The 2214 Saga Interactive Online Visual Novel

A story about interplanetary migration, government conspiracy, and time travel.

Chapter Zero: Prologue

Chapter Zero: Prologue - Scene I: "Introduction"

NARRATOR: Welcome to the 2214 visual novel. It is a reboot of the original web comic.

NARRATOR: Not only will this be an entirely new type of presentation for the story, but it will also be a complete reboot of the story as well.

NARRATOR: 2214, as a web comic, suffered from pacing issues and inadequate space for explanatory text.

NARRATOR: This new visual novel format will provide ample space for text in addition to music and other media elements to enhance the story.

NARRATOR: To get started, this visual novel works best on a 16:9 aspect ratio screen (most computer monitors, televisions, and smartphones in landscape mode).

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NARRATOR: If you're on a computer, you can use the space bar to advance and your arrow keys to switch scenes and replay the current scene. Enter toggles full screen mode.

NARRATOR: If you have read the 2214 web comic, please note that the story will deviate somewhat from the original work. This is a reboot; it is not merely a remake.

NARRATOR: Let's begin.

Chapter Zero: Prologue - Scene II: "Prologue"

NARRATOR: In the year 2214, a massive interplanetary migration is scheduled by a global quasi-governmental ruling group known as "Zetsfir".

NARRATOR: The governments of most countries have coalesced into a global entity. Zetsfir's disproportionate influence over the world government is protested by many.

NARRATOR: Although there is no official reason for the forced migration of a portion of the world's population, it is speculated that an impending crisis is the cause.

NARRATOR: Those who refused were forcibly taken to the migration spacecraft, known as the "Morgan's Gate", named after Dr. Raul Morgan, its designer.

NARRATOR: The "Gate", as it's colloquially known, was assembled in Earth Orbit from 2186 to 2194 and is the size of a large city.

NARRATOR: It was designed to sustain human life for hundreds of generations.

NARRATOR: Rumors began to spread that something had gone horribly wrong with the migration plan, however...


Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene I: "Gesh's Desperate Atrocity"

NARRATOR: Saulsburg, Oregon. January 18, 2214, 3:14 am.

NARRATOR: Mr. Disphumis!!!

Negotiator: Please, listen to reason!

Gesh: So... the negotiator has arrived...

Gesh: Don't you get it?! You will not take me alive or intact!

Gesh: Unnngh... Just save your breath, already! There's nothing to discuss here.

Negotiator: Please... just put down the detonator and let's talk this through, alright?

Gesh: Can't you hear me? There's nothing to discuss! I am not your lab rat.

Gesh: My DNA is not yours to toy with!

Gesh: Nobody alive has the wisdom to handle this situation with any sense of decency.

Policeman: Just how much explosive does he have on him?

Negotiator: It's deeper than that, Mr. Disphumis.

Negotiator: You literally contain information inside your brain cells that could save the world from tragedy!

Gesh: NO DICE!!!


Negotiator: Please just listen to reason!

Negotiator: One small sample of your brain tissue will provide the missing data to ensure a successful migration!

Negotiator: The extraction procedure will not harm you at all.


Gesh: Sorry, lady. I am taking these secrets to hell with me.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene II: "Zetsfir Institute - Upcoming Experiment"

NARRATOR: Zetsfir Institute, March 11, 2214, 9:10 am

Azurat: What's our status, folks?

Dr. Pathos: Dr. Disphumis, I know he was your brother-in-law, so I don't know how to approach this...

Azurat: You don't have to worry, Martin. He had some serious issues ever since my wife's accident. It's a very difficult situation all around.

Azurat: Between having the government questioning us about everything under the sun and the pressure to get results...

Azurat: I just want to focus on the task at hand, so never mind the subject matter.

Dr. Pathos: Yes sir. Understood.

Azurat: Anyway... is there any news on possible remains? We are running out of time with only four days to obtain the samples.

Dr. Ross: Azurat, since downtown reconstruction started, it doesn't look good for any remains in the area. However...

Dr. Ross: The quantum A.I. system has interpolated much of the missing data via the process of elimination.

Azurat: That's good, Dr. Ross. We shouldn't rely on that any more than we absolutely have to.

Dr. Ross: Right, it's not perfect...

Dr. Pathos: Dr. Ross, do you think there's any chance we could proceed without Gesh's brain tissue?

Dr. Pathos: I mean... you know... in the worst case scenario.

Dr. Ross: Theoretically. It depends on the results of the tests.

Azurat: Which I would have to leave up to you. I'm afraid I cannot be present for such a thing, which you know I'm against, Jeane.

Dr. Ross: I'm sorry, Azurat. I wish there were another way but the council...

Dr. Pathos: Wait, I've actually been wondering, though... who exactly is the test subject?

Dr. Ross: Oh my... Azurat, you haven't told him yet?

Azurat: ...

Azurat: Hmph. I was desperately looking for a suitable replacement.

Azurat: This is the last person in the world I wanted to use for this experiment. Yet, my hands are tied.

Azurat: The only suitable person alive with the exact genetic traits. The only one who carries the "Disphumis Factor".

Azurat: My daughter, Ravenna.

Dr. Pathos: Oh. I didn't know...

Dr. Ross: She looks exactly like her mother.

Dr. Pathos: Cute. She has your ears though.

Azurat: You watch it, bub.

Dr. Ross: But... testing on your own daughter... are you sure about this...?

Azurat: I'm going to ask her tonight about doing the experiment and if she still feels up to it.

Azurat: Just... I sure wish there were another way.

Azurat: If anything goes wrong, I swear I will never forgive myself.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene III: "School Bus"

NARRATOR: Saulsburg, Oregon. 3:14 pm

Sara: Hey, Ravenna, what are you doing after school today?

Ravenna: Karate again. I almost have my next degree black belt.

Sara: Oh, by the way, did you hear? James got his letter today.

Sara: He was picked for the migration!

Ravenna: Um... my Dad's working on something to do with that...

Larry: Isn't your dad Azurat Disphumis...?

Larry: ...and your uncle was Gesh Disphumis, the lunatic who's responsible for that suicide bombing downtown?

Ravenna: ...

Sara: Larry!!! What's WRONG with you?! Why did you bring that up?

Larry: Yeah, yeah. But her family's been at the center of a lot of bad stuff lately.

Larry: I mean, her dad helps those creeps force people to leave Earth against their will!

Larry: Also, why is his last name "Disphumis" when your Uncle Disphumis was your mom's brother? How's that work?!

Bus: Y'all jez chill.

Larry: Oh, here he goes forcing that slang again... Mr. 4.0 GPA trying to play the cool guy!

Bus: Don't be gettin' all wild up in here.

Sara: The migration is tough for everyone, Larry.

Ravenna: Hey, what's up, School Bus!

Larry: Why do they call you "School Bus"?

Bus: Don't you know?

Bus: I'm big... got a yellow coat, and I'll sho' 'nuff take y'all to school!

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene IV: "The Death Toll"

Ravenna: (It'll be while until we get to my stop...)

Ravenna: (May as well listen to the radio.)

Ravenna: (My stop is the last stop. That means I get to see... this... every day.)

Ravenna: (Uncle Gesh... why did you feel this was necessary?)

Ravenna: (Were you really so selfish as to snuff out all of those lives without a second thought?)

Ravenna: (How else can we look at it? Senseless but more importantly... it's evil.)

Ravenna: (Just... evil.)

Ravenna: (Oh. The news.)

NEWS: Good afternoon, Saulsburg. Our top story comes from the investigation into the massive suicide bombing downtown.

NEWS: The estimated death toll from the bombing has been increased to six thousand.

NEWS: This makes the incident the most severe domestic bombing in Oregon history.

NEWS: Our sources confirm that the attack was indeed related to the migration protests.

NEWS: Twelve city blocks of Downtown Saulsburg were completely leveled following a standoff with authorities back in January.

NEWS: The entire area will remain blocked off and off limits to all non-emergency traffic until further notice.

NEWS: In other news...

NEWS: Those drafted for next year's migration are urged to have all financial issues squared away.

NEWS: All selected migrants will be required to report to the Raleigh dock facility on February 26 next year.

NEWS: Those required to report will be sent a shuttle pass prior to this date.

NEWS: Early boarding for the "Morgan's Gate" colony ship began on February 20 this year.

NEWS: The "Morgan's Gate" will begin its extensive journey to the planet "Pleiades-47" next March.

NEWS: The 47th planet discovered in the Pleiades cluster was confirmed in 2186 to support life and was selected...

Ravenna: This is too horrid, Uncle Gesh. Even for you.

Ravenna: Why were you so bent on stopping the migration?

Ravenna: You didn't solve a thing. You only killed thousands and made the situation worse.

Ravenna: Karma... no... just a simple chain of cause and effect. Evil begets evil.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene V: "Zetsfir Council"

NARRATOR: Zetsfir Insitute, 7:21 pm

Chairman: Ladies and gentlemen of the council, before us are those in charge of research for the migration crisis resolution project.

Chairman: Since major setbacks have arisen due to the suicide bombing, our project has taken some detours.

Chairman: I am, however, pleased to know that we may proceed with the project.

Chairman: Professor Disphumis, what were your findings on Gesh's DNA sample?

Azurat: As you are aware, Chairman, Gesh had a rare genetic mutation exclusive to his blood line that contained encoded binary data.

Azurat: This trait was shared by my late wife, as well. Unfortunately... we lost her during system testing on board the Morgan's Gate.

Chairman: Yes, again, my condolences, professor.

Council Member: Professor, were you able to obtain enough data to complete the program?

Azurat: Unfortunately, without recovering the brain from the rubble, we had to rely on incomplete samples from my wife and interpolation...

Martin: We are confident that our partial model is suitable for preliminary testing.

Chairman: I see.

Chairman: I take it that testing was delayed further due to the lack of suitable test subjects and the significant risk involved?

Azurat: Well, yes... I'm afraid the only suitable test subject...

Council Member: Is your daughter, am I correct?

Council Member: Would I be accurate to say you have personal reservations due to that fact?

Azurat: ...

Martin: Ma'am, the risks involved are not trivial.

Martin: She did agree plus, due to her genetic expression of the code in question, her chances of survival are greater than most...

Council Member: Dr. Pathos, I do not mean to sound insensitive but the stakes are quite high. We are willing to accept certain risks.

Martin: You are willing?! What about his daughter? What about his wife? We've already lost people as a result of...

Azurat: It's fine, Martin.

Martin: But aside from that, although we can perform testing, we still don't have any of Gesh's actual tissue so the system won't be reliable!

Council Member: You were told that for security purposes.

Council Member: In truth, we have the brain - intact.

Council Member: Currently, the data is being extracted and stored in one of the mainframes for the "V-CORE" project.

Chairman: That means we already have everything we need.

Chairman: That means we can proceed for certain. Our main objective is to perfect the temporal gate systems...

Chairman: Professor, is something wrong?

Azurat: N... no... sir.

Azurat: Nothing.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene VI: "Uncertainty"

Azurat: Have a good evening, Martin.

Azurat: I have to pick up my daughter from her karate lesson.

Azurat: How did it go? Did you advance to shodan?

Ravenna: Yes I did! Although... this test was a lot tougher than before.

Azurat: That is totally baller.

Ravenna: Yep. Uh, listen, pop...

Azurat: Yo.

Ravenna: Some of the people at school are giving me a hard time because of Uncle Gesh and... well...

Azurat: Listen, kiddo. You're not responsible for what he did. You know that.

Ravenna: Yeah I know that already. It's more that they're spreading rumors about your job.

Azurat: ...

Azurat: ...I see.

Ravenna: I know you're not allowed to talk about it but...

Azurat: Listen, Ravenna, we had a big meeting with the council today and they want to move forward with the experiments.

Azurat: You still cool with that? Because... honestly... I'm not.

Ravenna: I'm the only one suitable, right? Plus I have the best chances of surviving.

Ravenna: Plus it's for the long term survival of humanity.

Azurat: You're REALLY just all hunkey-dorey fine about all this?!

Ravenna: Of course not! It's not like I actually look forward to it!

Azurat: Yeah. I'm glad to hear you say that. Listen...

Azurat: What I'm about to tell you doesn't leave this cockpit, alright?

Ravenna: Of course. I won't even tell Bus.

Azurat: Ok. Good. Now, listen...

Azurat: Today, the Zetsfir council suddenly let us know they obtained Gesh's brain.

Ravenna: WHAT?! I thought it was destroyed!

Azurat: Pffft, yeah, plus they had people out in the rubble searching for traces of it.

Azurat: Plus they had us wracking our brains trying to assemble the data through other means...

Ravenna: Umm... what data?

Azurat: I'm violating multiple global laws telling you this but Zetsfir has us developing technology to make sure humans survive the migration.

Ravenna: Isn't the Morgan's Gate supposed to support life for centuries?

Azurat: Yes but there are other factors involved. One is the manipulation of the human genome to adapt to the new planet. The other one...

Azurat: Sorry, Ravenna. Let's leave it at that.

Ravenna: Oh, alright. I'll pretend I didn't hear anything.

Azurat: Ravenna! Wise up! I'm not screwing around, here.

Azurat: The DNA your Mother's side of the family carries actually contains synthetic data that contains precise instructions for this.

Ravenna: I know you said we have the "Disphumis Factor" but I thought that was just white hair, red eyes, and more strength than normal.

Azurat: I don't know all of the specifics. Still... here's the part that's REALLY going to get me in trouble if it gets out:

Azurat: That cylinder in the back seat.

Ravenna: I was wondering why you took out part of the back seat and had that thing jammed in there.

Azurat: It's a little something I'm working on... but I'm not supposed to.

Ravenna: What does it do, exactly?

Azurat: It's some kind of compact wormhole generator. Like I said, though, it doesn't work yet. Zetsfir commissioned one on the Morgan's...

Azurat: I've already said way too much.

Ravenna: ...

Ravenna: Pop, I don't trust Zetsfir. I don't like what they're doing.

Azurat: Most people don't, kiddo. It's just that none of us have much of a choice but to go along with things.

Ravenna: They've never taught us anything in school about how they got so powerful.

Azurat: That right there is the whole reason they ARE so powerful. It's because they can control information.

Azurat: Not to mention their secrecy fuels speculation so the lies and theories further cloud the truth...

Ravenna: I want to get to the bottom of this migration business. What's the REAL purpose for it?

Azurat: Listen, Ravenna. Some questions are not worth asking. If you get too curious, bad things can happen.

Ravenna: Bus says that, too.

Azurat: Ah! Marvin Jensen. How is he doing? I heard he was likely to be valedictorian if he doesn't get busted for hacking!

Ravenna: He's doing well. Is it okay if he comes over tonight to help me with some homework?

Azurat: Sure thing. I always like picking his brain on things, although I'm going to be too tired tonight so I'm going to bed early.

Ravenna: We'll be extra quiet, then, so you can rest.

Azurat: *YAWN* Hmm, appreciate it.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene VII: "Sorrow - Past and Present"

Azurat: ...

Azurat: I must admit that I have an unusually bad feeling about the experiment.

Azurat: Maybe it's something the Zetsfir council isn't telling us. I don't know.

Ravenna: What if you just quit your job and we can go off-grid or something?

Azurat: Living on the run, constantly hiding and sneaking around? Impractical in this day and age, to say the least.

Azurat: Besides, the surveillance grid tracks every vehicle, communication device, and finanical transaction.

Azurat: Those off-grid stories are from an era 200 years ago. I've yet to see anyone able to hide from the world government.

Ravenna: Hmmm....

Ravenna: (There has to be something we can do...)

Azurat: It was during early testing of the system involved in these experiments that your mother was killed.

Azurat: It was a standard diagnostics routine she was running at the time.

Azurat: The V-CORE prototype activated normally but started to exhibit anomalous behavior.

Ravenna: Yeah, but you never figured out why?

Azurat: Right. We were never able to identify the reason.

Azurat: I had just returned to the lab with some coffee.

Azurat: The next thing I knew... she was...

Azurat: ...obliterated. Not even a trace left behind.

Azurat: The lab shut down for a mere two days before the project resumed.

Azurat: No answers were ever provided.

Azurat: Zetsfir offered me a generous paid leave afterward...

Azurat: ...but instead, after the funeral, I buried myself in my work, hardly leaving the lab.

Ravenna: I do remember going to stay with Uncle Gesh for a few days...

Ravenna: ...but he was institutionalized the day I arrived.

Azurat: Yes. That's right. Seeing him unravel made me realize that I had to pull myself together.

Azurat: Despite everything else, I have to give Zetsfir credit for making sure our needs were met.

Ravenna: ...

Azurat: You were always her top priority, Ravenna. Even on her busiest days with Zetsfir, you came first.

Azurat: Your expression of her bloodline's unique traits always fascinated her. You had so much energy.

Azurat: Of course, with your above-average strength, sometimes you could be a real handful.

Ravenna: I was only six years old...

Ravenna: It's hard to remember.

Azurat: We knew that you were different than your mother. Your traits were more dominant.

Azurat: In fact, you quickly attracted Zetsfir's attention. They wanted to perform experiments right away.

Azurat: Your mother and I were able to stop them for years until the situation, according to them, became too dire.

Azurat: They could have forcibly taken you away but they knew we would take our research and run if they did.

Ravenna: An insurance policy of sorts?

Azurat: One hell of an insurance policy, kiddo. I never put all of my cards on the table and they've always known that.

Azurat: You could say that Zetsfir and I have been at a stalemate when it comes to using "the nuclear option" to get what we want.

Azurat: Of course you can credit your mother for defending you.

Azurat: It wasn't just Zetsfir. Your teachers and the police were afraid of your strength.

Azurat: Should you have become a delinquent, it would have been troublesome for everyone, or so they said.

Azurat: They wanted you to undergo treatments to restrain your abilities but your mother and I prevented that.

Azurat: Of course I knew you wouldn't go down the wrong path.

Ravenna: Ha ha, I'm a goodie two shoes..!

Azurat: It's hard to believe it's been ten years already. I may have come to terms with it but...

Azurat: I would not be able to come to terms with such loss again. This is why I'm against the upcoming experiment.

Azurat: Even if my unsanctioned copy of the V-CORE becomes operational, what good is a time machine if I can't go back?

Ravenna: It seems far-fetched that such a thing could even exist. Does Zetsfir really think it's possible?

Azurat: I've studied the theory behind it quite extensively, Ravenna. Only in theory so far but it's a solid concept.

Ravenna: But going backward is totally out of the question?

Azurat: Yes. Based on this model, absolutely.

Ravenna: Do you think there's any chance that Mom...

