannot be present for such a thing, which you know I'm against, Jeane.

Dr. Ross: I'm sorry, Azurat. I wish there were another way but the council...

Dr. Pathos: Wait, I've actually been wondering, though... who exactly is the test subject?

Dr. Ross: Oh my... Azurat, you haven't told him yet?

Azurat: ...

Azurat: Hmph. I was desperately looking for a suitable replacement.

Azurat: This is the last person in the world I wanted to use for this experiment. Yet, my hands are tied.

Azurat: The only suitable person alive with the exact genetic traits. The only one who carries the "Disphumis Factor".

Azurat: My daughter, Ravenna.

Dr. Pathos: Oh. I didn't know...

Dr. Ross: She looks exactly like her mother.

Dr. Pathos: Cute. She has your ears though.

Azurat: You watch it, bub.

Dr. Ross: But... testing on your own daughter... are you sure about this...?

Azurat: I'm going to ask her tonight about doing the experiment and if she still feels up to it.

Azurat: Just... I sure wish there were another way.

Azurat: If anything goes wrong, I swear I will never forgive myself.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene III: "School Bus"

NARRATOR: Saulsburg, Oregon. 3:14 pm

Sara: Hey, Ravenna, what are you doing after school today?

Ravenna: Karate again. I almost have my next degree black belt.

Sara: Oh, by the way, did you hear? James got his letter today.

Sara: He was picked for the migration!

Ravenna: Um... my Dad's working on something to do with that...

Larry: Isn't your dad Azurat Disphumis...?

Larry: ...and your uncle was Gesh Disphumis, the lunatic who's responsible for that suicide bombing downtown?

Ravenna: ...

Sara: Larry!!! What's WRONG with you?! Why did you bring that up?

Larry: Yeah, yeah. But her family's been at the center of a lot of bad stuff lately.

Larry: I mean, her dad helps those creeps force people to leave Earth against their will!

Larry: Also, why is his last name "Disphumis" when your Uncle Disphumis was your mom's brother? How's that work?!

Bus: Y'all jez chill.

Larry: Oh, here he goes forcing that slang again... Mr. 4.0 GPA trying to play the cool guy!

Bus: Don't be gettin' all wild up in here.

Sara: The migration is tough for everyone, Larry.

Ravenna: Hey, what's up, School Bus!

Larry: Why do they call you "School Bus"?

Bus: Don't you know?

Bus: I'm big... got a yellow coat, and I'll sho' 'nuff take y'all to school!

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene IV: "The Death Toll"

Ravenna: (It'll be while until we get to my stop...)

Ravenna: (May as well listen to the radio.)

Ravenna: (My stop is the last stop. That means I get to see... this... every day.)

Ravenna: (Uncle Gesh... why did you feel this was necessary?)

Ravenna: (Were you really so selfish as to snuff out all of those lives without a second thought?)

Ravenna: (How else can we look at it? Senseless but more importantly... it's evil.)

Ravenna: (Just... evil.)

Ravenna: (Oh. The news.)

NEWS: Good afternoon, Saulsburg. Our top story comes from the investigation into the massive suicide bombing downtown.

NEWS: The estimated death toll from the bombing has been increased to six thousand.

NEWS: This makes the incident the most severe domestic bombing in Oregon history.

NEWS: Our sources confirm that the attack was indeed related to the migration protests.

NEWS: Twelve city blocks of Downtown Saulsburg were completely leveled following a standoff with authorities back in January.

NEWS: The entire area will remain blocked off and off limits to all non-emergency traffic until further notice.

NEWS: In other news...

NEWS: Those drafted for next year's migration are urged to have all financial issues squared away.

NEWS: All selected migrants will be required to report to the Raleigh dock facility on February 26 next year.

NEWS: Those required to report will be sent a shuttle pass prior to this date.

NEWS: Early boarding for the "Morgan's Gate" colony ship began on February 20 this year.

NEWS: The "Morgan's Gate" will begin its extensive journey to the planet "Pleiades-47" next March.

NEWS: The 47th planet discovered in the Pleiades cluster was confirmed in 2186 to support life and was selected...

Ravenna: This is too horrid, Uncle Gesh. Even for you.

Ravenna: Why were you so bent on stopping the migration?

Ravenna: You didn't solve a thing. You only killed thousands and made the situation worse.

Ravenna: Karma... no... just a simple chain of cause and effect. Evil begets evil.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene V: "Zetsfir Council"

NARRATOR: Zetsfir Insitute, 7:21 pm

Chairman: Ladies and gentlemen of the council, before us are those in charge of research for the migration crisis resolution project.

