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Chapter 0 Scene 1 Frame 0
In the year 2214, a massive interplanetary migration is scheduled by a global quasi-governmental ruling group known as "Zetsfir".
Chapter 0 Scene 1 Frame 1
The governments of most countries have coalesced into a global entity. Zetsfir's disproportionate influence over the world government is protested by many.
Chapter 0 Scene 1 Frame 2
Although there is no official reason for the forced migration of a portion of the world's population, it is speculated that an impending crisis is the cause.
Chapter 0 Scene 1 Frame 3
Those who refused were forcibly taken to the migration spacecraft, known as the "Morgan's Gate", named after Dr. Raul Morgan, its designer.
Chapter 0 Scene 1 Frame 4
The "Gate", as it's colloquially known, was assembled in Earth Orbit from 2186 to 2194 and is the size of a large city.
Chapter 0 Scene 1 Frame 5
It was designed to sustain human life for hundreds of generations.
Chapter 0 Scene 1 Frame 6
Rumors began to spread that something had gone horribly wrong with the migration plan, however...