Azurat: Ravenna, the system wasn't finalized. It would have been fatal. Let's not get into the details as to why.

Ravenna: ...sure.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene VIII: "Come Over"

Azurat: Alright, Ravenna.

Azurat: Your school's out tomorrow for an in-service day.

Azurat: Still... don't stay up too late, alright? They want you to report to the lab tomorrow.

Ravenna: Ok. Bus is just gonna come over for a couple hours so we can compare our history class notes.

Azurat: Sounds fine. Say "Hi" to him for me, okay?

Azurat: I'm exhausted and going straight to bed. I have to pick up fuel canisters for the Hovercrane in the morning.

Ravenna: Wait... we were flying around on low fuel tonight?

Azurat: Nah. I increased the safety limit. Besides, it's not like it would plummet to the ground.

Azurat: Didn't they teach you about magnetocraft this semester in your engineering class?

Ravenna: Sorry, Pop. We haven't studied hover engines yet.

Azurat: Young lady, no daughter of mine is going to get her magnetocraft learner's permit...

Azurat: ...let alone fly an S-class Hovercrane GT-4 without understanding the physics of hover engines!

Ravenna: Sure, Pop. I'll get Bus to help me study that tonight, too, ok?

Azurat: See to it! Ha ha, and with that... I'm off to catch some Z's.

Ravenna: (Now to call Bus...)

Ravenna: (Come on, Bus... pick up already...)

Ravenna: Whoa! What the...

Ravenna: That was kinda odd.

Ravenna: Sounded kind of like one of those ancient data port devices.

Ravenna: !!!

Ravenna: Hello?

Bus: Yo, Rave. You jus' call?

Ravenna: Yeah but the connection was acting really weird.

Bus: Hah hah! Naw, Rave, that was just me switching to a secure line.

Bus: Don't want those spy creeps listenin' in.

Ravenna: Um, secure? As in encrypted?

Bus: You know it!

Ravenna: Isn't that illegal?

Bus: ...

Bus: ...yeah...?

Bus: ...and...?

Ravenna: Hey Bus, you still coming over to help study tonight?

Bus: Sure. Beats sittin' around here all night, anyway.

Ravenna: Great. Dad said it's okay but we can't clomp around and make a bunch of noise tonight because he's trying to sleep, ok?

Bus: Aw. Guess I'll have to leave my clompin' boots here at home, then.

Ravenna: Heh, heh.

Ravenna: There's some other stuff I'd like to talk about tonight if you're up for it.

Bus: Sure but hey, Rave...

Bus: Secure line! You can tell me now if you want.

Ravenna: Okay... Well, what can you get regarding the Morgan's Gate? Specifically, something called a "V-CORE"?

Bus: Oooohhhh.... that's gonna be tricky, even for me.

Bus: Tell you what, though. I'll see what I can find and then I'll head on over to your place, ok?

Ravenna: Thanks, Bus. Don't get caught.

Bus: Nah, it's all good. I won't get caught.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene IX: "Spam and Secret Plans"

Ravenna: That was quick...

Bus: Hey, Rave. Got here as fast as I could. Listen...

Ravenna: Heya Bus! Come on in. I was just going through a bunch of my e-mails.

Bus: Listen, I used my Dad's old password and... believe it or not... it still worked.

Ravenna: Are you serious? Their security is THAT bad?!

Bus: Not quite. I had a backdoor set up back when he was alive and there was one system they forgot to reset.

Bus: Now what's this all about? Why all of a sudden...?

Ravenna: Please, not so loud. Dad's asleep and... I don't want him to know.

Bus: I gotcha. Lemma hang my coat up.

Ravenna: Sorry, Bus, give me just a few more minutes, here. I'm just trying to clear out all of this junk e-mail.

Bus: That's cool. No rush.

Bus: 1107 unread messages? Dang...

Ravenna: I... uh... get a lot of spam.

Ravenna: ...among other things...

Bus: Sorry to snoop on you, Rave, but I just gotta read this one.

Ravenna: Knock yourself out.

Bus: Ha, hah! How's it gonna be all like "e-mail from Grandma Chubbs up in here" with... whaaaaat...?

Bus: "Y'all need some brain surgery? Well we got a do-it-yo'self kit... Enjoy brainlessness..."

Bus: PFFFTTTTT that's sooo stupid! Where they come up with this stuff?!


Ravenna: Well, Bus, if you like that, I have about a thousand more...

Ravenna: Oh... more of these, too...

Bus: Oh...

Ravenna: ...jerks...

Bus: I'm sorry you gotta deal with that BS, Rave.

Bus: No excuse for hate mail, let alone death threats.

Ravenna: Eh, I'm getting used to it.

Bus: That's just it, Rave! You shouldn't have to deal with it!

Bus: Ugh... Y'all cowards don't even know what she's been through...

Ravenna: It sucks, Bus. Sometimes I wish I could just join that stupid migration and get off this hateful planet.

Bus: Don't talk like that, Rave. You know you don't wanna leave your friends and your dad behind.

Ravenna: I know. It just... kind of becomes too much sometimes.

Ravenna: Anyway, Bus, I'm done for now. Can you show me the data you took?

Bus: Sure thing. This is stuff I grabbed from the Morgan's Gate's computers. It's a little outdated but I found it interesting.

Bus: Some blueprints and diagrams, here. There's this V-CORE system you mentioned...

Ravenna: Bus, please... not so loud...

Bus: Gotcha. Anyway... it all centers around this cryogenic system. Something to do with computer code stored in DNA.

Bus: Yeah... I haven't dug too deeply yet. It's all kind of mind-boggling.

Bus: More of this thing in a glass tube. It's as if it's central to the whole system somehow.

Ravenna: Wait a minute, Bus. Go back to the other one.

Bus: Hold up. Is... is that...

Ravenna: A freakin' BRAIN?!

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene X: "Investigation Plan"

NARRATOR: 11:09 pm

Bus: I think that about covers the history class stuff.

Ravenna: Yeah. Sorry that I'm having a hard time concentrating.

Ravenna: I just can't stop thinking about having to go to Zetsfir's lab tomorrow.

Bus: Don't go.

Ravenna: It's not like I really have a choice.

Bus: I don't blame you or your dad for anything... but you know damn well I hate Zetsfir.

Bus: They killed my dad, after all.

Ravenna: He worked aboard the Morgan's Gate, right?

Bus: Yeah. He came across some info he wasn't supposed to.

Bus: I know because I was a nosy kid. Got into his files, found a bunch of shady stuff.

Bus: Higher-ups found out what he knew... next thing you know, he got pushed out of an airlock.

Ravenna: ...I remember worrying they were going to do that to my pop when he was assigned up there, too.

Bus: Same here. They tried to make it look like an accident but I knew better, Rave. It was no accident.

Bus: Y'know, if they're really using brains and other human parts for some... whatever... kinda project...

Bus: That might get an independent investigation going by the World Government to look into this migration business.

Ravenna: How would that even work...?

Bus: Yo, I got the cargo shuttle launch schedule, too. If we could find and take some evidence from a shuttle...

Ravenna: Bus, that's extremely dangerous, The shuttle docks are insanely well-guarded.

Bus: I can take out all of the surveillance equipment beforehand. All of the guards there are robotic, too.

Ravenna: They're robots but they have guns, Bus.

Bus: Yeah but they're slow. Their night vision systems also have this bad glitch...

Ravenna: Listen, Bus. Are you absolutely sure we can get past them?

Bus: No but there's a good chance. If we do things right, we could not only get the migration cancelled but have Zetsfir stopped!

Ravenna: My Pop could go back to his old university job then, too. Not to mention I wouldn't have to be part of a risky experiment.

Bus: And I could finally have those bastards held accountable for my Dad's murder, Rave.

Bus: The stakes are crazy high either way. What do you say...?

Ravenna: ...

Ravenna: Let's do this.

Ravenna: I'll sneak out early in the morning. Let's say... 6 am?

Ravenna: I'll pick you up. Meet me in the Saulsburg mall parking area?

Bus: Yeah. Gimme a call when you're on your way. I'll gather up all the data I can on the shuttle dock.

Ravenna: Great. We should...

Azurat: HAY GUYS! What's going on?

Bus: Oh! H.. hi, Professor Disphumis!

Ravenna: H..h..hey, P... Pop! What's cookin'?

Azurat: Nah, I'm not cooking anything this late. Just got up to re-fill my glass of water.

Azurat: Good evening, Marvin. How have you been? I trust that you're helping my daughter get good grades.

Bus: Yes, Professor. We just finished studying.

Azurat: Marvin, please just call me Azurat, okay? I consider you to be family, after all.

Bus: Sure thing.

Azurat: Is everything okay? You both seem kind of nervous.

Ravenna: Oh, we were just talking about... uh... you know... those threatening e-mails.

Azurat: Oh... yeah. Don't worry about those, Ravenna. I've already spoken to the police about that.

Azurat: I understand that it's scary for both of you. Please try not to worry too much. Most of that stuff is just empty threats.

Azurat: The police do keep an eye on this house, your school, and the dojo.

Bus: Well, I should be getting home soon...

Azurat: Be safe, Marvin.

Ravenna: I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?

Bus: Right. Give me a call.

Azurat: Well... I'm going back to bed.

Azurat: Don't stay up too late, Ravenna. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.

Ravenna: Yeah... big day tomorrow...

Azurat: Hmmmm.....?

Ravenna: Yeah... big day tomorrow...

Azurat: Yeah... Try to get some sleep, kiddo.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene XI: "Heading Out"

NARRATOR: March 12, 2214 7:21 am

Ravenna: I OVERSLEPT!!!

Ravenna: Not good... not good...!

Ravenna: Sorry, Bus... no time to respond!

Ravenna: I hope it's charged up...

Ravenna: Let's see...

Ravenna: Sorry, Pop... I'll learn about hover engines another day.

Ravenna: Right now, I just need them to work.

Ravenna: YES!!!! We have power!

Ravenna: Time to go for top speed.

Ravenna: I should give Bus a call and let him know I'm on my way.

Ravenna: Hey, Bus!

Bus: Yo, Rave... where are you?!

Ravenna: So sorry! Overslept!

Bus: Heheh. Again, huh? Well, you on your way?

Ravenna: Yeah, I'm gunning it. Heading toward town right now. Should be there in about ten minutes.

Ravenna: Heading toward the mall. See you in a couple of minutes.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene XII: "Meet Up at the Mall"

NARRATOR: Saulsburg Mall, 8:45 am

Sara: Oh, hey, Ravenna!

Sara: I didn't know you were such an early bird.

Ravenna: Yeah... not really my thing when there's no school.

Sara: No doubt. We're on our way to the Mulletastica concert.

Ravenna: That's neat! You too? I'm here to get tickets today.

Sara: Ha ha! That's so funny, Ravenna. You're such a kidder.

Ravenna: Heh... heh... whut?

Sara: The show's been sold out for months, ya know? By the way, how did your karate test go?

Ravenna: Oh. the test? I passed.

Ravenna: As for the show, eh. I gotta be honest. I was never a huge fan of their music anyway.

Sara: Really? Coulda fooled me. Anyways, what brings you here?

Ravenna: Uh... um, well...

Sara: Ohhh, somebody's got a hot date! Did you and Larry reconcile your differences and...

Ravenna: Holy Hell no, Sara! What is your deal?

Sara: Hey, Ravenna... I was just teasing, you know? You feeling okay?

Sara: You're acting really weird today.

Ravenna: No... it's just... I wish I could talk about it but... I just can't right now, sorry.

Linda: Sara, we need to get going.

Sara: Sorry, we do need to get to the concert. The lines are going to be kilometers long.

Ravenna: Sure. Hey, Sara, Linda, maybe we can meet up after the concert, ok?

Sara: I'll hold you to that! The concert will be over around 5 pm, so I'll give you a call.

Ravenna: I'm sending you my new number. Had to change it due to.... uh...

Ravenna: Hmmm. Guess they're in a hurry. Why can't I send Sara this message, though...?

Bus: Rave! There you are!

Ravenna: Hey, Bus. Sorry about being late.

Bus: It's okay. We did miss our first window of opportunity though.

Ravenna: Dammit. Sorry, Bus. What's our next chance to sneak in?

Bus: Well... The shuttle I had in mind is transferring to the launch pad right now.

Bus: The next one we could check out launches around 8 hours from now, so that's a good candidate.

Ravenna: Oh, I kinda made plans...

Bus: Plans? You mean at your Dad's lab?

Ravenna: No, no, other than that... Just let me tell Sara I can't... huh?!!!

Bus: What's up?

Ravenna: I can't send messages. I think my comm's broken.

Bus: I wonder what the cause is. Mine's been acting up all morning.

Ravenna: Can you still get into the shuttle dock systems, though?

Bus: So far, so good. I already installed my override program into their security systems.

Ravenna: Let's get into that shuttle, then. We should have plenty of time to get out before...


Bus: Not him... not... now...

Bus: For the last time, it's "School Bus", not "Lunch Box"!

Slum Bus: Naw, you gotta change it. Too close to my glorious title, pimp!

Bus: Slums, you ain't no pimp, dude.

Slum Bus: An' you ain't no 'leet hacker, nerd!

Bus: That's real nice comin' from a script kiddie, Slums.

Slum Bus: SCRIPT KIDDIE?! Chump-ass wannabe Cap'n Crunk, I can take down the whole infrastructure!

Ravenna: Uh, what infrastructure?!

Slum Bus: Damn, girl, how'd you end up with a nerd like this weirdo?

Bus: Shut the hell up, Slums. We're childhood friends.

Slum Bus: Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Anyway, I got plans this morning. Smell y'all later.

Bus: Yeah, yeah... Hope yo' fat ass sits on a tack... Mumble grumple script kiddie...

Ravenna: Bus, who was that moron?

Bus: Ugh. The "Un-crunkable" Carl Grunch, a.k.a. "Slum Bus". My stupid arch rival.

Ravenna: Oh, isn't he also that conspiracy nut that thinks Zetsfir is a front for a global death cult?

Bus: One in the same, Rave. One. In. The. Same.

Ravenna: Ha! Here he is. One of his videos.

Slum Bus: The news media won't mention how Zetsfir's beginnings are connected to the death cult by the same name from 100 years ago!

Slum Bus: In the link below, you'll find the cult's teachings. They believe mankind must be "guided to the stars" by force!

Slum Bus: We have to BEAT THESE PEOPLE! Take down their funding! Take down their infrastructure! Whatever it takes!

Slum Bus: It's only a matter of time, y'all, before this video get taken down and I might even end up in jail...

Slum Bus: ............

Ravenna: GAH! See, Bus? My connection keeps dropping!

Bus: Well, at least this time, it shut that guy up. I hate Zetsfir but... come on...

Ravenna: So.... he mentioned something about taking down infrastructure...

Bus: That idiot couldn't even break into an unencrypted network. He's a joke.

Ravenna: I was just wondering if you think he could have been responsible for our comms messing up.

Bus: Naw, Rave. Not likely, knowing that guy.

Ravenna: My dad was already gone by the time I woke up this morning. I just thought he'd have called me by now.

Bus: That is weird. He was going to tell you what time to show up at his lab, right?

Ravenna: He was so tired last night that he didn't say. I'd assume so.

Bus: Listen... We shouldn't waste time. The sooner we get to the shuttle docks, the better.

Ravenna: Yeah. Maybe we'll get what we need before noon. Do you think so?

Bus: I'd say if everything goes well, yeah. Can you fit me on your air scooter?

Ravenna: My dad upgraded the hover engines so it can support 150 kilograms. Think that's good enough?

Bus: Ehhhh.... what if I said maybe I shouldn't have had that pizza, triple cinnamon roll, and grande iced mocha earlier...?

Ravenna: Well, now I'm more worried you might get motion sickness.

Bus: Naw, that ain't the problem, Rave. Then again, we're not shooting for the mesosphere.

Ravenna: I've got the scooter out in the front lot. Let's go scope out the shuttle dock.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene XIII: "Sneak into the Shuttle Dock!"

Bus: We just have to find the best way to sneak in.

Ravenna: I'm going to take us up to a higher altitude so we can get a bird's eye view of the place.

Bus: If you can catch up to one of those cargo transports, I can unlock its rear door and we can hitch a ride inside!

Ravenna: You sure? It would be hard to do that without being noticed...

Bus: If we time it just right... just trust me on this.

Ravenna: Alright. Well... let me see if I can catch up to one.

Bus: Whoa! Rave, do you have to fly this thing so SUPA FAST?!!

Ravenna: Yes... sorry. Just try to hang on, okay?

Bus: Considering the alternative... I'll do my best.

Bus: Get us right up behind it, okay?

Ravenna: Nice work, Bus! How did you manage to do that?!

Bus: Now we just wait until it docks.

Ravenna: How do we know this is going to the shuttle dock?

Bus: I figured out the schedule while I was waiting back at the mall, Rave.

Ravenna: As soon as we arrive, we're going to need to get out of here without being seen.

Bus: Leave that to me. Chances are that it's all automated, so I can just jam the surveillance gear for a few minutes.

Ravenna: I really hope we can pull this off, Bus. I'm getting a terrible feeling about this.

Bus: Let's just focus on the mission and leave the doubts aside for now.

Ravenna: I think we made it in. Let's motor.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene XIV: "Shuttle Dock Infiltration"

Bus: Okay. The security cameras and sensors have been disconnected from the network.

Ravenna: What about the guards?

Bus: Anything robotic should be temporarily out of commission. We just have to avoid any live guards.

Ravenna: Alright. Well, here goes nothing.

Ravenna: Bus... listen... do you hear footsteps?

Bus: Yeah. Crap. Not good.

Ravenna: We're going to have to sneak past...


Guard: Stay right where you are, you two.

Ravenna: Ugh! Don't shoot!

Bus: Hey listen, man, we just got lost, ya know?

Guard: Do you think I'm stupid, kid? Hands where I can see 'em!

Bus: Yeah, yeah, alright, take it easy, pal.

Ravenna: Are you really going to arrest a couple of... WHOA, IS THAT SHUTTLE GOING TO STOP?!!!

Guard: Huh? Which one...?

Bus: Damn, Rave! Did you kill him?

Ravenna: No way. He's just in for a short nap.

Other Guard: Hey! What's going on over there?!

Bus: We're good here! Just had a little accident!

Other Guard: Who are you?

Bus: I'm 240 pounds of academic public transportation, BIZNEEYATCH!!!


Ravenna: Whoa...

Bus: Come on. We gotta move.

Bus: There it is, Rave.