Chairman: Since major setbacks have arisen due to the suicide bombing, our project has taken some detours.

Chairman: I am, however, pleased to know that we may proceed with the project.

Chairman: Professor Disphumis, what were your findings on Gesh's DNA sample?

Azurat: As you are aware, Chairman, Gesh had a rare genetic mutation exclusive to his blood line that contained encoded binary data.

Azurat: This trait was shared by my late wife, as well. Unfortunately... we lost her during system testing on board the Morgan's Gate.

Chairman: Yes, again, my condolences, professor.

Council Member: Professor, were you able to obtain enough data to complete the program?

Azurat: Unfortunately, without recovering the brain from the rubble, we had to rely on incomplete samples from my wife and interpolation...

Martin: We are confident that our partial model is suitable for preliminary testing.

Chairman: I see.

Chairman: I take it that testing was delayed further due to the lack of suitable test subjects and the significant risk involved?

Azurat: Well, yes... I'm afraid the only suitable test subject...

Council Member: Is your daughter, am I correct?

Council Member: Would I be accurate to say you have personal reservations due to that fact?

Azurat: ...

Martin: Ma'am, the risks involved are not trivial.

Martin: She did agree plus, due to her genetic expression of the code in question, her chances of survival are greater than most...

Council Member: Dr. Pathos, I do not mean to sound insensitive but the stakes are quite high. We are willing to accept certain risks.

Martin: You are willing?! What about his daughter? What about his wife? We've already lost people as a result of...

Azurat: It's fine, Martin.

Martin: But aside from that, although we can perform testing, we still don't have any of Gesh's actual tissue so the system won't be reliable!

Council Member: You were told that for security purposes.

Council Member: In truth, we have the brain - intact.

Council Member: Currently, the data is being extracted and stored in one of the mainframes for the "V-CORE" project.

Chairman: That means we already have everything we need.

Chairman: That means we can proceed for certain. Our main objective is to perfect the temporal gate systems...

Chairman: Professor, is something wrong?

Azurat: N... no... sir.

Azurat: Nothing.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene VI: "Uncertainty"

Azurat: Have a good evening, Martin.

Azurat: I have to pick up my daughter from her karate lesson.

Azurat: How did it go? Did you advance to shodan?

Ravenna: Yes I did! Although... this test was a lot tougher than before.

Azurat: That is totally baller.

Ravenna: Yep. Uh, listen, pop...

Azurat: Yo.

Ravenna: Some of the people at school are giving me a hard time because of Uncle Gesh and... well...

Azurat: Listen, kiddo. You're not responsible for what he did. You know that.

Ravenna: Yeah I know that already. It's more that they're spreading rumors about your job.

Azurat: ...

Azurat: ...I see.

Ravenna: I know you're not allowed to talk about it but...

Azurat: Listen, Ravenna, we had a big meeting with the council today and they want to move forward with the experiments.

Azurat: You still cool with that? Because... honestly... I'm not.

Ravenna: I'm the only one suitable, right? Plus I have the best chances of surviving.

Ravenna: Plus it's for the long term survival of humanity.

Azurat: You're REALLY just all hunkey-dorey fine about all this?!

Ravenna: Of course not! It's not like I actually look forward to it!

Azurat: Yeah. I'm glad to hear you say that. Listen...

Azurat: What I'm about to tell you doesn't leave this cockpit, alright?

Ravenna: Of course. I won't even tell Bus.

Azurat: Ok. Good. Now, listen...

Azurat: Today, the Zetsfir council suddenly let us know they obtained Gesh's brain.

Ravenna: WHAT?! I thought it was destroyed!

Azurat: Pffft, yeah, plus they had people out in the rubble searching for traces of it.

Azurat: Plus they had us wracking our brains trying to assemble the data through other means...

Ravenna: Umm... what data?

Azurat: I'm violating multiple global laws telling you this but Zetsfir has us developing technology to make sure humans survive the migration.

Ravenna: Isn't the Morgan's Gate supposed to support life for centuries?

Azurat: Yes but there are other factors involved. One is the manipulation of the human genome to adapt to the new planet. The other one...

Azurat: Sorry, Ravenna. Let's leave it at that.

Ravenna: Oh, alright. I'll pretend I didn't hear anything.

Azurat: Ravenna! Wise up! I'm not screwing around, here.

Azurat: The DNA your Mother's side of the family carries actually contains synthetic data that contains precise instructions for this.

Ravenna: I know you said we have the "Disphumis Factor" but I thought that was just white hair, red eyes, and more strength than normal.