Ravenna: How do we get in? The doors are way up there!

Bus: Hmmm... Let's try something...

Bus: Yo, Rave! The artificial gravity's switched on!

Bus: Y'all's sideways!

Ravenna: Great! We can just walk on up, then. Of course we're dead if the gravity switches off.

Bus: There. Unlocked and opened!

Ravenna: Awesome... We did it, Bus!

Ravenna: Now let's see what they're transporting to the Morgan's...

Ravenna: Um... Bus...? Did you shut the door?

Bus: No... I don't know what's going on, actually.

Bus: My comm's dead. I can't access the network.

Ravenna: Mine too... again.

Ravenna: I think we'd better worry about getting that door open before we search for evidence.

Bus: Word. I'm gettin' awfully claustrophobic up in here all of the sudden.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene XV: "Launched!"

Bus: Still no luck with your connection either?

Ravenna: No. I can't access the network or make a call.

Ravenna: You'd think the guards would be trying to get in here by now.

Bus: If they did, we'd be in serious trouble.

Ravenna: I think we're in serious trouble no matter what, Bus. We assaulted two guards.

Bus: They had guns and we didn't. I call it self defense.

Ravenna: Does that apply for trespassers? I kind of doubt it.

Bus: Hey, I'm a hacker, not a lawyer.

Bus: Yo! What the hell is that noise?

Ravenna: It's hard to tell when the artificial gravity is on, but I thought it felt a little like the shuttle was moving.

Bus: Crap.... this shuttle wasn't supposed to move to the launch pad until 5... I thought...

Ravenna: What are we going to do?!

Bus: I don't know how to break this to you...

Ravenna: We're going into space, aren't we...?

Bus: Yeah. I kinda s'pose we are.

Ravenna: ...

Ravenna: ...well, this didn't go as planned.

Bus: Sorry, Rave. I really miscalculated on this one.

Ravenna: Hmmm... well, look at it this way:

Ravenna: Now we can investigate what's happening on the Morgan's Gate!

Bus: If we can't find evidence of something shady with Zetsfir in here, our best bet is up there, huh?

Bus : Of course we're still gonna have to figure out how to get back...

Ravenna: I'm sure they have working comms on the Gate, so I'll give Pop a call as soon as we arrive.

Bus: Maybe we should hold off until after we've found some evidence.

Ravenna: Why's that?

Bus: Because both of us are going to be grounded for a year once our folks know what we're up to.

Ravenna: Yeah. Good point.

Ravenna: Hey, Bus, boost me up to that window, ok? I think we just entered orbit.

Bus: I thought we'd feel a lot more G's than we did.

Ravenna: Me too. Anyway, I think I can get a glimpse of the Gate from here.

Bus: Alright.

Ravenna: Oh, wow...

Ravenna: That is huge! I've seen hundreds of pictures but seeing it in person is just... I dunno.

Bus: How 'bout you get off my shoulders so I can take a look?

Ravenna: Alright. As soon as we dock and the door opens, we're going to have to make a bee line for the bay exit.

Ravenna: Then we'll have to figure out where to go from there.

Bus: I guess there's no turning back from here.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene XVI: "Into The Gate"

NARRATOR: Morgan's Gate Colony Ship

Bus: I think we're approaching the Morgan's Gate..

Ravenna: We're going to have to make a run for it as soon as we dock.

Bus: We should be passing through the airlock right about now.

Bus: I think the coast is clear. You'd think they'd guard this area a little more to keep people from trying to leave.

Ravenna: No doubt. Well, let's go.

Bus: I don't have a map of this place so I guess we'll have to get to the city level and ask around.

Ravenna: Sounds like a plan. I want to hear how people are coping with being forced into this, too.

Ravenna: Looks like we need to go that way...

Ravenna: Look at this, Bus! I can't believe how many people are here already!

Bus: This place... is packed. Wasn't expecting this.

Ravenna: They look surprisingly okay. Let's talk to some of them.

Ravenna: Hello!

Passenger: Hello there. Are you new here?

Ravenna: Yeah, just got here today.

Passenger: I see. I hope they weren't too rough with you.

Ravenna: Rough? Like how?

Passenger: Some people don't react well to the marking.

Ravenna: Oh... um... "marking"?

Passenger: Everyone is implanted with a tracking chip upon arrival. I mean that.

Ravenna: Oh, yeah... sure, nah, it went okay... heh heh.

Passenger: That's good to hear. They want to keep track of everyone to make sure they don't go into restricted areas, you know?

Ravenna: How do you feel about all of this?

Passenger: Shhh! Not so loud! Didn't they send you to orientation?

Ravenna: Oh... um... sure! I just... uh... kind of dozed off during that... Yeah.

Passenger: ...

Ravenna: Heh, heh, heh...

Passenger: Well, young lady, you're an interesting one. I guess I can share a few thoughts with you.

Passenger: To tell the truth, they don't take well to dissent here. Still... there are rumors of a passenger takeover.

Ravenna: I figured there should be something like that.

Passenger: It's no secret that most of us aren't happy about having our lives permanently uprooted.

Ravenna: Are you even allowed to say goodbye to your friends and family?

Passenger: Huh? You're asking some strange questions.

Passenger: Sure, sometimes. Usually, entire families are drafted to migrate. I guess there were some exceptions, however.

Ravenna: I heard a much different story in the news... but I can see how that might be. How about you?

Passenger: My immediate family is here. We're livid about never seeing our extended family again, to say the least.

Passenger: Let's just keep this low-key but there's a growing resistance movement here. Most of us want to return to Earth.

Ravenna: I figured that. I'm not staying here if I can help it.

Passenger: Listen... be careful spreading this but there's a meeting tonight...

Bus: Hey Rave, this guy over here knows how to reach the lab area.

Ravenna: Sorry, let me get right back to you, okay?

Passenger: Sure, no rush.

Bus: Sorry to interrupt, Rave. I think I found someone who knows the layout of this place pretty well.

Ralph: Hey, there. So, yeah... rumor has it there's top-secret equipment on level 4-B.

Bus: How do we get there?

Ralph: Go that way.

Ralph: Really fast.

Ralph: If something gets in your way...

Bus: Look, we didn't come here for 228-year-old movie quotes, pal.

Ralph: Fair enough. There's an elevator over there. I'll leave it to you to figure out the access codes, alright?

Bus: Sounds good to me. Thanks buddy.

Ralph: Don't mention it.

Ravenna: Bus, we should figure out what to do if something gets in our way. It's not like we can just "turn"...

Bus: Unfortunately, I don't know what to expect here.

Ravenna: There's the elevator.

Bus: Well, the access code was easy enough to brute force through the local network here.

Bus: Really, it's disturbing that there's no link to the global network. It's completely isolated.

Ravenna: Yeah... I don't like that at all. I can't call home from here!

Bus: This is gonna complicate things.

Bus: What in the world is that thing...?!

Ravenna: I'm thinkin' trouble.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene XVII: "Encounter with O.P.T.I.S."

Bus: This ain't good, Rave. We can't get around this thing.

Ravenna: What is it, exactly? It's huge...!

Bus: It's an older autonomous security model...

Bus: Overpowering tactical interception system, or OPTIS for short.

Ravenna: We have to get past it. Does it have any weaknesses?

Bus: Yeah. Its anti-gravity system has a fatal flaw that makes it easy to flip over.

Bus: The problem is that it will kill us if we get close enough to attempt that...

Ravenna: Watch out, Bus! It's coming this way!

Ravenna: I have an idea on out-maneuvering it, Bus.

Ravenna: Follow my lead.

Bus: Let's Rock.

Ravenna: Can you jam its sensors? I can distract it.

Bus: You're going to let it shoot at you?! Its beam turrets can kill in one shot!

Ravenna: I know, Bus, but we're stuck here. Can you do anything to its sensors?

Bus: There's something I can try. Whatever you're gonna do, Rave, BE CAREFUL!

Ravenna: I know, I'll be care...

Ravenna: Whoa! You weren't kidding!

Ravenna: Whew... y'know... maybe I did underestimate this thing.

Bus: Rave! It's firing out of control!

Bus: I jammed its sensors but...

Ravenna: AGGGHHHHH!!!!!


Ravenna: I'm still alive, somehow. I guess it wasn't a direct hit.

Ravenna: This... really... hurts...

Bus: Damn this thing...

Bus: Hang in there, Rave... Time for a...


Ravenna: It looks like you've stunned it, Bus!

Ravenna: This is going to totally kill my arm, but it's now or never...

Ravenna: Take cover, Bus. I've only got one shot at this.

Ravenna: Trying to kill us, you creepy robotic son of a...

Bus: Yo, Rave...

Bus: I know you're unusually strong, but...

Ravenna: I don't know how I managed to do that, either.

Bus: ...

Bus: We need to find a first aid kit right away. Your arm looks... bad.

Ravenna: It's broken, I'm sure of it.

Bus: You're going to go into shock at this rate.

Ravenna: Ordinarily, yes. Until we find some bandages, I'll improvise.

Ravenna: Give me a little privacy for a moment, Bus. I'm gonna fix this up a bit.

Bus: Sure, Rave. I'm going to look for a first aid kit and call for help.

Ravenna: I don't think we're going to find any doctors in this area, Bus.

Bus: Well... if they're willing to kill intruders like this...

Bus: This is so messed up... what are they guarding down here...?

Ravenna: There. I used my t-shirt for the time being. It will at least stop the bleeding.

Bus: Anyone else would have passed out by now. We need to get to the infirmary.

Ravenna: I'll be okay for now. The main lab is up ahead.

Bus: Hey... Rave...

Ravenna: Yeah?

Bus: Don't you think we should just concentrate on getting back home at this point?

Ravenna: We've come this far.

Bus: Yeah, and almost got ourselves killed.

Bus: I want to find evidence of corruption and stop the migration, Rave. Don't get me wrong.

Ravenna: Bus, we're going to be arrested if we return empty-handed. We may be arrested regardless.

Bus: ...but we'll still be alive.

Ravenna: I know how you feel, Bus! You have to understand... this is our chance.

Bus: Yeah, it was my idea, I guess. I say we go into the lab and see if we can find some first aid kits.

Ravenna: Sounds like a plan.

Chapter I: Chapter One: Earth, 2214 A.D. - Scene XVIII: "Angel of Vanishing"

Ravenna: I have no idea where we are.

Bus: Want to go back the other way?

Ravenna: No, I doubt the labs are that way. This is vaguely familiar.

Bus: Well, I think this area is modeled after Zetsfir's main lab on Earth.

Ravenna: If that's the case, I think I know which way to go.

Ravenna: Here. I'm going to see if they have any medical supplies.

Bus: I'm going to check out that room over there. It looks... important.

Bus: Rave... you might want to come take a look at this.

Bus: I think I found the room we saw in the data.

Bus: Interesting...

Ravenna: Whoa... this is...

Bus: Our old friend, Mr. Brain-in-a-tank.

Ravenna: Hey, Bus...I've gotta tell you something.

Bus: Um... yeah...?

Ravenna: That brain is my Uncle Gesh.

Bus: What...? You're serious? I thought...

Ravenna: I'm serious. My Dad told me Zetsfir recovered it in secret.

Bus: How...? How is that even possible? I thought the explosion...

Ravenna: Listen, Bus. You can't tell a soul.

Bus: Don't worry. The secret is safe with me.

Bus: By the way... come over here for a moment. I found something interesting.

Bus: I managed to use my Dad's old password to get in. There's a lot of info here.

Bus: For one, this whole setup is some kind of space-time distortion system.

Bus: ...

Bus: Hey, Rave? You okay?

Ravenna: Sorry, Bus. I zoned out.

Ravenna: I'm starting to get dizzy from the blood loss.

Bus: Rave, maybe you should sit down. Don't push yourself.

Ravenna: Bus... I'm sorry... I kept a lot of information from you because my Dad made me promise...

Bus: It's fine, Rave. I already figured a lot of it out on my own.

Bus: I know your DNA has code for this system in it... the experiments... this brain thing...

Bus: Plus my Dad was working on this project, too. I spent hours reading through the data.

Bus: So... this system is gonna create a wormhole in space to make the migration shorter.

Ravenna: How long is the migration supposed to take? Hundreds of generations, right?

Bus: It says here that this ship will sustain life for seven millennia.

Ravenna: That's longer than the age of the Pyramids in Egypt...

Bus: Yeah, almost twice as long. That's hard to imagine.

Ravenna: Maybe they don't want to take chances. Once this ship is on its way., there's no turning back.

Bus: I'm skeptical this thing will hold together for 7000 years.

Bus: The destination is about 444 light years away. Damn... no wonder...

Ravenna: Yeah, the news has been talking about it. Some Earth-like planet in the Pleiades cluster.

Bus: Everyone currently aboard this ship will never see it.

Bus: Kind of sad if you think about it...

Bus: Rave...?

Bus: Rave...? You really should take it easy...

Ravenna: Ugh... Bus... something isn't right...

Bus: What's wrong?

Ravenna: I... think... I think I'm starting to hallucinate...

Ravenna: What the... holy... hell...?

Ravenna: Stay... away... from... me...

Bus: What is that...? What's going on, here...?

Ravenna: Get back... Bus... Run... Get out of here...

Ravenna: This is just like what happened to mother...

Ravenna: Mother...? It can't be... No...

Ravenna: Stay... the... hell... back...

Ravenna: GET AWAY FROM ME!!!



Ravenna: MOTHER?!!!

Bus: Rave! Get a hold of yourself! The system activated somehow!

Bus: We have to...


Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene I: "Pandora"

NARRATOR: The colony ship "Morgan's Gate" would complete final preparations and finish boarding on February 20, 2215.

NARRATOR: It would depart from Earth Orbit on March 16, 2215 at 16:00 UTC, never to return.

NARRATOR: At that time, there were 9268 women, 9180 men, and 15293 children on board with a total passenger count of 33741.

NARRATOR: The planet Pleiades-47 a.k.a. Kaperth

NARRATOR: Orbital city "Pandora"

NARRATOR: Kaperthian year 1278

Saja: Well...?

Saja: How's it look?

Virulyde: You are seriously asking me, an android, for an opinion on aesthetics, commander?

Saja: Virulyde, drop the formalities when we're not on duty.

Virulyde: Commander, technically, we're still on duty.

Virulyde: Regarding the dress, however... they did a good job fitting it for you.

Saja: Technically, they're fitting it for Rosetta, my cousin. I just happen to be the same size.

Virulyde: Right... for her wedding. By the way, aren't we meeting your aunt for dinner?

Virulyde: Let's go now, Saja. I must eat something.

Saja: Sure thing, Virulyde. I just had to get this fitted for her tonight.

Saja: We'll head over to the restaurant as soon as I get changed. By the way...

Saja: For an android, you sure have quite an appetite.

Virulyde: I still require certain chemicals from various substances, you know.

Virulyde: So...

Virulyde: How long have you been assigned to the Pandora orbital station?

Saja: I'm stationed here for routine security duties until my next assignment from Fumacine's HQ.

Virulyde: I wonder how much of our support they need here. They must be anticipating something major.

Virulyde: Hiring the full elite Fumacite trio here... that being us and all...

Dregweht: Mrrrowwrrr!!!

Saja: Hey, Vie, your "pet" isn't technically allowed in here.

Virulyde: No worries.

Virulyde: Dregweht! System command: Weapon mode! Transform now!

Dregweht: Mrrrowwwrrr.......

Virulyde: Problem resolved. We're still licensed to carry our weapons, correct?

Saja: Yes. We are technically part of Pandora's defense personnel right now.

Saja: Let me go back to my quarters and get changed. Meet me at the restaurant in 20 minutes.

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene II: "Nectar of the Gods"

Saja: Let's have a seat over there, Aunt Marie.

Marie: Didn't your friend become the head chef here?

Saja: Malachi? Yeah... he mentioned something like that.

Virulyde: Hellooooo...! Am I late?

Saja: No, we just got here. Let's sit down.

Marie: You must be Virulyde.

Virulyde: Yes, Ma'am.

Saja: How rude of me. Aunt Marie, meet Virulyde. He is an android from Aufdek.

Saja: Virulyde, this is my Aunt Marie. She's here for my cousin's wedding.

Virulyde: Pleased to meet you.

Marie: Yes, pleased to meet you as well. You... sure put away the orange juice, don't you?

Virulyde: Yes, Ma'am! Citric acid is a core component for my battery array.

Marie: I have never seen an android that can eat and drink before. How fascinating!

Marie: In fact... I've never seen a human drink as much liquid in one sitting.

Virulyde: Really...?

Saja: Virulyde is an advanced prototype from Aufdek. He has trained with me since we were kids at Fumacine Academy.

Saja: He and Malachi are the other two members of our esteemed "Elite Trio".

Virulyde: *glug* *glug*

Saja: Virulyde, you are going to be sick if you keep that up.

Virulyde: If I keep this up? Negative, commander. I'm keeping this down.

Virulyde: Nectar of the gods...

Marie: Alright, this is starting to get disturbing.

Virulyde: Saja and I have been stationed here due to orders from Fumacine HQ.

Virulyde: For obvious reasons, we can't say much about it but Pandora security needs our help right now.

Saja: It seems the threat of Zetsfir forces attacking has become elevated.

Saja: As Virulyde said, I can't elaborate much in an insecure location...

Malachi: Oh... look who it is...

Manager: Malachi! Don't do what I think you're about to do!

Virulyde: we have to be on the lookout. We really need to find Malac...

Malachi: **SLAP** HEYA, VIRULYDE!!!

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene III: "Briefing"

Malachi: Man... I can't believe I got fired for that!

Virulyde: ...

Saja: ...

Malachi: Umm....

Malachi: So, anyways, sorry about that Virulyde... didn't know your mouth was full.

Virulyde: Next time, I'll be sure to spray in your direction!

Saja: Where did you get that glass...?

Virulyde: *glug* *glug*

Virulyde: Ahhhhh...

Saja: Well, anyway, let's head back to my quarters. I need to fill you both in on some things.

Saja: Okay, you two.

Saja: Here are Zetsfir's most recent attack points.

Virulyde: It looks like they've been busy.

Malachi: Why this pattern?

Saja: Well, Malachi, with this strategy, Zetsfir can gain full control of any orbital station around Kaperth.

Saja: By tying up security forces around these areas, a strategic opening is available to Zetsfir.

Malachi: Now that we know their strategy, we could reinforce the weak points in our forces. Easy enough.

Saja: That's just it. Zetsfir reacts to that countermeasure by increasing their own numbers.

Saja: No one knows where they are headquartered and their massive number of troops remains a mystery.

Saja: There has never been any intel as to where a base could be located. They seem to come out of nowhere.

Virulyde: It has been that way for all of history, though. Nothing new there.

Malachi: No global coalition has ever once launched an offensive campaign against Zetsfir.

Saja: Right. The most the world has ever accomplished has been purely defensive and mitigative.

Malachi: Not to mention no one knows why Zetsfir is obsessed with the genocide of those who believe humans originated on another world...

Virulyde: Hey, Malachi...

Virulyde: I'm still supposed to take you back down to the surface, right? To Grady's place?

Malachi: Yeah, I'm staying there until Fumacine officially assigns me here. I did just lose my gig at that restaurant, after all.

Saja: Actually, you both should head down there now. Grady actually requested you two for a small job.

Saja: It has something to do with the ruins. Apparently, there was an odd heat signature the other day...

Malachi: Oooh! Sounds interesting!

Virulyde: Not to mention Grady's wife has the best cooking on the planet. Yummers.

Saja: You'll also need to have some maintenance done on the ShockShadow while you're there.

Malachi: Right, it needs some minor repairs. I'm sure it'll get us to the surface in one piece, though.

Virulyde: We will be back before the wedding, commander.

Saja : Be careful, you two.

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene IV: "To Grady's Place"

Malachi: You ready?

Virulyde: Yeah. Let's head down to the shuttle dock.

Dregweht: Mrrooowwrrr....

Virulyde: Oh, right. Dregweht also needs some diagnostics run.

Malachi: I thought Dr. Maxwell was in charge of that?

Virulyde: The lab's in charge of maintenance. Grady can run the tests.

Malachi: Okay, before we hit the ruins, we'll get the ShockShadow tuned up and have Grady check your hamster.

Virulyde: Dregweht is not a hamster.

Malachi: Yeah, whatever, dude.

Virulyde: Traffic control gives the all clear for departure.

Malachi: Let's head on out.

Virulyde: So.... Malachi, what do you think Zetsfir is up to now? They've been hunting down more Xenomigrationists lately.

Malachi: Other than the fact their entire religion revolves around that, I don't know.

Malachi: Beliefs can't be wiped out by eliminating believers.

Virulyde: Zetsfir doesn't see it that way. This war has been going on for so long that the supposed rationale has been forgotten.

Virulyde: All of this killing and destruction over the theories of human origin. Utter nonsense.

Malachi: Who knows, Vie. Saja and I both became orphans because of it.

Malachi: For the honor of the Fumacine Empire and for the fallen, we fight to protect the innocent.

Virulyde: Zetsfir seems to have a very strong desire to eliminate the idea that humans did not originate and evolve on Kaperth.

Virulyde: Our country's adherence to Xenomigrationism is viewed by Zetsfir as blasphemous, while it is, at best, very unpopular in the rest of the world.

Virulyde: Malachi, even without being a human myself, I have to ask: Why is this idea considered so dangerous?

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene V: "The Legend"

Grady: Long time, no see, boys! Did you hear?

Virulyde: Yes! There's a team excavating the ruins and they detected some anomaly.

Grady: That's right, buddy! I want you two to go in there and have a look around.

Grady: It's dangerous in there but I'm confident you two can handle what might be creeping around.

Malachi: I heard a rumor that these ruins might be some kind of alien "ark". Is that possible?

Grady: We estimated its age, based on samples taken from the hull, to be almost seven thousand years old.

Malachi: You don't think it could possibly be the...

Grady: Yep. It very well could be. Come inside and stay awhile! I have a crew that will get to work on your shuttle.

Malachi: So it really could be the sacred ark? Won't Zetsfir come after it?

Grady: It's almost certain they'll try to destroy it. We have to go through it as fast as possible.

Dregweht: Mrrrowwwrr....

Lucy: KITTY!!!

Virulyde: Dregweht is not a... uh, nevermind...

Grady: Oh, right, your critter there needs a check-up, huh?

Virulyde: Thank you very much!

Lucy: Grandpa? Tell us the story about the ark again, pleeeease....?

Grady: Sure. Hey, you two help yourselves to some of this fine cookin', ok?

Virulyde: Oh yeah! I'm starving!

Malachi: (Vie... you just ate!)

Virulyde: (Correction: I was about to eat. Then you made me give Saja and her aunt an orange juice shower.)

Malachi: (Oh, right. Ehhh..... Also, that sounds a lot worse than what actually happened.)

Greta: ...Anyway..

Greta: ...So we found an entire city within the ruins. It's exactly as the scrolls tell us.

Greta: They say humans arrived in this world about a thousand years ago and began their journey around four thousand years ago.

Greta: What isn't clear is the definition of a "year" within the context of the scrolls. Our modern calendar began 1278 years ago, after all.

Greta: Zetsfir destroyed nearly all historical records prior to 700 years ago and the length of a year must have been redefined.

Grady: The legend in the scrolls is consistent with what was discovered in the ruins.

Grady: "The world was without people, without cities, and without change..."

Lucy: Then "The Great Bird" flew down!

Grady: Yes. "The Great Ship", or the "Ark", descended on the planet.

Grady: "A great bird carried a city from the heavens, pouring out the many peoples to inhabit the world."

Grady: "For the people fled a place which was to befall a great unknown calamity. And their will was weak, yet their journey was undertaken."

Lucy: And then the angel...!

Grady: "And there was an angel made from a woman and the mind of a demon. This angel had the power to send people to other worlds and ages."

Greta: We're still not sure what "ages" means, here.

Grady: "One day, the angel met her child from her previous life, sending her far away so that she may live..."

Grady: "The angel wept as she sent away her child, wishing for her safety and to bring peace to the next world."

Grady: "Those who did not partake in the great journey did surely meet the great calamity and were destroyed."

Virulyde: There's something that bothers me about the "mind of a demon" part... I don't know why...

Virulyde: Why does this story seem so familiar...? Not just like I've heard it dozens of times... but... some old memory...?

Malachi: Vie, what's up?

Virulyde: Eh, just a weird nagging feeling. I think we should check out those ruins, though.

Grady: Head over to the Southwestern island of "Graves". The excavation site is on the Northwestern part of the island.

Grady: The ShockShadow should be ready now, so head on over when you're ready.

Malachi: Hey, Grady, what do you think the "calamity" from the legend was supposed to be?

Grady: Could be anything. Maybe it was a comet or an asteroid, maybe some big war. Who knows?

Grady: I've always wondered about the angel and her child. The legend put a lot of emphasis on them.

Virulyde: Yeah. Anyway, thanks for all the help and the great food, too!

Malachi: Thanks, Grady!

Grady: Take care, you two.

Greta: Grady, do you think they'll be okay in there? What if Zetsfir attacks?

Grady: Fumacine and Kadmas are both monitoring the airspace. Besides... those two are elites. They'll be fine.

Grady: Something's bugging me, though. It feels like those ruins are calling out to all of us somehow.

Grady: Like it's... like things are finally about to change...

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene VI: "Ruins"

NARRATOR: Ancient "Ark" Ruins

NARRATOR: Western island of Graves

Virulyde: Just beyond there, from the looks of it...

Malachi: This is the first I've heard of an excavation. It's probably good that the news stayed quiet about this.

Virulyde: Zetsfir would have been all over this by now otherwise. It's only a matter of time, though...

Malachi: They've dug out a fair bit around it, from what I see here.

Malachi: ...

Malachi: ...wait... ALL of this area? That thing's almost the size of Fumacine city!

Virulyde: Looks that way. You and I are going to be the first to explore inside of it.

Malachi: Let's head down. Considering the deterioration of the hull, there should be a place to enter.

Virulyde: Here.

Malachi: So this has been here around a thousand years...? How did they find it?

Virulyde: I think there was a landslide or something. This wasn't buried through natural means. This was deliberately hidden.

Malachi: Zetsfir erased so much of history that I wouldn't be surprised if they were behind this.

Virulyde: If so, that means they already know about it. Which means... we'd better stay sharp in there.

Malachi: Parts look like old advanced technology but there are signs of more primitive civilizations, too.

Virulyde: Almost as if the technology was long forgotten by whomever lived in here after it was built.

Malachi: Our ancestors..?

Virulyde: If the scrolls are historically accurate, yes, the earliest humans on this planet.

Malachi: Vie, check this out!

Virulyde: What is that...?

Virulyde: An... optical disc....?

Malachi: What is an "optical disc"...?

Virulyde: It's an ancient data storage item.

Malachi: What? I've never heard of such a thing before. Data is stored in holographic blocks around the universal network...

Virulyde: Wait... how do I even know this? I think I know how to access the data on this!

Virulyde: Spinning it under a laser...

Malachi: Laser? Like a beam weapon?

Virulyde: Any machines in here that were used with this are long since disintegrated. Dr. Maxwell might be able to build something, however.

Malachi: How do you know about ancient technology, Vie?

Virulyde: I wish I had an answer to that. Honestly, I do.

Malachi: (Vie! Vie...! Did you hear that?!)

Virulyde: (Yeah... Zetsfir snooping in here?)

Malachi: (Shhh.... listen... there's something over there...)

Virulyde: (Zombie...?! No... wait...)

Malachi: (What do you mean, "zombie"? Vie, seriously...)

Ravenna: ..............

Virulyde: (See? Just look, they crave brains...)

Malachi: (Vie, knock it off... I'll try talking to.... um.... them....)

Malachi: Deka vie venas? Kuh vie estaz vernudit?! (Where are you from? Are you hurt?)

Ravenna: Ugh... what...? I can't understand you...

Virulyde: (Malachi, she isn't speaking Fumacite or Aufdeki dialect...)

Virulyde: Ahem... Kaiel vie enigizt cie tiu jin detruaitaz relikvojn? (how did you enter these ruins?)

Ravenna: Look out... behind you...

Virulyde: Malachi! R.A.B.U. right behind you! Turn around!

Malachi: Whoa! That came out of nowhere!

Ravenna: We... can't... run...

Malachi: Sie estaz vundaitak mairaboun! Miah taimaz... keh zi neh vioza... (She is badly injured. I'm afraid she will die.)

Virulyde: Neh bezonaiz hilapi sinu...! (We need to help her!)

Malachi: Huh....?

Virulyde: What is she doing?

Malachi: My eyes must be playing tricks on me.

Virulyde: ...

Virulyde: ...she just.... punched... a R.A.B.U..... into scrap....

Malachi: Hey, Vie, am I hallucinating?

Virulyde: No....? Am I...?

Ravenna: .... Guh....

Ravenna: Ugh....

Malachi: She passed out. She's in really bad condition. We have to get her to a medical facility right away.

Virulyde: Bonavoluah praavi restai vivaz! Ni raicivoz vina kuraicistoz! (Please hang in there! We will get you to a doctor!)

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene VII: "Delirium"

Ravenna: ................

Karen: She appears to have stabilized.

Dr. Maxwell: What are the results of the tests?

Karen: Her DNA does not match any records on file. Her lineage is unknown.

Dr. Maxwell: I was informed that she does not speak any known language. Is this true?

Karen: I cannot be certain. She has not regained consciousness since the amputation.

Dr. Maxwell: Yes, I see. That arm could not be saved. I'll begin the process of synthesizing a new one from her DNA.

Karen: In the mean time, we will fit her with a mechanical substitute.

Dr. Maxwell: Very good. She will need to recover more before we can do that.

Karen: Yes. She was very near death when the two Fumacite elites brought her in.

Dr. Maxwell: What, exactly, was she doing in those ruins? How did she even get in?

Karen: I've arranged a meeting with the Fumacites so we should get some answers.

Dr. Maxwell: Excellent, Karen. Please carry on. I need to head to a meeting right now, myself.

Karen: Good luck, father.

Dr. Maxwell: Let me know when she wakes up.

Karen: So... superhuman strength, huh? Just where did you come from...?

Karen: Unknown bloodline and language, strange appearance, unexplained presence in the ruins... you are quite the enigma...

Karen: I have to admit it.... I'm really going to enjoy studying you.

Malachi: Hello, Karen. How is that girl doing?

Karen: Hi, Malachi. She's stable but needs to rest. We... couldn't save her arm.

Malachi: I see... damn. At least she's alive.

Karen: We are going to grow her a new arm. Until that's ready, I have a new prototype for a mechanical arm I'd like to try on her.

Malachi: That's going to be interesting to explain since she doesn't speak any known languages.

Virulyde: Hey there!

Malachi: What's good, Vie?

Virulyde: Doc, we recovered some kind of ancient optical data storage item in the ruins, too.

Karen: Interesting! I'll give this to my father to analyze.

Virulyde: Call it a hunch, but I think this is read by spinning it under a laser.

Karen: What makes you think that...?

Virulyde: Beats me! Honest, on my honor as a Fumacite elite, I have no idea why I know that.

Karen: Excuse me. I'm going to give this disc to my father. Let's talk more at our meeting tonight.

Malachi: See you then, Karen.

Virulyde: Should we go in there?

Malachi: I dunno... Karen said she needed to get some rest.

Virulyde: We'll be quiet, then.

Malachi: (I don't think we should be in here, Vie...)

Virulyde: (She was messed up really badly. Shame about her arm, too.)

Malachi: (Come on, dude, let's let her rest.)

Virulyde: (You're right. Let's head out.)

Ravenna: ( I dead...? Is this what death is like...? Where am I?)

Ravenna: (Why can't I move? My right arm feels... oh... no....)

Ravenna: (It's gone, isn't it?)

Ravenna: .......

Ravenna: (I can't remember anything... what happened... how I got here...)

Ravenna: Hey... that's... mother....

Ravenna: And then...

Ravenna: Everything went dark. Everything was quiet.

Ravenna: Bus disappeared. I tried calling out for him...

Ravenna: Had to feel along the walls in the dark. It was cold and humid.

Ravenna: How many days passed? No food or water. I ran out of things to use for bandages. My wounds became infected.

Ravenna: I was sure I was going to die there.

Ravenna: Then help arrived... and I used the last of my strength...

Ravenna: (Have to thank them as soon as I can...)

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene VIII: "Discoveries"

Saja: I'm really looking forward to the wedding!

Rosetta: Thanks for everything, Saja. You and Aunt Marie are really going to make the big day extra special.

Marie: You two want some cookies? I just baked a fresh plate of them...

Virulyde: Did somebody say cookies...?!!

Marie: Oh, it's Mr. Orange Juice. You going to spit on us again?

Virulyde: Awww.... come on, it wasn't my fault....

Marie: Pardon me, I need to head back to my room...

Rosetta: Wait! I need to talk to you about something, Mom!

Virulyde: ...but what about the cookies...

Saja: Look. There will be no cookies for you. Don't you ever ring the doorbell, Virulyde?

Virulyde: Please excuse my egregious lack of propriety, commander. There's urgent business.

Saja: *sigh*... Very well. What's going on, Virulyde?

Virulyde: Malachi and I found a girl while exploring the ruins.

Saja: Congratulations. Maybe there can be a double wedding or...

Virulyde: No, no... Commander, you misunderstand. We found a severely injured girl inside the ruins.

Saja: Oh. I see. Go on.

Virulyde: We brought her back in the ShockShadow and rushed her to the lab's medical facility.

Saja: You should have notified me sooner. Any rescue missions have to be documented.

Virulyde: Malachi filed a full report with Dr. Maxwell.

Saja: How is she... the girl you found?

Virulyde: She will live but they had to amputate her arm. It was all sorts of infected.

Virulyde: Oh, and Dr. Karen Maxwell scheduled a meeting with us tonight.

Saja: Sure. I would like to be filled in on the details.

Karen: Thanks for indulging this meeting on such short notice, Commander Kabora.

Saja: "Commander Kabora" sounds sooooo weird. Just call me Saja, ok?

Dr. Maxwell: The android, Unit #24, recovered an ancient data storage device inside the ruins, Saja.

Malachi: Actually, I'm the one who found it.

Virulyde: This is true, everyone. Malachi found it in one of the buildings in the ruins.

Malachi: Anyway, the girl we found was badly hurt but she managed to destroy a "rapid attack ballistics unit" with her bare hands.

Malachi: Her. Bare. Hands.

Virulyde: Even the Virulyde units, such as myself, don't have that kind of strength in emergency mode.

Dr. Maxwell: Astounding. To be clear, however, she is a human, not any kind of hybrid or android.

Karen: The only other real physical oddity about her is her DNA. It is completely foreign with no matches to documented bloodlines.

Saja: What would be a likely explanation for this...?

Karen: Well, mutations wouldn't account for it. Unless she's some engineered super soldier from Zetsfir, that is...

Saja: We need to consider that as a possibility. Have any security precautions been taken?

Dr. Maxwell: She's been unconscious ever since she was brought in. It's impossible to tell what her motives are.

Saja: I would recommend she be administered muscle relaxers or restrained in some way until we can be sure of her intentions.

Dr. Maxwell: I... suppose... we could do that...

Malachi: Commander! Isn't that a bit presumptuous?

Virulyde: I agree. We shouldn't jump to conclusions. She destroyed that R.A.B.U. in a single hit to protect us!

Karen: Put me on record as being totally against harming her in any way.

Saja: Yes, acknowledged. Perhaps I was a bit quick to assume the worst.

Saja: We should monitor her closely, nothing more.

Dr. Maxwell: With her strength, may I propose that we enlist her help with defense? Once we ascertain her willingness, that is.

Saja: When she wakes up, I want to speak with her. After that, we'll see.

Karen: We will need to prepare an automatic translation device. She does not speak any known languages.

Dr. Maxwell: That little matter has been solved. I've started analyzing the data on the optical disc Unit #24 brought us.

Dr. Maxwell: Much of its contents have yet to be deciphered but I extracted enough data to build a language translation library.

Dr. Maxwell: When she wakes up, have her insert this device in her ear. It will automate translation until she learns our language.

Dr. Maxwell: In the mean time, I will continue to analyze the data from that optical disc. There is a lot of historical information on there...

Dr. Maxwell: History... perhaps... from another world in the distant past.

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene IX: "Recovery"

Saja: ...well, she doesn't look Zetsfirian.

Karen: Zetsfir bloodline DNA has been well-documented, so the evidence supports that.

Saja: Looks like she's been through a lot.

Karen: Yes but she already looks much healthier, even in the span of just a few hours.

Saja: Unbelievably resilient in addition to incredible strength.

Saja: Having her on our side would be an advantage. Let's hope it works out that way.

Karen: Yes but let's not rush things.

Saja: Take good care of her, Karen. I need to get back to my security duties.

Karen: I'll contact you as soon as she wakes up.

Karen: ????