Azurat: I don't know all of the specifics. Still... here's the part that's REALLY going to get me in trouble if it gets out:

Azurat: That cylinder in the back seat.

Ravenna: I was wondering why you took out part of the back seat and had that thing jammed in there.

Azurat: It's a little something I'm working on... but I'm not supposed to.

Ravenna: What does it do, exactly?

Azurat: It's some kind of compact wormhole generator. Like I said, though, it doesn't work yet. Zetsfir commissioned one on the Morgan's...

Azurat: I've already said way too much.

Ravenna: ...

Ravenna: Pop, I don't trust Zetsfir. I don't like what they're doing.

Azurat: Most people don't, kiddo. It's just that none of us have much of a choice but to go along with things.

Ravenna: They've never taught us anything in school about how they got so powerful.

Azurat: That right there is the whole reason they ARE so powerful. It's because they can control information.

Azurat: Not to mention their secrecy fuels speculation so the lies and theories further cloud the truth...

Ravenna: I want to get to the bottom of this migration business. What's the REAL purpose for it?

Azurat: Listen, Ravenna. Some questions are not worth asking. If you get too curious, bad things can happen.

Ravenna: Bus says that, too.

Azurat: Ah! Marvin Jensen. How is he doing? I heard he was likely to be valedictorian if he doesn't get busted for hacking!

Ravenna: He's doing well. Is it okay if he comes over tonight to help me with some homework?

Azurat: Sure thing. I always like picking his brain on things, although I'm going to be too tired tonight so I'm going to bed early.

Ravenna: We'll be extra quiet, then, so you can rest.

Azurat: *YAWN* Hmm, appreciate it.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene VII: "Sorrow - Past and Present"

Azurat: ...

Azurat: I must admit that I have an unusually bad feeling about the experiment.

Azurat: Maybe it's something the Zetsfir council isn't telling us. I don't know.

Ravenna: What if you just quit your job and we can go off-grid or something?

Azurat: Living on the run, constantly hiding and sneaking around? Impractical in this day and age, to say the least.

Azurat: Besides, the surveillance grid tracks every vehicle, communication device, and finanical transaction.

Azurat: Those off-grid stories are from an era 200 years ago. I've yet to see anyone able to hide from the world government.

Ravenna: Hmmm....

Ravenna: (There has to be something we can do...)

Azurat: It was during early testing of the system involved in these experiments that your mother was killed.

Azurat: It was a standard diagnostics routine she was running at the time.

Azurat: The V-CORE prototype activated normally but started to exhibit anomalous behavior.

Ravenna: Yeah, but you never figured out why?

Azurat: Right. We were never able to identify the reason.

Azurat: I had just returned to the lab with some coffee.

Azurat: The next thing I knew... she was...

Azurat: ...obliterated. Not even a trace left behind.

Azurat: The lab shut down for a mere two days before the project resumed.

Azurat: No answers were ever provided.

Azurat: Zetsfir offered me a generous paid leave afterward...

Azurat: ...but instead, after the funeral, I buried myself in my work, hardly leaving the lab.

Ravenna: I do remember going to stay with Uncle Gesh for a few days...

Ravenna: ...but he was institutionalized the day I arrived.

Azurat: Yes. That's right. Seeing him unravel made me realize that I had to pull myself together.

Azurat: Despite everything else, I have to give Zetsfir credit for making sure our needs were met.

Ravenna: ...

Azurat: You were always her top priority, Ravenna. Even on her busiest days with Zetsfir, you came first.

Azurat: Your expression of her bloodline's unique traits always fascinated her. You had so much energy.

Azurat: Of course, with your above-average strength, sometimes you could be a real handful.

Ravenna: I was only six years old...

Ravenna: It's hard to remember.

Azurat: We knew that you were different than your mother. Your traits were more dominant.

Azurat: In fact, you quickly attracted Zetsfir's attention. They wanted to perform experiments right away.

Azurat: Your mother and I were able to stop them for years until the situation, according to them, became too dire.

Azurat: They could have forcibly taken you away but they knew we would take our research and run if they did.

Ravenna: An insurance policy of sorts?

Azurat: One hell of an insurance policy, kiddo. I never put all of my cards on the table and they've always known that.

Azurat: You could say that Zetsfir and I have been at a stalemate when it comes to using "the nuclear option" to get what we want.

Azurat: Of course you can credit your mother for defending you.

Azurat: It wasn't just Zetsfir. Your teachers and the police were afraid of your strength.

Azurat: Should you have become a delinquent, it would have been troublesome for everyone, or so they said.

Azurat: They wanted you to undergo treatments to restrain your abilities but your mother and I prevented that.

Azurat: Of course I knew you wouldn't go down the wrong path.