Ravenna: ........ugh.....

Ravenna: ....hnnmmmmm...

Karen: Vie estaz maldourm! Couh vie doloraiz? (You are awake! Are you in pain?)

Karen: Metou tchion ehn viana ourelon. Vie komprenak miah plic boun. (Put this in your ear. You will better understand me.)

Ravenna: Oh... this goes in my ear, I guess. Well, here goes nothing...

Karen: It's a universal translation device. Can you understand me now?

Ravenna: Yes... I can understand... where am I...? Ugh... it hurts...

Karen: You are in a medical facility aboard the Pandora orbital station.

Ravenna: Never heard of it. How did I get here? Oh, right, I was on the Morgan's Gate and then...

Karen: Morgan's Gate?

Ravennna: You know. The migration, leaving Earth...

Karen: Earth?

Ravenna: What the... wait a minute...

Karen: Careful, now. Can you sit up?

Karen: ...don't force yourself...

Karen: Oh... let me help you with that, then...

Ravenna: Hmmm..... that's better....

Karen: Take it easy...! Don't push yourself.

Ravenna: Pandora station... no, I don't think there's a space station by that name in orbit around Earth.

Karen: What's "Earth"? Do you mean "Kaperth"?

Ravenna: Nope. What's going on, here? You don't know what Earth is...? Wait a minute... is this translation thingy broken?

Karen: No, it's working alright.

Ravenna: "Kaperth".... huh... oh...

Ravenna: What year is it?

Karen: 1278.

Ravenna: No way.... 1278 A.D.?

Karen: 1278 P.E. Pleiadesian Era.

Ravenna: Pleiades? As in the planet "Pleiades-47?"

Karen: Well, Kaperth is a planet around the star "Pleione".

Ravenna: Hooooooo boy......

Karen: Lie down and get some more rest. I have some people that want to talk to you.

Karen: By the way... what's your name...?

Ravenna: It's "Ravenna". Like the city in Italy.

Karen: "Italy"?

Ravenna: Oh, right. Nevermind that.

Karen: My name's Karen, by the way. Karen Maxwell. I'm a doctor and researcher on the Pandora orbital station.

Ravenna: Thank you for your help, Karen. You saved my life. I am going to need a while to get over the loss of my arm, though.

Karen: About your arm, we are growing you a new one from your existing cells. It will take a while, so I'll fit you with a robotic arm as a temporary replacement.

Karen: Just let me know when you're ready for me to do that and I'll perform the operation to implant the shoulder socket for it.

Ravenna: I'm still really sore, so let's wait a little while for that. Maybe in a few hours?

Karen: Ha, ha! I was going to suggest waiting a few weeks! You heal unnaturally quickly. You know that, right?

Ravenna: Yeah. I know.

Ravenna: ...234...235...236...237...

Ravenna: Ah.... legs are starting to feel stronger... actually stronger than ever... it's like I weigh a lot less or something.

Ravenna: I have to get out of here and find Bus.

Karen: Hello, Ravenna!

Karen: Wait... have you been exercising?

Ravenna: Well, yeah. Of course! I can't just stay in bed all day.

Karen: This is remarkable.

Dr. Maxwell: Hello, there, Ravenna! I'm Dr. Maxwell, Karen's father and head researcher here.

Dr. Maxwell: We have some questions we'd like to ask.

Ravenna: Oh, um...ok. Shoot.

Dr. Maxwell: Where are you from?

Ravenna: Saulsburg, Oregon, North American Union.

Ravenna: ....Earth.

Dr. Maxwell: Incredible. Are you really not from this world?

Ravenna: I don't think I'm even from this time, good doctor.

Dr. Maxwell: From what time are you?

Ravenna: 2214.

Dr. Maxwell: The future?

Ravenna: Somehow I doubt that. I think this is the distant future from my perspective. You see, I...

Karen: Ravenna, there is someone else who has been very eager to speak with you.

Ravenna: Oh, ok. Look, this is all a lot for me to take in right now.

Dr. Maxwell: We understand. Let's take things as a more comfortable pace. There's no need to rush.

Ravenna: Hey, Karen, I know you wanted to wait but I think I'm ready. Can we start installing that temporary robot arm?

Karen: Sure. Father, could you prepare and sterilize the shoulder socket?

Dr. Maxwell: Yes, of course. Ravenna, you are one tough young lady. It hasn't even been a full day and you're already walking around.

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene X: "Ravenna Joins the Team"

Karen: How is it? Is the fitting too loose or too tight?

Ravenna: It's comfortable enough. I'm surprised the operation didn't leave my shoulder joint in more pain.

Karen: Ordinarily, it would have. When I was installing it, I noticed that the infected tissue had already healed.

Ravenna: Listen, it was an open secret back where I'm from that I had an abnormally strong physical constitution.

Ravenna: My mother's side of the family had this bizarre genetic code... I dunno... my Dad explained it a million times but I never quite understood.

Ravenna: But yeah, it's just always been that way.

Saja: Ravenna? Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Commander Saja Kabora, head of security on Pandora and one of the three Fumacite elites.

Ravenna: That's quite an introduction! Pleased to meet you, Commander.

Karen: Please excuse me. I need to get your mechanical arm. Be right back.

Ravenna: To what do I owe this pleasure, Commander?

Saja: Ha, I'm sorry about that. Sometimes, I forget to drop the military formality and act like a normal person.

Ravenna: Don't sweat it. I'm just a mischief maker who can't stay out of trouble.

Saja: Just call me Saja.

Ravenna: Saja, I'm not in trouble, am I?

Saja: No, not at all! Actually, I just wanted to chat with you a little.

Saja: Could you tell me where you're from?

Ravenna: Yes, gladly. I am from a planet called Earth, from the year 2214.

Saja: 2214? From the future?

Ravenna: I don't think so. The years must have been numbered differently at some point. You see...

Karen: I'm back! Ravenna, let me see that shoulder socket there...

Ravenna: Ooooh!

Ravenna: I'm armed and dangerous!

Ravenna: ...

Ravenna: Tough crowd...

Karen: How's that working for you?

Ravenna: Hmmm..... a little clumsy...

Karen: Let's see... let me adjust the dynamic Penfield map adapter...

Ravenna: Whoa! Feels just like a real arm now!

Ravenna: Thanks, Karen! This will be great!

Karen: Don't forget that you'll have a real arm ready to be grafted on fairly soon.

Ravenna: Thank you. I look forward to having my real arm back, but this thing is pretty cool until then.

Saja: Hey, Ravenna...

Ravenna: Yes?

Saja: I would like to take you shopping. This orbital station has an excellent mall.

Saja: There's a store called "High Fashion Planet" that I'd like you to see.

Ravenna: That would be nice. I'm not your stereotypical mall rat but I could sure use a new outfit.

Saja: Ravenna, you were in the middle of telling me where you were from.

Ravenna: Oh, right. Yes, you see, in the Earth year 2214, a portion of my world's population was conscripted to live aboard an interplanetary migration ship.

Saja: Fascinating... so those ruins in which Malachi and Virulyde found you... are you telling me that was really a starship?

Ravenna: Yes. It was headed toward a planet in the Pleiades cluster, where it was intended for humans to settle.

Saja: The scrolls were correct... oh my, this is a lot to take in.

Ravenna: You feeling okay, Saja?

Saja: Yes, sorry. My country has a deeply held religious conviction that humans did not evolve on our planet.

Saja: You are quite literally the living proof that confirms our beliefs.

Ravenna: Wow... so I'm like some kind of religious figure or something?

Saja: Now, let's not get carried away. But yes, some will definitely revere you as such. I'd keep a low profile if I were you.

Saja: Here's "High Fashion Planet". Choose whatever you like, try things on, and I'll cover the cost.

Ravenna: Thank you, Saja! You're so kind.

Ravenna: I'll be back in a bit.

Virulyde: Heya, Saja! You showing the new girl around Pandora?

Saja: I wanted her to put on something decent before walking around in public, but yes.

Virulyde: That's nice.

Saja: Virulyde, she seems like a nice person. She's forthcoming... if she's telling the truth. If not, she's one hell of a good actor.

Virulyde: The evidence is on her side, from what I've heard. Karen just gave me an update.

Saja: Where's Malachi? You two are usually hanging out together.

Virulyde: He's over at the restaurant begging for his job back.

Saja: He shouldn't. Word from the higher ups says that he's about to be assigned full-time to security duties - same as us.

Virulyde: Great! Then we're officially acting as a team again, just like old times.

Ravenna: I'm back! What do you think?

Saja: Fantastic choice, Ravenna. That looks great on you.

Virulyde: Hello, there!

Saja: I'll be right back. Going to go pay for the outfit.

Ravenna: Thanks, Saja!

Ravenna: So, um... thanks for saving me back in that place.

Virulyde: I should be thanking you!

Malachi: Hello! Ravenna, is it?

Ravenna: Hi! Thanks for saving my life!

Malachi: You save our lives, too. Still, no problem, saving and protecting people is what we do!

Malachi: By the way, I'm Malachi, and this guy here who can't stop drinking orange juice is Virulyde.

Virulyde: I'm an android, by the way, from Aufdek. Number 24 of the Virulyde series.

Malachi: Yeah but he's effectively human for all intents and purposes.

Saja: There we go. All paid for. Now... Ravenna... there is something I want to ask in return.

Ravenna: Yeah?

Saja: Let's all head back to my quarters to discuss this.

Saja: Ravenna, I'll get straight to the point.

Saja: You have superhuman strength. We want you to join our group and help provide security for this orbital station.

Malachi: For all of our world's history, there has been an oppressive quasi-religious organization called "Zetsfir" carrying out mass genocide.

Ravenna: Zetsfir? My dad worked for an organization called "Zetsfir"!

Virulyde: WHAT?

Saja: Wait, guys. It could be coincidence. Ravenna, your dad assisted a genocidal cult?

Ravenna: Of course not! In my world, Zetsfir was a quasi-governmental agency working in tandem with the world government.

Ravenna: They ordered a mass migration to another planet and forced people into it against their will.... but they never went around killing people...

Ravenna: Although I wonder about Bus's dad... but no, they were certainly not some weird murderous cult!

Malachi: I'm sorry. It looks like we were the ones jumping to conclusions this time.

Saja: It could be a coincidental name or Zetsfir had far less malevolent beginnings.

Saja: But... Ravenna, Zetsfir has been the enemy of our world for as long as our written history has been around.

Virulyde: Although our written history only goes back so far, thanks to Zetsfir's efforts to erase it.

Ravenna: Again, this is a bit too much to take in all at once. Saja, what was it you wanted me to do?

Saja: Fight along side us. Help us reduce the impact that Zetsfir's forces inflicts.

Malachi: Please? With your help, we can protect our world.

Ravenna: I'm really a fish out of water, here, but yes. Of course I'll help.

Ravenna: It's the least I can do after you saved my life.

Ravenna: I do have one request, though. When I was transported here, someone else was with me. Could we search for him later on?

Saja: Of course. We will help you look for your friend.

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene XI: "Advisory"

Ravenna: Mmm, finally some real food!

Saja: Glad you like it. This is the Pandora station's finest food establishment.

Virulyde: I wonder if Malachi got the owner to re-hire him?

Saja: He'd have to quit soon if he did... oh!

Ravenna: Hmmm?

Saja: Sorry, I have to take this call. It's from HQ.

Saja: Hello, Karla!

Karla: Good evening, Commander. I've been directed to notify you that the alert status for the Pandora orbital station has been raised again.

Saja: I see. What's the situation?

Karla: We've detected the signature space-time distortions that are commonly associated with Zetsfir's incursions.

Saja: Are they in close proximity to the station?

Karla: Yes. We anticipate an attack, so be prepared to move into strategic defense positions.

Saja: Understood.

Karla: I understand you have a new recruit. Is it really that girl from the ruins?

Saja: Yes. Is this connection properly secured?

Karla: Of course it's secured. It's against protocol otherwise.

Saja: Sorry, just making sure.

Karla: Be safe up there, Commander. We will continue to monitor your area and will provide updates should we detect any further movement.

Saja: Thanks, Karla. By the way, please call me Saja.

Karla: Got that, Saja. Good luck!

Saja: Virulyde, that was HQ. There are signs that Zetsfir is about to make a move.

Virulyde: As we suspected. We are ready.

Ravenna: Were you just in some kind of phone call? I don't see any kind of device...

Saja: Oh, I forgot... you probably don't have a comm implant, do you?

Ravenna: What's that?

Saja: Everyone serving in the military has a neural connection to the universal network.

Ravenna: Oh, that makes sense. Some people had brain implants back home, too. Dad didn't like them, though.

Saja: We all received them back when we were kids at Fumacine Academy. It just makes it easier to communicate in a hurry.

Ravenna: By the way, Saja, I noticed that none of this food contains any meat. Is this a vegan restaurant by any chance?

Saja: "Meat"...? "Vegan"...? It might be the translator device but I'm not familiar with these words.

Ravenna: Meat, you know, animals like chickens, cows, fish, and that. Good source of protein.

Saja: ...what?

Virulyde: I'm confused.

Ravenna: Nobody eats meat here?

Saja: If you're asking if we eat animals, no! I've never heard of such a thing!

Ravenna: Well, that's interesting. So humans must have forgotten about eating meat or evolved into herbivores.

Saja: People ate animals where you came from? That's... kind of strange.

Virulyde: Ravenna, if people ate things other than plants, wouldn't they get very, very ill?

Ravenna: No, although there were a lot of people who didn't eat meat for ethical reasons, meat was a staple of our diet.

Virulyde: It would be safe to assume that ancient humans were biologically different, then.

Saja: It's not so much an ethical issue for us, Ravenna. It's just that we've never heard of the concept before.

Saja: To eat something other than a plant is a very foreign and bizarre concept to us.

Ravenna: I'm sorry to gross you out. Honestly, I had no idea.

Virulyde: No harm, Ravenna!

Ravenna: I have to say, though, for being completely plant-based, this food tastes really good.

Ravenna: Then again, other than the medical facility nutrient IV, I haven't had anything to eat since I got here, so anything would...

Saja: The alarm! Virulyde, Ravenna, we need to meet up with Malachi and prepare for the onslaught.

Ravenna: Right. I owe you my life, so just let me know what to do.

Saja: Let's go, you two.

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene XII: "Zetsfir Hunters"

PA SYSTEM: Emergency. All Pandora population must report to the docking area for immediate evacuation.

PA SYSTEM: This is not a drill.

PA SYSTEM: Pandora and Fumacine defense personnel are to report to section four strategic defense areas.

Saja: We will meet Malachi there, in section four.

Virulyde: Commander, I'm picking up signs of multiple Zetsfir craft approaching.

Ravenna: Whoa...!

Saja: Damn, they're attacking the hull. Defense forces out there should hold but we have to prepare for Zetsfir troops entering the station.

Virulyde: Let's hurry.

Malachi: Sorry for not catching up sooner, Saja. I was helping people evacuate.

Saja: It's fine. I just received word that the hull has been breached so we need to engage the invading troops on this level.

Virulyde: Here they come.

Ravenna: Just let me know what to do.

Saja: Kyaaah!

Saja: Hyah!

Saja: Damn, they're persistent...

Malachi: Let's see... Too predictable, these ones....

Malachi: Got some tricks, watch me fly!

Malachi: BLAAAWWWW!!!!!!

Malachi: Gotcha.

Ravenna: Okay. I know I have zero military training but if it's to save lives....

Ravenna: Hmmm. You know what? I think I can handle this.

Saja: Nice work, Ravenna. We just have to keep fighting them off like this until the defense command gives the all-clear.

Ravenna: How many do you think there are?

Saja: Usually a hundred or so make their way in. The outside defense usually takes out the majority of them.

Ravenna: I see. By the way, I'm used to much more gravity than this. It's pretty easy to move around when fighting.

Virulyde: That was awesome, Ravenna.

Ravenna: Thanks.

Saja: Let's keep moving.

Virulyde: Alright. Dregweht! System command: Weapon mode!

Dregweht: Mrowwwr...

Virulyde: There. Eliminated.

Saja: Heads up, we have more guests.

Malachi: Let's do this.

Malachi: Cake.

Virulyde: Did somebody say cake?

Malachi: Go ahead and take this next one.

Virulyde: Roger Dodger. Ok, come here, you.

Saja: Ok. We should be able to use beam weapons here. Just watch your aim and minimize damage to the station.

Virulyde: Permission to throw the generators, Commander?

Saja: Permission granted. Be mindful of the blast radius. Everyone's been evacuated, but still, watch yourself.

Virulyde: Let's rock.

Virulyde: Several Zetsfir mini-dual barrels targeted. Charging. One percent... two percent...

Ravenna: Whah...? How'd he make those things appear out of thin air...?

Virulyde: Nanomachines! Hey Ravenna, you might want to get out of the way.

Ravenna: Oh, right.

Virulyde: Charging complete. Come and get it, Zetsfir rust buckets!!!

Virulyde: GET ROASTED!!! WOOOOO!!!

Saja: Virulyde!!! I said watch the power output! You MELTED A WALL!

Viruylde: My deepest apologies, commander. I was trying to eliminate all of the dual-barrels in one shot.

Saja: That you did, Vie. You still need to be more careful. HQ will have my hide if we do too much damage.

Malachi: Dude, that was sweet.

Ravenna: Whoa! I didn't know this arm could do that!

Saja: Oh for crying out loud... Karen just couldn't help herself... and before we knew if...

Ravenna: Huh?

Saja: Oh, uh... sorry, it's nothing. I'm just surprised that they built a weapon into your arm.

Ravenna: I just guessed maybe it was because you were going to ask me to help fight.

Virulyde: Hey! Whatcha got there, Ravenna?

Ravenna: I'm not sure. It just kind of transformed on its own.

Saja: It's a beam cannon. Fire it at some of those Zetsfir robots but please be more careful than Virulyde, ok?

Virulyde: Heeeyyy!!!!

Saja: Well, Vie, just try to be less extreme next time. Ravenna, just avoid hitting their fuel tanks and they should go down easily.

Ravenna: Okay. Taking aim... Now to concentrate...

Saja: Ravenna!!! I said DON'T hit the fuel tank! It's going to blow! RUN!!!

Ravenna: Sorry guys! I'm so sorry!!!

Saja: Just get to the next sector. The bulkhead will close if there's any decompression.

Malachi: Feet, do your duty!

Saja: You just need more practice. Same goes for you Vie.

Virulyde: ...

Virulyde: I'm in no position to argue.

Saja: ...

Saja: Commander Saja Kabora reporting. We are en route to Section four.