Ravenna: Ha ha, I'm a goodie two shoes..!

Azurat: It's hard to believe it's been ten years already. I may have come to terms with it but...

Azurat: I would not be able to come to terms with such loss again. This is why I'm against the upcoming experiment.

Azurat: Even if my unsanctioned copy of the V-CORE becomes operational, what good is a time machine if I can't go back?

Ravenna: It seems far-fetched that such a thing could even exist. Does Zetsfir really think it's possible?

Azurat: I've studied the theory behind it quite extensively, Ravenna. Only in theory so far but it's a solid concept.

Ravenna: But going backward is totally out of the question?

Azurat: Yes. Based on this model, absolutely.

Ravenna: Do you think there's any chance that Mom...

Azurat: Ravenna, the system wasn't finalized. It would have been fatal. Let's not get into the details as to why.

Ravenna: ...sure.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene VIII: "Come Over"

Azurat: Alright, Ravenna.

Azurat: Your school's out tomorrow for an in-service day.

Azurat: Still... don't stay up too late, alright? They want you to report to the lab tomorrow.

Ravenna: Ok. Bus is just gonna come over for a couple hours so we can compare our history class notes.

Azurat: Sounds fine. Say "Hi" to him for me, okay?

Azurat: I'm exhausted and going straight to bed. I have to pick up fuel canisters for the Hovercrane in the morning.

Ravenna: Wait... we were flying around on low fuel tonight?

Azurat: Nah. I increased the safety limit. Besides, it's not like it would plummet to the ground.

Azurat: Didn't they teach you about magnetocraft this semester in your engineering class?

Ravenna: Sorry, Pop. We haven't studied hover engines yet.

Azurat: Young lady, no daughter of mine is going to get her magnetocraft learner's permit...

Azurat: ...let alone fly an S-class Hovercrane GT-4 without understanding the physics of hover engines!

Ravenna: Sure, Pop. I'll get Bus to help me study that tonight, too, ok?

Azurat: See to it! Ha ha, and with that... I'm off to catch some Z's.

Ravenna: (Now to call Bus...)

Ravenna: (Come on, Bus... pick up already...)

Ravenna: Whoa! What the...

Ravenna: That was kinda odd.

Ravenna: Sounded kind of like one of those ancient data port devices.

Ravenna: !!!

Ravenna: Hello?

Bus: Yo, Rave. You jus' call?

Ravenna: Yeah but the connection was acting really weird.

Bus: Hah hah! Naw, Rave, that was just me switching to a secure line.

Bus: Don't want those spy creeps listenin' in.

Ravenna: Um, secure? As in encrypted?

Bus: You know it!

Ravenna: Isn't that illegal?

Bus: ...

Bus: ...yeah...?

Bus: ...and...?

Ravenna: Hey Bus, you still coming over to help study tonight?

Bus: Sure. Beats sittin' around here all night, anyway.

Ravenna: Great. Dad said it's okay but we can't clomp around and make a bunch of noise tonight because he's trying to sleep, ok?

Bus: Aw. Guess I'll have to leave my clompin' boots here at home, then.

Ravenna: Heh, heh.

Ravenna: There's some other stuff I'd like to talk about tonight if you're up for it.

Bus: Sure but hey, Rave...

Bus: Secure line! You can tell me now if you want.

Ravenna: Okay... Well, what can you get regarding the Morgan's Gate? Specifically, something called a "V-CORE"?

Bus: Oooohhhh.... that's gonna be tricky, even for me.

Bus: Tell you what, though. I'll see what I can find and then I'll head on over to your place, ok?

Ravenna: Thanks, Bus. Don't get caught.

Bus: Nah, it's all good. I won't get caught.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene IX: "Spam and Secret Plans"

Ravenna: That was quick...

Bus: Hey, Rave. Got here as fast as I could. Listen...

Ravenna: Heya Bus! Come on in. I was just going through a bunch of my e-mails.

Bus: Listen, I used my Dad's old password and... believe it or not... it still worked.

Ravenna: Are you serious? Their security is THAT bad?!

Bus: Not quite. I had a backdoor set up back when he was alive and there was one system they forgot to reset.

Bus: Now what's this all about? Why all of a sudden...?

Ravenna: Please, not so loud. Dad's asleep and... I don't want him to know.

Bus: I gotcha. Lemma hang my coat up.

Ravenna: Sorry, Bus, give me just a few more minutes, here. I'm just trying to clear out all of this junk e-mail.

Bus: That's cool. No rush.

Bus: 1107 unread messages? Dang...

Ravenna: I... uh... get a lot of spam.