Saja: Understood. We will head to the docking area immediately.

Malachi: Commander? Are we being evacuated for some reason?

Saja: No, Malachi. We are going to intercept a beam cannon heading for Pandora.

Virulyde: If that thing scores a direct hit, this place is gone.

Saja: Let's hurry, everyone. There's a lot at stake.

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene XIII: "Destroy the Mobile Beam Cannon!"

Saja: Malachi, prepare the ShockShadow for takeoff. We have emergency clearance for departure.

Malachi: Verifying operational capacity of the ShockShadow's shield and weapons systems.

Malachi: Good to go.

Virulyde: Commander, initiating X/A mode. Confirming location of target.

Saja: Verify its charging state, Virulyde.

Virulyde: Current charge state is 10%. It has 15 minutes until it reaches full charge.

Virulyde: At full charge, the beam output is 160 Gigajoules.

Malachi: Overkill much? Sheesh!

Virulyde: It has a weakness. If we fire a beam into the circular gap around its turret, it will detonate its beam generator.

Malachi: So if I can make that shot, it'll take it out?

Virulyde: 12.16% certainty. The reaction in its fuel source should produce more than enough of a blast to vaporize it with a direct hit.

Saja: That's the plan, then. Malachi, take us to the cannon.

Malachi: Roger that.

Malachi: We're lined up. Target in sight.

Saja: Fire at will.

Malachi: Here goes.

Malachi: We're caught up in the blast! Controls are not responding!

Saja: We were too close! Can you correct our course?

Malachi: Retro thrusters are not working! We're being hurled toward the planet!

Malachi: At this rate, we're going into an uncontrolled re-entry!

Ravenna: ...

Virulyde: We beat the odds with that shot but the odds of safe re-entry are...

Malachi: Virulyde, never tell...


Saja: ...huh?!

Malachi: I have no idea what you're talking about, Ravenna, but please fasten your safety belt.

Virulyde: Oh, poo....


Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene XIV: "A Rough Landing"

Malachi: You know what they say... any landing you can walk away from...

Saja: I don't know how we're even alive right now.

Virulyde: Man, I don't know how you managed to lawn dart the ShockShadow and none of us even have a scratch.

Ravenna: That was interesting.

Ravenna: Let's do it again!

Saja: Let's not.

Saja: Pardon me for a moment. I need to contact HQ.

Saja: Karla, this is Saja Kabora checking in.

Karla: Saja! We saw that your shuttle was caught in the blast from the Zetsfir cannon's destruction!

Karla: We had feared the worst.

Saja: Aren't you monitoring our vitals?

Karla: Well, the network connection was temporarily severed. Zetsfir was using jamming technology again.

Saja: What's the situation on the Pandora orbital station?

Karla: All Zetsfir forces have been eliminated and the all-clear was given. Thanks to your efforts, of course.

Saja: We played only a small part. Give my thanks to the security team.

Karla: Will do.

Karla: Oh! Dr. Maxwell would like to speak to you for a moment. May I bring him in?

Saja: Yes, of course.

Dr. Maxwell: I'm glad to see you are okay, Commander.

Saja: Thank you. What's up, Dr. Maxwell?

Dr. Maxwell: I've discovered some very interesting data on that ancient optical disc that the android brought us.

Saja: I see. What did you find?

Dr. Maxwell: Most of the data on the disc was corrupted beyond recovery but the location of the ancient planet was clearly designated.

Dr. Maxwell: In the commotion, of course, we were evacuated before I could confirm anything but it would appear this ancient planet...

Saja: ...yes?

Dr. Maxwell: It's just not there. I don't know why the data would be inaccurate or fabricated. There's a nebula where the star "Sol" should be on the charts.

Saja: I... can't comment on that right now.

Dr. Maxwell: Yes, of course. She's with you right now. There's no need to upset her, especially before confirming these findings.

Saja: Anything else?

Dr. Maxwell: Now that things have settled down, I'm going to use the space telescope to re-examine that area of the galaxy. Oh, I did find various other items...

Dr. Maxwell: Frankly, some historical and cultural entries about Earth were... disappointing.

Karla: How is that, Doctor?

Dr. Maxwell: Earth was a similar world to our own in that many wars and conflicts marked the ages.

Dr. Maxwell: Sadly, most of civilization became decadent, proud, and apathetic. There was a lot of social unrest and a lack of unity.

Saja: That doesn't sound too dissimilar to our own world, Doctor.

Dr. Maxwell: Perhaps you are right. Anyway, I won't keep you. Please contact me once you return to the Pandora orbital station.

Saja: Take care, Doctor.

Karla: Saja, nice work on taking out that mobile cannon. Reconstruction has started on the Pandora station.

Karla: You are expected in Fumacine city tomorrow to receive your next assignment.

Saja: In person? Must be important.

Saja: Okay. We will report to Fumacine city tomorrow.

Karla: Take care, Saja!

Saja: Talk to you later.

Saja: We are to report to Fumacine city tomorrow. I'll arrange for a transport ship to pick us up.

Virulyde: We'd better head into town and get some rest.

Saja: Go on ahead and book us a room. I'll catch up with you.

Virulyde: Sure. Time to get some OJ at the bar!

Saja: Hmm.... let's see...

Ravenna: What's that, Saja?

Saja: It's a map. I'm checking our location. We landed on the shoreline of the Eastern island of the Graves archipelago.

Saja: Come over here and have a look.

Saja: We are here.

Ravenna: It looks like this planet is smaller than Earth. Maybe that's why I feel so much lighter!

Saja: That would make sense, if "Earth" was a larger or denser planet.

Saja: Right here is where Malachi and Virulyde found you.

Ravenna: Oh! I see. The Morgan's Gate ruins.

Saja: The ark ruins? That ship was called "Morgan's Gate"?

Ravenna: Yeah. It was named after a scientist that worked on it.

Saja: Interesting. Dr. Maxwell said there was a lot to learn about your world...

Ravenna: Oh yeah? Like what? Our movies? Music? Sports?

Saja: Umm... oh, uh... nevermind that... look at this...

Saja: This is Fumacine City, the heart of the Fumacine Empire.

Ravenna: Your home? You three are the "Fumacite Elite Trio", right?

Saja: Well, yes, we grew up and went to Fumacine Academy, but I'm originally from Kadmas.

Saja: From this region.

Ravenna: How about Virulyde?

Saja: Virulyde was constructed in the laboratories of Aufdek, here.

Ravenna: And Malachi?

Saja: ...well... Malachi's from Fumacine City... sort of.

Ravenna: Hmmmm....?

Saja: It's.... complicated...

Saja: Let's go into town and meet up with those two at the hotel.

Ravenna: Virulyde's probably drowning his sorrows in orange juice already!

Saja: Ha ha! Yes, indeed.

Chapter II: Chapter Two: Pleiades-47 - Scene XV: "Morgan's Gate - Exhumed"

Ravenna: Hey, Saja...?

Saja: Yes?

Ravenna: Since we landed, I've noticed that the climate seems a bit colder than what I'm used to.

Saja: It's possible we've just adapted to a colder climate over the years. Are you comfortable?

Ravenna: Well, I could use something around my shoulders.

Saja: Let's head into a clothing shop. That's a standard style outfit so we should be able to find matching accessories.

Ravenna: Great!

Virulyde: Hey there. I booked a hotel room for you two and one for Malachi and myself.

Saja: Thank you, Virulyde. Ravenna and I are going to do some shopping.

Virulyde: Sounds like a plan. We have a little time to kill before calling it a night, I suppose.

Virulyde: I think I'll head over to that juice bar and guzzle some OJ.

Saja: Well that was fun. I think it's about time to get some sleep.

Ravenna: Probably a good idea.

Saja: That really matches your outfit.

Saja: Hmmm.... Malachi and Virulyde were supposed to stop by.

Ravenna: They're both probably still at the bar. Does Malachi... drink?

Saja: Everyone needs hydration, so yes. What a strange question...

Ravenna: No, I mean alcohol.

Saja: Alcohol? Like fuel or cleaning fluid?

Ravenna: Oh... alcoholic beverages don't exist here, either.

Saja: People on Earth drank... alcohol? I've never heard of such a thing. Isn't that dangerous?

Ravenna: It can be. I wasn't old enough to try it.

Saja: How bizarre.

Malachi: Good evening.

Ravenna: Heya!

Saja: Is Virulyde still at the bar?

Malachi: As far as I know. I'll look for him later.

Ravenna: I'd like to look for my friend when I get the chance.

Malachi: What does he look like?

Ravenna: He's a big guy. He wears a bright yellow overcoat and a matching hat. He looks like a school bus.

Saja: A "school bus"?

Ravenna: Hmmm... guess that's not a thing here, either.

Saja: Ravenna, we have to be careful. You are considered a prime target by Zetsfir.

Ravenna: I know but we can kick their asses.

Malachi: Oh hell yeah we can!

Saja: Still... don't run off without us. Let's stick together.

Malachi: Can't be too careful.

Saja: Zetsfir hunts down and kills anyone connected to the belief that humans came from another world.

Ravenna: Right, we've covered this.

Saja: Yes we have. But you should be aware that even casual discussion of these ideas could get someone killed.

Saja: For instance, if you don't watch what you say in one of these bars, a Zetsfir sympathizer could turn you in for a reward.

Ravenna: Yikes. What some people will do for money...

Ravenna: Guess that much hasn't changed.

Saja: From what I've heard, human nature has always involved war. Kadmas, Fumacine, and Aufdek used to be at war with each other.

Saja: It was only about two hundred years ago that our nations finally came together to fight as one against Zetsfir.

Malachi: Of course, since we can't find Zetsfir's home country, it makes things difficult.

Saja: The Fumacine Empire is still dealing with internal strife since the King died around a year ago.

Saja: The government there has been in shambles and the Prince is unpopular. It doesn't help that we ultimately still answer to him.

Malachi: Ahem. Uh.... excuse me. I think I'll go track down Virulyde.

Saja: Oh... I should have been more considerate.

Ravenna: Huh? What was that all about?

Saja: Malachi has... connections... to the royal family. Let's just leave it at that.

Malachi: *sigh*

Virulyde: What's poppin'?

Malachi: Hey there, Vie. I was just about to go looking for you.

Virulyde: I'm right here, my dude.

Malachi: Hey, man, do you think we're going to be fighting Zetsfir for the rest of our lives?

Virulyde: Hmm, well, I was built for that purpose, so I know I am.

Malachi: No, I mean, do you think we'll ever get to a point where we won't need to fight them?

Virulyde: That's why we do what we do, isn't it?

Malachi: Yeah, man. That's right.

Virulyde: Ravenna seems like she fits right in with us. What do you think?

Malachi: She's... remarkable. She's stronger than anyone else, that's for sure.

Malachi: Plus she seems so innocent, you know?

Virulyde: How so?

Malachi: In her position, and with her power, she could easily take over a government.

Malachi: She'd practically be a religious figure if the world found out about her.

Virulyde: Yeah. Yet, she only seems to want to find her friend from Earth.

Virulyde: Say, that's a strange looking owl flying around.

Malachi: I don't think that's an owl, Vie.

Virulyde: Wait a sec...

Malachi: What is that thing? It's just hovering there. Is it a shuttle?

Virulyde: Looks like it's not too far away. It's slowly rising in the sky.

Virulyde: I'll switch to infrared mode and zoom in.

Virulyde: It's the... ruins!

Saja: Is that the...

Ravenna: Morgan's Gate? But... how? What's levitating it? It's far too massive!

Malachi: Not to mention it's engines shouldn't even be operational. Something is lifting it!

Saja: It has to be Zetsfir. They've decided to just grab the whole thing. Unbelievable!

Virulyde: A 5-D gate is forming above it.

Virulyde: It's phasing out of our dimension.

Saja: I need to report this to HQ immediately.

Malachi: I'm sure half of the world just witnessed it.

Virulyde: Well... this complicates things, doesn't it?


Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene I: "The Mercenary"

NARRATOR: Royal Palace, Fumacine City

NARRATOR: Capital of the Fumacine Empire

Bachan: I'm so glad you came to our aid, Sir Jensen.

Bachan: You come highly recommended. Rumor has it that you are able to operate the newly discovered time portal inside the ruins.

Bachan: As you may have heard, the ruins have recently been moved to a more... secure... location.

Bachan: We need your help.

Bachan: A small group of rogue elites under my command have inadvertently managed to interfere with our plans.

Bachan: Unfortunately, they are among our many misguided citizens who subscribe to the silly idea that humans came from another world.

Bachan: They are currently traveling around with a person of interest. This individual is a key symbol of their fairy tale beliefs.

Bachan: When they return to the capital tomorrow, I need you to do something for us.

Bachan: This person must be eliminated at all costs. They present... a threat to our plans.

Bachan: First, kill this individual. They are in the custody of this group of rogues. They are all highly dangerous.

Bachan: Second, we need you to reactivate the systems aboard the ruins. The power systems and structure are currently being restored to working order.

Bachan: Achieving these objectives is of paramount importance. My superiors are quite stubborn on this issue.

Bachan: Name your price.

Sir Jensen: Reactivating that time portal in the ruins is no problem. Hunting down and killing somebody ain't happening, though.

Sir Jensen: I don't kill anybody who ain't tryin' to kill me. Got that, Prince Fumacine?

Sir Jensen: I just can't kill innocent people... no matter what I gotta do.

Bachan: Rojo...

Rojo: Yes, your majesty?

Bachan: Please accompany our friend.

Rojo: Of course, your majesty.

Bachan: Ensure the first task is carried out when they arrive tomorrow.

Rojo: The ruins are en route to a safe location as we speak.

Rojo: Our first task, however, is to confront these four individuals who fled Pandora during the recent attack and subdue them...

Rojo: any means necessary. Sir Jensen, if you don't kill, I will.

Sir Jensen: ...

Rojo: Once we've finished here and neutralized the threat, we will take a shuttle to the new location of the ruins.

Rojo: That's where you will restore the system to full working order. I'll supply the missing data...

Sir Jensen: Look, lady. I'm doing this alone.

Sir Jensen: Ever since I got here years ago, I gave up on teamwork. I don't need help from you or anyone else.

Sir Jensen: Last time I teamed up, my friend got vaporized. I'm never going through that again. It's like I said...

Sir Jensen: I ain't killin' nobody. I'm going.

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene II: "An Unknown Delay"

Ravenna: Good morning, Saja!

Saja: Good morning, Ravenna. I'll need to request a transport shuttle.

Ravenna: Hopefully Malachi isn't flying it!

Saja: Malachi's an excellent pilot. We just miscalculated the blast radius on that cannon.

Ravenna: Sorry.

Saja: Pardon me for a moment. I'm going to arrange the transport.

Karla: Good morning, Saja. We've been looking into the situation further with the unexplained movement of the ruins.

Saja: It looked like some kind of external system was levitating them.

Karla: There was a 5-D gate detected above the ruins during the time they were spotted.

Karla: The gate shut once the ruins vanished in the upper atmosphere.

Saja: Karla, since we are scheduled for an in-person meeting in Fumacine City today, I would like to request a transport shuttle be sent to our location.

Karla: About that... The higher-ups have re-scheduled that meeting for tomorrow.

Saja: Oh? That's odd. I wonder why...?

Karla: As you are well aware, there is some conflict within the government here.

Saja: Yes. The Prince is become more unpopular among the citizens.

Karla: It's not just that. Within HQ, we've had some... differences of opinion. The chain of command is breaking down.

Saja: So some people will be charged with insubordination, right?

Karla: It's not quite at the level of outright insurrection. There is just some chatter.

Saja: What does this have to do with the meeting being rescheduled, Karla?

Karla: There was a guest at the royal palace this morning that spoke with someone here at HQ.

Karla: I'm not privy to all of the details but my superiors were strongly advised to keep your group away from the capital until tomorrow.

Saja: Hmmm. The Prince's idea? I don't know what to think about that.

Karla: No, no, no.... that's just it. The Prince was expecting all of you to be here today. We were told it was a bad idea to allow that to happen.

Saja: Be careful, Karla. Deliberately going against the Prince's wishes is grounds for court martial.

Karla: I'm well aware of that. We all are.

Karla: Anyway, Saja, I will have a transport shuttle sent to your location tomorrow morning.

Karla: Until then, just stay aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious individuals that might be hanging around.

Saja: Thanks, Karla. I'll speak with you again soon.

Saja: Our meeting in Fumacine City has been postponed until tomorrow.

Ravenna: Huh. I wonder why?

Saja: I'm not too sure myself. Something strange is going on at HQ.

Malachi: Good morning!

Malachi: Hey, Ravenna, I noticed you looked chilly last night so I got this scarf for you.

Ravenna: Heya! Thanks, Malachi! I love it!

Malachi: It looks great on you. So, are we about ready to head back to Fumacine?

Saja: Actually, the meeting has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

Malachi: Weird. I wonder why?

Saja: It's... umm... well, I'm not really quite sure about it myself but we'll just have to stay here for today.

Malachi: Well, okay, I guess that's fine. Have you seen Virulyde yet today?

Saja: I think he probably went right back to the juice bar as soon as he woke up.

Malachi: Oh, yeah. That guy, I'll tell ya.

Saja: Let's go take a little walk and unwind today.

Ravenna: I saw a really nice field of flowers on the way here yesterday. Let's go there!

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene III: "A Peaceful(?) Interlude on the Plains"

Ravenna: This planet has some interesting vegetation.

Ravenna: It's kind of like back home but different.

Malachi: These wild flowers grow all over this island.

Saja: They're used in herbal teas, too.

Malachi: Oh, here comes Virulyde. I'll let you two chat.

Ravenna: Saja, do you really think we can stop Zetsfir's genocide? Just the four of us?

Saja: Only as part of a larger effort. Without the combined forces of Fumacine and Kadmas, we wouldn't have a chance.

Ravenna: Fighting an unseen, unknown enemy seems difficult.

Saja: It is but we've kept them at bay for hundreds of years.

Virulyde: Hey, Malachi. Fancy meeting you all here.

Malachi: Where have you been?

Virulyde: I went over to the other island to check out where the ruins used to be.

Malachi: By yourself? Why didn't you tell us? Also, how did you get over there?

Virulyde: It's called a boat, Malachi. I took a boat early this morning. Oh... and I found this thing lying on the ground...

Malachi: What the hell is that?

Saja: ...

Saja: Hmmm.... we should probably go check out the spot where the ruins were excavated.

Ravenna: That place? It brings back some unpleasant memories.

Saja: It's probably best that Virulyde decided to check it out by himself, then.