Ravenna: ...among other things...

Bus: Sorry to snoop on you, Rave, but I just gotta read this one.

Ravenna: Knock yourself out.

Bus: Ha, hah! How's it gonna be all like "e-mail from Grandma Chubbs up in here" with... whaaaaat...?

Bus: "Y'all need some brain surgery? Well we got a do-it-yo'self kit... Enjoy brainlessness..."

Bus: PFFFTTTTT that's sooo stupid! Where they come up with this stuff?!


Ravenna: Well, Bus, if you like that, I have about a thousand more...

Ravenna: Oh... more of these, too...

Bus: Oh...

Ravenna: ...jerks...

Bus: I'm sorry you gotta deal with that BS, Rave.

Bus: No excuse for hate mail, let alone death threats.

Ravenna: Eh, I'm getting used to it.

Bus: That's just it, Rave! You shouldn't have to deal with it!

Bus: Ugh... Y'all cowards don't even know what she's been through...

Ravenna: It sucks, Bus. Sometimes I wish I could just join that stupid migration and get off this hateful planet.

Bus: Don't talk like that, Rave. You know you don't wanna leave your friends and your dad behind.

Ravenna: I know. It just... kind of becomes too much sometimes.

Ravenna: Anyway, Bus, I'm done for now. Can you show me the data you took?

Bus: Sure thing. This is stuff I grabbed from the Morgan's Gate's computers. It's a little outdated but I found it interesting.

Bus: Some blueprints and diagrams, here. There's this V-CORE system you mentioned...

Ravenna: Bus, please... not so loud...

Bus: Gotcha. Anyway... it all centers around this cryogenic system. Something to do with computer code stored in DNA.

Bus: Yeah... I haven't dug too deeply yet. It's all kind of mind-boggling.

Bus: More of this thing in a glass tube. It's as if it's central to the whole system somehow.

Ravenna: Wait a minute, Bus. Go back to the other one.

Bus: Hold up. Is... is that...

Ravenna: A freakin' BRAIN?!

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene X: "Investigation Plan"

NARRATOR: 11:09 pm

Bus: I think that about covers the history class stuff.

Ravenna: Yeah. Sorry that I'm having a hard time concentrating.

Ravenna: I just can't stop thinking about having to go to Zetsfir's lab tomorrow.

Bus: Don't go.

Ravenna: It's not like I really have a choice.

Bus: I don't blame you or your dad for anything... but you know damn well I hate Zetsfir.

Bus: They killed my dad, after all.

Ravenna: He worked aboard the Morgan's Gate, right?

Bus: Yeah. He came across some info he wasn't supposed to.

Bus: I know because I was a nosy kid. Got into his files, found a bunch of shady stuff.

Bus: Higher-ups found out what he knew... next thing you know, he got pushed out of an airlock.

Ravenna: ...I remember worrying they were going to do that to my pop when he was assigned up there, too.

Bus: Same here. They tried to make it look like an accident but I knew better, Rave. It was no accident.

Bus: Y'know, if they're really using brains and other human parts for some... whatever... kinda project...

Bus: That might get an independent investigation going by the World Government to look into this migration business.

Ravenna: How would that even work...?

Bus: Yo, I got the cargo shuttle launch schedule, too. If we could find and take some evidence from a shuttle...

Ravenna: Bus, that's extremely dangerous, The shuttle docks are insanely well-guarded.

Bus: I can take out all of the surveillance equipment beforehand. All of the guards there are robotic, too.

Ravenna: They're robots but they have guns, Bus.

Bus: Yeah but they're slow. Their night vision systems also have this bad glitch...

Ravenna: Listen, Bus. Are you absolutely sure we can get past them?

Bus: No but there's a good chance. If we do things right, we could not only get the migration cancelled but have Zetsfir stopped!

Ravenna: My Pop could go back to his old university job then, too. Not to mention I wouldn't have to be part of a risky experiment.

Bus: And I could finally have those bastards held accountable for my Dad's murder, Rave.

Bus: The stakes are crazy high either way. What do you say...?

Ravenna: ...

Ravenna: Let's do this.

Ravenna: I'll sneak out early in the morning. Let's say... 6 am?

Ravenna: I'll pick you up. Meet me in the Saulsburg mall parking area?

Bus: Yeah. Gimme a call when you're on your way. I'll gather up all the data I can on the shuttle dock.

Ravenna: Great. We should...

Azurat: HAY GUYS! What's going on?

Bus: Oh! H.. hi, Professor Disphumis!

Ravenna: H..h..hey, P... Pop! What's cookin'?

Azurat: Nah, I'm not cooking anything this late. Just got up to re-fill my glass of water.

Azurat: Good evening, Marvin. How have you been? I trust that you're helping my daughter get good grades.

Bus: Yes, Professor. We just finished studying.

Azurat: Marvin, please just call me Azurat, okay? I consider you to be family, after all.

Bus: Sure thing.

Azurat: Is everything okay? You both seem kind of nervous.

Ravenna: Oh, we were just talking about... uh... you know... those threatening e-mails.

Azurat: Oh... yeah. Don't worry about those, Ravenna. I've already spoken to the police about that.

Azurat: I understand that it's scary for both of you. Please try not to worry too much. Most of that stuff is just empty threats.

Azurat: The police do keep an eye on this house, your school, and the dojo.

Bus: Well, I should be getting home soon...

Azurat: Be safe, Marvin.

Ravenna: I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?

Bus: Right. Give me a call.

Azurat: Well... I'm going back to bed.

Azurat: Don't stay up too late, Ravenna. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.

Ravenna: Yeah... big day tomorrow...

Azurat: Hmmmm.....?

Ravenna: Yeah... big day tomorrow...

Azurat: Yeah... Try to get some sleep, kiddo.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene XI: "Heading Out"

NARRATOR: March 12, 2214 7:21 am

Ravenna: I OVERSLEPT!!!

Ravenna: Not good... not good...!

Ravenna: Sorry, Bus... no time to respond!

Ravenna: I hope it's charged up...

Ravenna: Let's see...

Ravenna: Sorry, Pop... I'll learn about hover engines another day.

Ravenna: Right now, I just need them to work.

Ravenna: YES!!!! We have power!

Ravenna: Time to go for top speed.

Ravenna: I should give Bus a call and let him know I'm on my way.

Ravenna: Hey, Bus!

Bus: Yo, Rave... where are you?!

Ravenna: So sorry! Overslept!

Bus: Heheh. Again, huh? Well, you on your way?

Ravenna: Yeah, I'm gunning it. Heading toward town right now. Should be there in about ten minutes.

Ravenna: Heading toward the mall. See you in a couple of minutes.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene XII: "Meet Up at the Mall"

NARRATOR: Saulsburg Mall, 8:45 am

Sara: Oh, hey, Ravenna!

Sara: I didn't know you were such an early bird.

Ravenna: Yeah... not really my thing when there's no school.

Sara: No doubt. We're on our way to the Mulletastica concert.

Ravenna: That's neat! You too? I'm here to get tickets today.

Sara: Ha ha! That's so funny, Ravenna. You're such a kidder.

Ravenna: Heh... heh... whut?

Sara: The show's been sold out for months, ya know? By the way, how did your karate test go?

Ravenna: Oh. the test? I passed.

Ravenna: As for the show, eh. I gotta be honest. I was never a huge fan of their music anyway.

Sara: Really? Coulda fooled me. Anyways, what brings you here?

Ravenna: Uh... um, well...

Sara: Ohhh, somebody's got a hot date! Did you and Larry reconcile your differences and...

Ravenna: Holy Hell no, Sara! What is your deal?

Sara: Hey, Ravenna... I was just teasing, you know? You feeling okay?

Sara: You're acting really weird today.

Ravenna: No... it's just... I wish I could talk about it but... I just can't right now, sorry.

Linda: Sara, we need to get going.

Sara: Sorry, we do need to get to the concert. The lines are going to be kilometers long.

Ravenna: Sure. Hey, Sara, Linda, maybe we can meet up after the concert, ok?

Sara: I'll hold you to that! The concert will be over around 5 pm, so I'll give you a call.

Ravenna: I'm sending you my new number. Had to change it due to.... uh...

Ravenna: Hmmm. Guess they're in a hurry. Why can't I send Sara this message, though...?

Bus: Rave! There you are!

Ravenna: Hey, Bus. Sorry about being late.

Bus: It's okay. We did miss our first window of opportunity though.

Ravenna: Dammit. Sorry, Bus. What's our next chance to sneak in?

Bus: Well... The shuttle I had in mind is transferring to the launch pad right now.

Bus: The next one we could check out launches around 8 hours from now, so that's a good candidate.

Ravenna: Oh, I kinda made plans...

Bus: Plans? You mean at your Dad's lab?

Ravenna: No, no, other than that... Just let me tell Sara I can't... huh?!!!

Bus: What's up?

Ravenna: I can't send messages. I think my comm's broken.

Bus: I wonder what the cause is. Mine's been acting up all morning.

Ravenna: Can you still get into the shuttle dock systems, though?

Bus: So far, so good. I already installed my override program into their security systems.