Ravenna: I'm still willing to go along if we need to have a look.

Virulyde: Hey, Malachi? Let me see those goggles.

Malachi: No way, dude.

Malachi: Virulyde, get your friggin' hamster off of me!

Saja: Those two are the strongest and most skilled in all of Fumacine's military.

Virulyde: Dregweht is NOT a hamster!

Saja: They've proven themselves to be essential in the fight against Zetsfir.

Dregweht: Mrooowwwrrr!!!!!!

Saja: Sometimes, however....

Saja: ...they're idiots.

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene IV: "Ravenna's Radio"

Saja: Alright, everyone. We've had an extra day to relax.

Saja: Virulyde, I would like to remind you not to take any unauthorized trips while we're on duty.

Virulyde: My apologies, commander. I was merely curious about the site of the ruins.

Malachi: It wasn't in vain, at least.

Virulyde: True. I found this strange device on the ground next to the pit where the ruins had been.

Saja: What is that?

Ravenna: Oh! It's my radio!

Virulyde: A radio? An electromagnetic communications device?

Ravenna: Yeah! It was a gift from my mom when I was just a little kid!

Saja: Virulyde, it belongs to Ravenna. Please give it to her.

Ravenna: Thanks. I must have lost it in the dark while wandering around in there.

Ravenna: I was so... out of it... that I didn't even notice I'd lost it in there.

Ravenna: Hmmm.... It doesn't pick up any stations.

Saja: Oh, it wouldn't. It's probably not compatible with our communications technology.

Malachi: Dr. Maxwell could probably modify it for you, though.

Ravenna: That would be nice as long as it still works like it does now, too.

Virulyde: It would be nice if we had a way to communicate with you in case we get separated.

Ravenna: That's a good idea.

Saja: It's about time for bed. Tomorrow, we head back to Fumacine city for real. I expect everyone to be well-rested for the meeting tomorrow.

Saja: Oh, also... stay on your toes. I have it on good authority that we need to watch our backs in the capital.

Virulyde: I don't like the sound of that.

Malachi: Me neither. I have a feeling that our recent actions might have run afoul of a certain monarch's wishes...

Saja: Good night, you two.

Ravenna: I guess I could have asked Karen to give me a communications implant...

Saja: No need. If you're not comfortable with an implanted device, we can set up another communications device for you.

Ravenna: I've had this radio since I was a kid. I just don't want it messed up.

Saja: Dr. Maxwell will take good care of it if you want to have it upgraded.

Ravenna: I'll think about it. Let's just get some sleep.

Saja: Yes. That's a good idea.

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene V: "Official Decree"

Bukavac: Your report, Prince Fumacine?

Bachan: Zetsfir council, my report brings positive results.

Bachan: I must, however, humbly request more time.

Bukavac: We will grant you more time if we deem it necessary.

Bachan: It seems that finding assistance was difficult and even the best one I could find refuses to kill.

Bachan: If I may ask, is it absolutely necessary to kill the girl from the prophecy?

Samael: What is this insolence?

Kulshedra: Prince Bachan Fumacine... do you question our orders?

Pithius: Perhaps you desire a most painful correction! You shall have her eliminated by any means necessary.

Bukavac: Now hear us.

Bukavac: What we have ordered in ancient times must never be known to the mortals who roam this land.

Bukavac: Our purpose required a great sacrifice. "Earth" was the only sufficient offering.

Kulshedra: Humanity could not be allowed to become extinct. We created the path to spare them.

Bachan: ...

Bachan: By the gods...

Bachan: So it's all true? That legend isn't a lie to drive nations apart?

Bachan: Humans came from another world in ancient times? My lords...

Bukavac: Enough!

Bukavac: If you tell one soul, you shall perish along with your kingdom.

Bukavac: Your precious... "companion"... will be shown no mercy, either.

Pithius: Dare not defy us.

Samael: You are to see to it that the proof of the great exodus is destroyed.

Bukavac: She could undo all of our great works.

Pithius: If she is allowed to live, she threatens to erase the existence of us all.

Bukavac: So be it. If you cannot get anyone to do our bidding, you shall see it done with your own hands.

Bukavac: Here. Come forward and take this.

Bachan: She's.... this is her?

Bachan: I have to kill.... her?!

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene VI: "Saja's Unforgotten Pain"

Saja: Unnnhhh... no.... please....

Saja: Please stop....

Saja: Mother... Father.... what's happening...?

Saja's Mother: Saja... please run...

Saja: Mother... you're hurt. Who did all of this?

Saja's Mother: Zets... Zetsfir... purge...

Saja: Where's Father?

Saja: Mother, let's go, let's get you to a hospital!

Saja's Mother: You have to run away from here, Saja... find your aunt Marie and take refuge somewhere.

Saja: I'm not going anywhere without you and Father!

Saja's Mother: I can't make it. Save yourself, Saja.

Saja's Mother: I wanted to watch you grow up. To be there... Your father and I both...

Zetsfir Thug: You there. Shut the hell up.

Saja: Mother... why are they doing this?

Saja's Mother: It's a purge, Saja. They want to wipe out every last believer...

Zetsfir Thug: I SAID SHUT UP! You migration theorists... trying to create a supreme class to justify oppressing others...

Zetsfir Thug: Trying to claim you're from the heavens... to rule over the rest of us... It's our duty to stop the spread of your lies!!!

Saja's Mother: Saja.... I'm so sorry... I...


Saja: NO!!!!! MOTHER... FATHER... NO!!!!!!!!

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene VII: "Are We There Yet?"

Ravenna: *yawn*

Saja: Good morning, Ravenna.

Ravenna: Up before sunrise!

Saja: Yeah. Our transport will arrive soon.

Ravenna: I think I'll have a cup of that herbal tea... or maybe some... wait... does your world have coffee?

Saja: Yes, we have coffee. We have hundreds and hundreds of types of coffee.

Ravenna: Let me at that java!

Saja: Get dressed and meet us at the cafe across the street. Vie's probably depleting their orange juice supply.

Malachi: You know, I'm going to miss this cozy little town.

Saja: We can come back soon.

Ravenna: Ahhhh..... I am fully caffeinated and ready to go.

Virulyde: Heyo.

Saja: Let's go hop on our transport shuttle.

Ravenna: Um... Saja?

Saja: Yeah?

Ravenna: Are we there yet?

Saja: Almost.

Saja: By the way, Fumacine City is the largest city on the planet.

Ravenna: Yeah, it's where you grew up?

Saja: Shortly after Malachi and I were... orphaned... we enrolled in Fumacine Academy and joined the military upon graduation.

Malachi: My adoptive parents were both killed in a purge when I was young.

Saja: Mine were both murdered by Zetsfir around the same time.

Ravenna: That's... so terrible... I'm very sorry to hear that.

Malachi: It's a major reason why we fight against Zetsfir.

Saja: The Fumacine Empire actually requires all of its child citizens to join Fumacine Academy and requires a minimum of two years of service after graduation.

Malachi: We moved to Fumacine and joined voluntarily, though.

Virulyde: I was sent to Fumacine as part of a trade deal between Aufdek and Fumacine. Being an android, I didn't really have much of a choice in the matter.

Virulyde: Not that I mind, though! Saja and Malachi are my best friends!

Dregweht: Mrowwwrrr...

Virulyde: Oh, you too, Dregweht. We'd never forget you.

Dregweht: Mrowwrr......

Saja: Ok, everyone!

Saja: Here we are, at last. We're home!

Ravenna: This place is huge, like you said, Saja! It kind of reminds me of Saulsburg back home!

Saja: Remember to stay close to us, Ravenna. I've been alerted that we need to watch our backs right now.

Ravenna: Whoa...

Malachi: What is it, Ravenna?

Ravenna: What's that huge thing way up in the sky?

Saja: That's the royal palace. It's the government headquarters of the Fumacine Empire.

Saja: Fortunately, the Fumacine military headquarters is down here in the center of the city.

Ravenna: So this place is laid out in a radial pattern?

Ravenna: Makes it a little easier to navigate, I guess.

Virulyde: Ohhhh.... I wouldn't bet on that! It's awfully easy to get lost around here.

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene VIII: "Fumacine City - Arrival"

Pleione: Welcome back, Saja!

Pleione: I heard your group is going after that ancient ship that Zetsfir stole!

Saja: Heya, Pleione!

Saja: Wait...

Saja: We're going after the stolen ruins?

Saja: Zetsfir gated it away! It's not like we can go after it!

Pleione: It was just a rumor. Doesn't make sense, now that I think about it.

Pleione: There have been a lot of rumors floating around as of late. I know, top secret, hush-hush and all that...

Pleione: They promoted me at headquarters, so I get to hear all of the juicy stuff now!

Pleione: Oh, by the way, is that new girl you found in the ruins with you?

Saja: Oh... uh....

Malachi: Peppy Pleione!

Pleione: Mighty Malachi!

Pleione: ...ooooooh!

Malachi: What?

Pleione: Your hair is growing back already!

Malachi: Yeah...

Malachi: Yeah... it's finally growing back.

Saja: We thought he'd be permanently bald after he set his hair on fire working in the kitchen at that restaurant.

Pleione: Looks good, Malachi.

Malachi: Thanks!

Malachi: ...

Malachi: Actually... speaking of hair... Saja, have you noticed that Ravenna and Virulyde have exactly the same hair?

Saja: Now that you mention it, they have the same hair color but also those long spines on the sides...

Saja: Wait a sec...

Saja: Malachi, where is Ravenna?

Malachi: I think she's with Virulyde. They went off to get some food.

Saja: Okay. We'll need to make sure to regroup with them before heading to HQ.

Malachi: I'm going to go find Virulyde and Ravenna. It's nice seeing you again, Pleione.

Pleione: Okay, Malachi! Let's grab a coffee before you leave town again. Sound good?

Malachi: You bet! See you later!

Saja: So, Pleione... you finally managed to climb up in the ranks, huh? Harder than it looks, isn't it?

Pleione: Yes, it's definitely a lot of work. Listen, Saja...

Pleione: There are a lot of us at headquarters who have heard some scary things. The Prince is... well... he's been acting strangely.

Saja: If you're heading back that way, I'd like to come with you if that's okay. I'd like to gather some information.

Pleione: Sure, you'll be coming in later for a briefing, anyway!

Ravenna: it's kind of weird how that guy was right after all.

Virulyde: Yeah. How he thought Zetsfir was a death cult was certainly spot on, even if he was thousands of years ahead of his time.

Ravenna: I wonder what happened to everyone. How did they end up? What did Bus and I miss out on?

Ravenna: Well, I mean... there's a chance Dad finishes his time machine and comes after us. If we could jump forward in time, so could he, right?

Virulyde: Maybe. Time Travel isn't my area of expertise.

Virulyde: What would you do if he was able to find you?

Ravenna: We'd find my friend, Bus, and then travel back in time.

Virulyde: Then what? If you were trying to stop the migration... you must realize that would erase the existence of this world, right?

Ravenna: Hmmmm.... yeah, now that I think about it...

Virulyde: Ravenna, we can't just allow you to do that.

Ravenna: I mean, this is all proof that humans survived the migration! There would be no need to prevent it!

Virulyde: Assuming time travel even works that way. Still, we have the right to exist.

Ravenna: Of course you do! I don't want to erase anyone!

Virulyde: You're a good person, Ravenna. I can tell.

Dregweht: Mrowwr!

Virulyde: See? Even Dregweht thinks so!

Ravenna: Heheheeee!

Malachi: There you are!

Virulyde: Hey, man. What's up?

Malachi: Oh, Saja and Pleione are just catching up.

Ravenna: I'm going to go meet up with them. Good chat, Virulyde. Malachi, see you again in a bit, okay?

Malachi: Sure. Don't get lost, Ravenna!

Malachi: Hey, Vie...

Virulyde: What's up, Malachi?

Malachi: I bet you a choccy fish that those three gab for an hour.

Malachi: Want to play some video games until it's time for the meeting at HQ?

Virulyde: You read my mind! It's been a long time since I've had guests at my place. It might be a bit dusty.

Malachi: Let's go. I'm totally going to win this time, by the way.

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene IX: "Party at Virulyde's Place!"

Virulyde: Gotcha!

Virulyde: Oh yeah! You are toast!

Malachi: Crap. This controller sucks.

Malachi: I bet we don't get re-assigned to the Pandora station, Vie.

Virulyde: Yeah, maybe we got a little careless.

Malachi: Ravenna hadn't had a chance to get used to her arm cannon. We didn't have time to help her get the hang of it.

Virulyde: I melted a wall, so, yeah, that happened. At least we avoided any civilian casualties.

Virulyde: So... are we really going after the gate?

Malachi: "Gate"? What's that?

Virulyde: Ravenna called the ruins the "Morgan's Gate", right? You said Pleione mentioned we were going to be sent to find it?

Malachi: I don't know. That doesn't seem possible. It vanished right before our eyes, didn't it?

Virulyde: Yeah but what if we entered one of those 5-D gates before they close?

Malachi: That would be risky.

Virulyde: Man, I am so beating your ass at this!

Malachi: Ugh. I'm off my game today. Let's do another round.

Virulyde: Haven't had enough, eh?

Virulyde: I'm having those weird dreams again.

Malachi: The ones about being a suicide bomber? The whole "give us your brain" thing?

Virulyde: Yeah. It's in some strange city that I've never seen, too.

Malachi: Stick to the electric sheep, Vie.

Virulyde: Ugh. Okay, I'll use my points to stock up on those. Dang, you actually beat me this time around!

Saja: Hey, guys.

Virulyde: Hey, Saja.

Saja: ...

Saja: Where's Ravenna?

Malachi: Isn't she with you?

Virulyde: Oh, crap.

Saja: Perfect. We managed to lose her.

Malachi: We need to go look for her.

Saja: Guys, we've been summoned to the royal palace.

Virulyde: We have to find Ravenna.

Saja: Yes, we do. As soon as our conference with the Prince is over, we search the city for her.

Saja: I'm sure her translator device or something has a tracking beacon. You know how Karen is...

Virulyde: Oh man, this is bad. We were even told to be on guard...

Malachi: Stay cool. Let's get through this meeting and then we'll find her.

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene X: "Tracking Developments"

Dr. Maxwell: This is very peculiar...

Dr. Maxwell: A star system used to be here.

Karen: Still examining the data from that disc?

Dr. Maxwell: Indeed. I'm using the space telescope to re-examine that region of space.

Karen: Nothing there?

Dr. Maxwell: Nothing in terms of a star or planets but there is a small nebula in that location.

Karen: Let's make sure the telescope is oriented properly...

Dr. Maxwell: I've verified that it's focused on the right area. The relative coordinates are very clear in the data.

Karen: Hmmm... 142 light years away.

Dr. Maxwell: Right. What we're looking at is how it appeared 142 years, or 444 "Earth years", ago.

Karen: I'll zoom in.

Dr. Maxwell: See...? Just an odd-looking nebula.

Karen: Not indicative of a supernova.

Dr. Maxwell: Not at all. I don't know what could have caused this. Maybe it was...

Karen: It was what?

Dr. Maxwell: It was what prompted the migration in the legend. They might have seen something coming.

Karen: Hmm... Oh, that tracking beacon alert, there.

Dr. Maxwell: Isn't that the girl rescued from the ruins?

Karen: Ick! What was that?

Dr. Maxwell: Oh, they're still doing reconstruction on the lower levels.

Karen: Whew. I thought we may have been under attack again.

Karen: Anyway... that tracking beacon. Yes, it's her. She's not with the others. Odd.

Dr. Maxwell: I'm fairly sure she's not authorized to run around by herself, especially not in the capital, of all places.

Karen: Maybe I'd better make a call. Excuse me for a moment.

Dr. Maxwell: Alright. You make sure she's okay. I'm going to get some lunch, Karen.

Karen: Remember your diet, Dad!

Dr. Maxwell: Yes, yes. My diet. Bleh.

Greta: Mrs. Greta Kaperth speaking. How are you, Karen?

Karen: Doing well, Mrs. Kaperth. How is your husband?

Greta: Grady is finishing up some work on the new shuttle craft. He's looking for someone to take it for a test flight, come to think of it.

Karen: He's always tinkering with the latest technology, isn't he?

Greta: Yes, he's always liked working with flying craft. We're not keen on implants and genetic engineering, of course.

Karen: I know. That's okay.

Greta: Some things we just prefer to do the old-fashioned way. Enough about that, is there anything you wanted in particular?

Karen: Yes, I'd like to request a transport to Fumacine City. We need to check up on someone in our care.

Greta: How convenient. Grady wants to test out the new ShockShadow II. I'll ask him to send it to Pandora.

Karen: Thank you, Mrs. Kaperth! You and Grady are so generous!

Greta: They did name the planet after our ancestors, so we try to contribute to the good of humanity whenever we can.

Karen: Your family has done a lot to help those in need over the centuries.

Greta: After you're done taking care of things in the capital, stop by our place. I made plenty of food!

Karen: I'd love to. See you soon!

Greta: Have a safe journey.

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene XI: "Summoned to the Palace"

Virulyde: I wonder why they summoned us to the royal palace?

Malachi: This is very unusual.

Malachi: We might be in trouble for recruiting Ravenna on the spot? I don't know.

Virulyde: Maybe the Prince wants to congratulate us!

Saja: Both wrong. It's a special mission.

Malachi: A special mission? To go after the ruins? Why meet about it up here?

Saja: Top secret meetings are always done here.

Saja: The main palace is totally wiretap and bug proof. The exits can be sealed off in an instant if needed.

Virulyde: We still need to find Ravenna once we're done. Hopefully, she hasn't left the city.

Saja: Very unlikely, Virulyde. She's almost sure to look for us at HQ in the center of town.

Virulyde: Looks like the Prince did some redecorating. Bleah.

Saja: I haven't been here since I was a child.

Malachi: I hate this freakin' staircase.

Bachan: Thank you all for coming here.

Bachan: As you may have guessed, I have some very important business to discuss with the three of you.

Saja: Greetings, your majesty. To what do we owe this pleasure?

Bachan: The girl who was found in the ruins. She is with you, am I correct?

Bachan: Turn her over to me. I will take her into custody.

Saja: Your majesty, I regret to inform you that she has left our group for the moment.

Bachan: What?! You let her out of your sight?

Bachan: This is highly unacceptable. Not only have you violated one of our crucial directives by not turning her over immediately...

Bachan: Ughhh.... and you're supposed to be our top elites... Incompetent, bumbling... no, treasonous...

Virulyde: (What's with this guy? Is he constipated or something?)