Ravenna: Let's get into that shuttle, then. We should have plenty of time to get out before...


Bus: Not him... not... now...

Bus: For the last time, it's "School Bus", not "Lunch Box"!

Slum Bus: Naw, you gotta change it. Too close to my glorious title, pimp!

Bus: Slums, you ain't no pimp, dude.

Slum Bus: An' you ain't no 'leet hacker, nerd!

Bus: That's real nice comin' from a script kiddie, Slums.

Slum Bus: SCRIPT KIDDIE?! Chump-ass wannabe Cap'n Crunk, I can take down the whole infrastructure!

Ravenna: Uh, what infrastructure?!

Slum Bus: Damn, girl, how'd you end up with a nerd like this weirdo?

Bus: Shut the hell up, Slums. We're childhood friends.

Slum Bus: Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Anyway, I got plans this morning. Smell y'all later.

Bus: Yeah, yeah... Hope yo' fat ass sits on a tack... Mumble grumple script kiddie...

Ravenna: Bus, who was that moron?

Bus: Ugh. The "Un-crunkable" Carl Grunch, a.k.a. "Slum Bus". My stupid arch rival.

Ravenna: Oh, isn't he also that conspiracy nut that thinks Zetsfir is a front for a global death cult?

Bus: One in the same, Rave. One. In. The. Same.

Ravenna: Ha! Here he is. One of his videos.

Slum Bus: The news media won't mention how Zetsfir's beginnings are connected to the death cult by the same name from 100 years ago!

Slum Bus: In the link below, you'll find the cult's teachings. They believe mankind must be "guided to the stars" by force!

Slum Bus: We have to BEAT THESE PEOPLE! Take down their funding! Take down their infrastructure! Whatever it takes!

Slum Bus: It's only a matter of time, y'all, before this video get taken down and I might even end up in jail...

Slum Bus: ............

Ravenna: GAH! See, Bus? My connection keeps dropping!

Bus: Well, at least this time, it shut that guy up. I hate Zetsfir but... come on...

Ravenna: So.... he mentioned something about taking down infrastructure...

Bus: That idiot couldn't even break into an unencrypted network. He's a joke.

Ravenna: I was just wondering if you think he could have been responsible for our comms messing up.

Bus: Naw, Rave. Not likely, knowing that guy.

Ravenna: My dad was already gone by the time I woke up this morning. I just thought he'd have called me by now.

Bus: That is weird. He was going to tell you what time to show up at his lab, right?

Ravenna: He was so tired last night that he didn't say. I'd assume so.

Bus: Listen... We shouldn't waste time. The sooner we get to the shuttle docks, the better.

Ravenna: Yeah. Maybe we'll get what we need before noon. Do you think so?

Bus: I'd say if everything goes well, yeah. Can you fit me on your air scooter?

Ravenna: My dad upgraded the hover engines so it can support 150 kilograms. Think that's good enough?

Bus: Ehhhh.... what if I said maybe I shouldn't have had that pizza, triple cinnamon roll, and grande iced mocha earlier...?

Ravenna: Well, now I'm more worried you might get motion sickness.

Bus: Naw, that ain't the problem, Rave. Then again, we're not shooting for the mesosphere.

Ravenna: I've got the scooter out in the front lot. Let's go scope out the shuttle dock.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene XIII: "Sneak into the Shuttle Dock!"

Bus: We just have to find the best way to sneak in.

Ravenna: I'm going to take us up to a higher altitude so we can get a bird's eye view of the place.

Bus: If you can catch up to one of those cargo transports, I can unlock its rear door and we can hitch a ride inside!

Ravenna: You sure? It would be hard to do that without being noticed...

Bus: If we time it just right... just trust me on this.

Ravenna: Alright. Well... let me see if I can catch up to one.

Bus: Whoa! Rave, do you have to fly this thing so SUPA FAST?!!

Ravenna: Yes... sorry. Just try to hang on, okay?

Bus: Considering the alternative... I'll do my best.

Bus: Get us right up behind it, okay?

Ravenna: Nice work, Bus! How did you manage to do that?!

Bus: Now we just wait until it docks.

Ravenna: How do we know this is going to the shuttle dock?

Bus: I figured out the schedule while I was waiting back at the mall, Rave.

Ravenna: As soon as we arrive, we're going to need to get out of here without being seen.

Bus: Leave that to me. Chances are that it's all automated, so I can just jam the surveillance gear for a few minutes.

Ravenna: I really hope we can pull this off, Bus. I'm getting a terrible feeling about this.

Bus: Let's just focus on the mission and leave the doubts aside for now.

Ravenna: I think we made it in. Let's motor.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene XIV: "Shuttle Dock Infiltration"

Bus: Okay. The security cameras and sensors have been disconnected from the network.

Ravenna: What about the guards?

Bus: Anything robotic should be temporarily out of commission. We just have to avoid any live guards.

Ravenna: Alright. Well, here goes nothing.

Ravenna: Bus... listen... do you hear footsteps?

Bus: Yeah. Crap. Not good.

Ravenna: We're going to have to sneak past...


Guard: Stay right where you are, you two.

Ravenna: Ugh! Don't shoot!

Bus: Hey listen, man, we just got lost, ya know?

Guard: Do you think I'm stupid, kid? Hands where I can see 'em!

Bus: Yeah, yeah, alright, take it easy, pal.

Ravenna: Are you really going to arrest a couple of... WHOA, IS THAT SHUTTLE GOING TO STOP?!!!

Guard: Huh? Which one...?

Bus: Damn, Rave! Did you kill him?

Ravenna: No way. He's just in for a short nap.

Other Guard: Hey! What's going on over there?!

Bus: We're good here! Just had a little accident!

Other Guard: Who are you?

Bus: I'm 240 pounds of academic public transportation, BIZNEEYATCH!!!


Ravenna: Whoa...

Bus: Come on. We gotta move.

Bus: There it is, Rave.

Ravenna: How do we get in? The doors are way up there!

Bus: Hmmm... Let's try something...

Bus: Yo, Rave! The artificial gravity's switched on!

Bus: Y'all's sideways!

Ravenna: Great! We can just walk on up, then. Of course we're dead if the gravity switches off.

Bus: There. Unlocked and opened!

Ravenna: Awesome... We did it, Bus!

Ravenna: Now let's see what they're transporting to the Morgan's...

Ravenna: Um... Bus...? Did you shut the door?

Bus: No... I don't know what's going on, actually.

Bus: My comm's dead. I can't access the network.

Ravenna: Mine too... again.

Ravenna: I think we'd better worry about getting that door open before we search for evidence.

Bus: Word. I'm gettin' awfully claustrophobic up in here all of the sudden.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene XV: "Launched!"

Bus: Still no luck with your connection either?

Ravenna: No. I can't access the network or make a call.

Ravenna: You'd think the guards would be trying to get in here by now.

Bus: If they did, we'd be in serious trouble.

Ravenna: I think we're in serious trouble no matter what, Bus. We assaulted two guards.

Bus: They had guns and we didn't. I call it self defense.

Ravenna: Does that apply for trespassers? I kind of doubt it.

Bus: Hey, I'm a hacker, not a lawyer.

Bus: Yo! What the hell is that noise?

Ravenna: It's hard to tell when the artificial gravity is on, but I thought it felt a little like the shuttle was moving.

Bus: Crap.... this shuttle wasn't supposed to move to the launch pad until 5... I thought...

Ravenna: What are we going to do?!

Bus: I don't know how to break this to you...

Ravenna: We're going into space, aren't we...?

Bus: Yeah. I kinda s'pose we are.

Ravenna: ...

Ravenna: ...well, this didn't go as planned.

Bus: Sorry, Rave. I really miscalculated on this one.

Ravenna: Hmmm... well, look at it this way:

Ravenna: Now we can investigate what's happening on the Morgan's Gate!

Bus: If we can't find evidence of something shady with Zetsfir in here, our best bet is up there, huh?

Bus : Of course we're still gonna have to figure out how to get back...

Ravenna: I'm sure they have working comms on the Gate, so I'll give Pop a call as soon as we arrive.

Bus: Maybe we should hold off until after we've found some evidence.

Ravenna: Why's that?

Bus: Because both of us are going to be grounded for a year once our folks know what we're up to.

Ravenna: Yeah. Good point.

Ravenna: Hey, Bus, boost me up to that window, ok? I think we just entered orbit.

Bus: I thought we'd feel a lot more G's than we did.

Ravenna: Me too. Anyway, I think I can get a glimpse of the Gate from here.

Bus: Alright.

Ravenna: Oh, wow...

Ravenna: That is huge! I've seen hundreds of pictures but seeing it in person is just... I dunno.

Bus: How 'bout you get off my shoulders so I can take a look?

Ravenna: Alright. As soon as we dock and the door opens, we're going to have to make a bee line for the bay exit.

Ravenna: Then we'll have to figure out where to go from there.

Bus: I guess there's no turning back from here.


Chapter II: To be continued...

Chapter II: To be continued... - Scene I: "To be continued..."

NARRATOR: To be continued...

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