Saja: (Shut the hell up, Virulyde...)

Bachan: Did you say something, robot? Huh?!

Bachan: ...ugh... damn it to hell...

Bachan: You were all careless enough to let her get away!

Bachan: Therefore....

Bachan: By authority of the crown, under charges of insurrection and blatant disregard of Fumacite military defense protocol...

Bachan: I hereby place the three of you under arrest.

Saja: Your majesty! We would have reported to you sooner but we came under attack at Pandora and lost our transport as a result!

Saja: We were stranded at the Graves islands for two days! There were circumstances entirely out of our control!

Saja: If I may ask, why is the girl from the ruins so important to capture?!!

Bachan: SILENCE!!!

Bachan: Guards! Detain these three.

Guard: As you wish, your highness.

Virulyde: Something is dead wrong here.

Virulyde: I intend to fight.

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene XII: "Under Arrest! The Battle Against the Prince"

Saja: Virulyde, have you gone MAD?!

Malachi: Saja, if we're arrested, it's very likely we'll be executed.

Virulyde: We can't let them lock us up, Commander. We have to get out of here.

Saja: You realize if we resist, our fate is sealed.

Malachi: Saja, not necessarily. Trust me.

Saja: I'll have to take your word for it...

Virulyde: Hey, wait a minute... these guys are...

Virulyde: These look like the same kinds of assassins that work for Zetsfir!

Saja: Wait... they do...

Saja: Hey there, wait! Why are you turning against a fellow warrior?

Guard: Are you stupid? Shut up and comply. Get on the ground.

Saja: Listen. Something is wrong with the Prince. You don't need to follow his orders.

Guard: Get on the ground. Now.

Saja: Your majesty, we will not go down without a fight! Your actions are unjust!

Malachi: Saja!!!

Bachan: Ugh... what the...

Malachi: Virulyde, I'm going to borrow your hamster sword, okay?

Virulyde: Dregweht is not a... eh, screw it. Here.

Malachi: Thanks.

Virulyde: Okay, time to take out the trash.

Assassin: Wait... uh, what are you...

Virulyde: I'm sorry I had to do that, guys.

Saja: Virulyde! Don't kill anyone!


Virulyde: Acknowledged. I held back to 10% power this time around. My targets should survive with moderate burns.

Malachi: Virulyde, I want you and Saja to head up to the roof and let me face the Prince one on one.

Saja: Malachi... we're a team.

Malachi: I know, Saja. This is something I have to do.

Malachi: Please. Just head up to the roof. I have an escape plan.

Virulyde: Commander, let's trust his plan.

Saja: Malachi... please be careful. We'll head on up. Please hurry.

Malachi: Thanks, guys.

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene XIII: "Malachi VS Bachan"

Bachan: Well... well...well...

Bachan: Even after all this time... they still don't know, do they?

Malachi: Shut up.

Malachi: It's enough to live with the shame, Bachan.

Bachan: You know you cannot hide it forever.

Bachan: Pathetic coward...

Bachan: You lived in safety, protected from all responsibilities.

Malachi: So you could inherit the throne, Bachan!

Malachi: Where were you when the people who raised me were killed?

Malachi: Huh? Well...?

Malachi: You sat on your ass while my town was slaughtered by Zetsfir!

Bachan: And you blame it on me, right? With no proof?

Bachan: Do you understand the crushing pressure of running a kingdom?

Malachi: Uggghhh... and... what of the King?

Bachan: What of him? That old man failed the people of Fumacine. He refused to listen or compromise.

Bachan: You believe that stupid theory too? About him being murdered?

Malachi: They said it was poisoning and that it happened here in the palace. It doesn't take a genius to figure out.

Malachi: It's overwhelmingly obvious that you've been working for...

Bachan: You... shut... your... damn... mouth...

Malachi: Make me, asshole.

Bachan: Incidentally...

Bachan: I've been summoned. There's no more time for this now.


Bachan: The council awaits.

Bachan: Next time, I intend to finish killing you, Malachi.

Bachan: Until then...


Malachi: Council... I knew it...

Malachi: I just knew it...

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene XIV: "Escape and Rescue"

Saja: I hope he's settling things in there.

Virulyde: Yeah. It seems like it's been a long time coming.

Saja: Did you know?

Virulyde: Yeah. Malachi was originally the heir to the throne.

Saja: I didn't want to say anything.

Saja: Vie, I've been meaning to ask you about something.

Virulyde: About how the hell we're supposed to get down from here?

Saja: No, although we need to think of something soon.

Saja: It's about the data that all Virulyde units contain.

Virulyde: This is kind of a weird time to bring that up, Commander.

Virulyde: It's data that I know is there but I don't have direct access to it.

Virulyde: What I know is that it's related to the operation of a system called "V-CORE" and all units have a copy stored within us.

Virulyde: Also, call it a hunch, but it might be the cause of some inexplicable memories.

Saja: Something about a brain used for research and another world? A suicide bomber?

Virulyde: Yeah. More or less.

Saja: Virulyde, haven't you noticed that Ravenna bears a striking resemblance to you?

Virulyde: No. That's ridiculous.

Saja: I mean your hair. You both have almost exactly the same hair.

Virulyde: Hmm. I dunno. I look this way because they designed me like this in Aufdek.

Virulyde: I'm not about to burn off all my hair like Malachi did!

Saja: Pfft, I hope not!

Dregweht: Mrroowwwrrr!

Virulyde: Dregweht? That means...

Malachi: Hey. Miss me?

Saja: Malachi! What happened?

Malachi: The prince decided to bail and gave me this nasty parting gift.

Malachi: More importantly, though...

Virulyde: Hey... what's that...?

Virulyde: Ah! They were tracking us. Here's our ride!

Ravenna: Hey, down there!

Karen: Stay put, we'll come in closer.

Saja: We were worried sick, Ravenna!

Ravenna: Sorry about that, Saja! I tried to find you but you were nowhere around.

Malachi: Thanks for rescuing us, Karen.

Karen: It's the least I can do. If you want to thank someone, thank Grady and Greta. This is their latest craft!

Virulyde: Man, it's huge! Good luck docking this at Pandora!

Karen: We actually use a mini shuttle between this and the station.

Saja: Well, let's go anywhere but Fumacine for the time being. I'm afraid things just got really complicated.

Grady: Folks, how about I give you the grand tour!

Grady: Presenting... the ShockShadow II! The new flagship of the Kaperthian fleet of transport craft.

Virulyde: Man, this thing is loaded! Three levels, triple ion thrusters, auto-gravity, onboard A.I...

Virulyde: Not to mention the aquarium filled with choccy fish, the orange juice dispenser, the mini bar...

Virulyde: I'm not even programmed to handle something this cool! Grady, you rock!

Grady: Thank our tireless engineering and manufacturing crews, Virulyde.

Saja: Grady, thank you so much for all of your help.

Grady: It's the least we can do, Miss Kabora.

Saja: Please, just call me Saja.

Grady: Here are the sleeping quarters.

Malachi: Cozy. If we're going to use this as our base of operations, this will come in handy.

Grady: In here is the conference room. All of the standard communications technology included, of course.

Dr. Maxwell: You never fail to impress, Mr. Kaperth.

Dr. Maxwell: Network connectivity is excellent.

Grady: The engine room, over here. Several different kinds of fuel can be used.

Grady: And here, of course, is the bridge. The ShockShadow II has an advanced autopilot but can be flown manually.

Malachi: Standard controls and avionics.

Malachi: Handles like a dream. This rivals any first class luxury shuttle!

Saja: Grady, is it really okay for us to use this?

Grady: Miss Saja, the Kaperth family strives to produce the best vehicles used for the benefit of all humankind.

Grady: There is simply no greater honor than to help those who protect us all from Zetsfir's evil forces.

Saja: Thank you. We are in your debt.

Saja: Now we need to plan our next move.

Saja: As long as the prince remains in control, we are all now fugitives.

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene XV: "Fugitives"

Ravenna: Hmmm....

Ravenna: How would I go about getting in contact with Bus if he were somewhere in this world...?

Dr. Maxwell: Ravenna?

Ravenna: Hello, Doctor!

Dr. Maxwell: I'd like to show you something. It's... I'm afraid it's bad news.

Ravenna: I've had a lot of emotional shock lately. I'm sure I can handle it.

Dr. Maxwell: If you're sure.

Dr. Maxwell: This is a space telescope we have in orbit. It's pointed toward the location of your home planet.

Ravenna: Oh... I don't see it.

Dr. Maxwell: Yes, that's because it doesn't appear to be there. Just some strange nebula where the star system should be.

Ravenna: Doctor, can you figure out how long ago I left Earth?

Dr. Maxwell: We only know the age of the ruins. Your ship arrived on this planet 707 years ago.

Dr. Maxwell: That would be... 2211 Earth years, according to what I found on that optical disc.

Ravenna: Whatever happened, I hope it was long after I left Earth.

Dr. Maxwell: Do you have something in mind regarding... going back somehow?

Ravenna: The thing that brought me here was a kind of time machine. I don't know why it was on the ship or why it was built.

Dr. Maxwell: Despite quite a bit of research on the topic, we have never developed anything close to time travel in our world.

Ravenna: My dad made a discovery before I was born that led to him inventing it.

Dr. Maxwell: Fascinating.

Dr. Maxwell: So... time travel was a brand new invention when you left Earth?

Ravenna: Yes but it was a top secret experiment. My mother was... wait... if I...

Ravenna: She may be alive...?

Dr. Maxwell: I'm sorry... I don't follow...

Ravenna: It's nothing. Just thinking out loud.

Ravenna: This time machine, though. My dad was building a compact version in his vehicle, too.

Ravenna: But the weird part, Doctor, was that to make it all work, it had to use this "computer code" from my DNA.

Dr. Maxwell: Wait... computer code in DNA? That's what the Virulyde units were...

Ravenna: What about Virulyde?

Dr. Maxwell: I think... hmm....

Dr. Maxwell: Ravenna, what was the time travel system called?

Ravenna: Oh, it had a big long complicated name. Ummm... variable... omni... no, ortho.... orthodimensional...

Ravenna: We just called it V-CORE for short.

Dr. Maxwell: ...

Dr. Maxwell: My word... it can't be...

Saja: Ravenna, Doctor, we're having a meeting on the bridge.

Karen: ...I have to admit that I don't like the idea of being a fugitive.

Malachi: The prince will be removed from power as soon as the masses find out he's working with Zetsfir.

Karen: Can you be absolutely sure? How would we convince news outlets to convey that?

Grady: We may not need to. I don't watch the news much but word gets around that he's awfully unpopular.

Grady: Guy seems so wrapped up in his hedonistic lifestyle...

Grady: Oh, sorry folks, that was out of line.

Malachi: It's quite alright, Grady. It's true he's extremely unpopular.

Grady: I'm going to go make some oatmeal.

Malachi: I'd expect a revolution soon but it can't start via military insurrection. Otherwise I'd lead it myself.

Karen: Malachi, you should be careful about talking like that.

Malachi: Yes, Karen. I appreciate that you care about our safety. We were about to be arrested before we escaped, though.

Saja: Regarding Fumacine, we want to keep a low profile around there for now. It's best we stay away, honestly.

Saja: Gathering proof that the Prince is working with Zetsfir might be difficult. I'm not sure it's worth the risk right now.

Karen: Pandora is autonomous, so it should be safe to return there.

Virulyde: Sorry I'm late. So... what's the plan?

Saja: Virulyde, for now, we have to stay out of Fumacine. We believe the Prince is working with Zetsfir.

Virulyde: I knew something was wrong with that guy. He's such a jerk.

Malachi: He's always been a jerk, man. I'm telling you... he's probably going to be dethroned soon by the citizens of Fumacine.

Virulyde: Then what?

Malachi: We set up some kind of democracy or republic. Anything other than a monarchy or a dictatorship.

Saja: Malachi, you don't seem the type to get involved in politics.

Malachi: That is true in more ways than you know.

Karen: Virulyde, I think my dad wanted to talk to you.

Virulyde: Okay, I'll go find him.

Ravenna: Virulyde! There you are. Sorry I'm late.

Virulyde: What's up?

Ravenna: Dr. Maxwell wanted...

Virulyde: speak with me? I was just about to go find him.

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene XVI: "The Disphumis Factor"

Virulyde: You wanted to talk to me, Doc?

Dr. Maxwell: Yes. You know about the term, "V-CORE", right?

Virulyde: Of course. It's one of the names for the data stored within all of my kind.

Dr. Maxwell: Ravenna said that the time machine that brought her to our world was called a "V-CORE".

Virulyde: Whoah.

Ravenna: Hello again! I was just coming in here to catch a little sleep.

Virulyde: Howdy, Ravenna! The good doctor and I were just discussing the V-CORE.

Ravenna: Yeah, the time machine aboard the Morgan's Gate.

Dr. Maxwell: Ravenna, you said that the computer code that operated the time machine came from your DNA somehow?

Ravenna: Yes, there is a genetic anomaly in my mother's side of the family where our DNA actually contains computer code.

Ravenna: It's a big mystery as to how it got there.

Virulyde: Ravenna, we Virulyde units contain data that originated from human DNA. It's associated with a system called "V-CORE".

Virulyde: The purpose of this data isn't well known but it's one of the main reasons my kind was created.

Ravenna: That can't be a coincidence.

Virulyde: From what little I know, the data was extracted from a genetic trait known as the "Disphumis Factor".

Ravenna: My last name is "Disphumis". This CAN'T be coincidence.

Dr. Maxwell: The pieces are starting to come together...

Virulyde: I'm kinda lost, to tell the truth.

Ravenna: They must have done things to preserve the data that was in Uncle Gesh's brain!

Virulyde: Uncle... "Gesh"?

Virulyde: Ugggghhhh!!!!

Ravenna: Virulyde, what's wrong?!

Virulyde: AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Ravenna: What's going on?!

Dr. Maxwell: Some kind of.... trigger?

Virulyde: Gesh... that name... Gesh Disphumis...

Ravenna: That was my uncle's name. Virulyde, are you okay?

Virulyde: Yeah, Ravenna. Sorry for scaring you. I'm all good.

Ravenna: Whew. That's good. Anyway, Gesh Disphumis was the name of my uncle on my Mom's side.

Ravenna: When my parents got married, my dad took my mom's family name. "Ravenna Cassini" just wouldn't sound right, anyway.

Virulyde: Ravenna, was your uncle's... brain... of some particular importance to the V-CORE project?

Ravenna: Yes. He strapped on a dynamite vest and blew himself up... along with several city blocks. He had mental issues.

Virulyde: Oh... now it's starting to make sense...

Dr. Maxwell: Intriguing. I'm absolutely dumbfounded, I must admit.

Dr. Maxwell: The Virulyde units are data carriers for the temporal displacement system in the ruins!

Dr. Maxwell: I... I need to do some more research...

Ravenna: Virulyde... what are you, exactly?

Virulyde: A battle android and a data storage system...

Virulyde: ...and, at the core of my being...

Virulyde: the soul of a madman.

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene XVII: "Sir Jensen's Task"

Sir Jensen: How...?

Bachan: How what? You're asking a lot of questions. I find that annoying.

Sir Jensen: This ship. It's thousands of years old. How did it get restored to working order?

Bachan: Never you mind that. You are here to do a job. Focus.

Sir Jensen: ...

Rojo: Looks like you got here just in time.

Rojo: I took the liberty of starting up the main power.

Rojo: As for starting up the systems in here, that's where you come in, Sir Jensen.

Sir Jensen: I don't know how the hell you got this thing into orbit, let alone working...

Sir Jensen: The whole place was rusting apart the last time I saw it.

Rojo: Are you able to take it over from here?

Sir Jensen: Hmmm....

Sir Jensen: Yeah. No sweat.

Sir Jensen: I've played this game before.

Sir Jensen: The control systems are unlocked and running.

Sir Jensen: Do you even know what to do with this?

Bachan: Again with the questions.

Bachan: It's a time displacement machine. Our intentions are classified.

Sir Jensen: Suit yourself.

Sir Jensen: Now give me my money.

Rojo: We will give you the money when you finish the job.

Sir Jensen: The job is done. If you have the data, like you say, it's all ready to roll.

Rojo: Yes, I have the data required to operate it... but you still haven't finished the job we gave you.

Sir Jensen: Yes I have! Stop playin' stupid games!

Rojo: You haven't subdued the girl from the ruins.

Sir Jensen: The target is a girl that came from the ruins... from here?

Sir Jensen: I'm killing nobody. Who is she, anyway?

Bachan: Here. This is the target.

Sir Jensen: (Rave!!!)

Sir Jensen: (She's alive?!!)

Bachan: Find her. Kill her. Then you get paid.

Sir Jensen: There must be something wrong with your hearing, Prince Fumacine.

Sir Jensen: No killing. If you're not going to pay, then I'm out of here.

Bachan: Ugh, fine.

Bachan: Take your stinking money. We need you to stick around.

Sir Jensen: That's more like it.

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene XVIII: "Ideology"

Hal: Gah! I can't breathe in these stupid things!

Hal: Hey, Ross. Ready to take over my shift?

Ross: Guess it's about that time. By the way, the Prince from the Fumacine Empire is aboard.

Hal: Psssh. Hate having to stand guard knowing that filth is nearby.

Ross: The council appointed him to lead the fight against the False Elysians.

Hal: I don't trust anyone from the False Elysians, even if they claim to be defectors.

Hal: Those scum think they can keep us imprisoned in this world while they get to keep all of the resources of Kaperth to themselves!

Ross: They're scum, alright, but Kaperth is rightfully ours and some day our families will live in the bliss of that world.

Laika: Take it easy, boys. We will take back our world someday. Zetsfir ascends!


Ross: Zetsfir ascends!

Laika: You knuckleheads hear about the sweet plans for this ship?

Hal: We're just jobbers, Laika. They don't fill us in on the big picture.

Laika: This ship is our ticket to taking back Kaperth, boys!

Ross: The False Elysians claimed that this ship was the "ark" that brought their people from heaven.

Laika: Well, it's ours now, baby! The False Elysians can suck it!

Hal: It's our ticket to Kaperth, huh? I'll believe it when I see it.

Ross: Have you ever seen Kaperth, Hal?

Hal: Sure, not up close, but sometimes when we open a 5-D gate during a mission...

Ross: Laika, is it true that Kaperth has lots of food and clean water?

Laika: It's literally heaven. Not that fake heaven from the False Elysians' myths.

Ross: By the gods... if only someday we can actually take our civilization there...

Hal: No more rationing... no more famines... no more disease...

Laika: The False Elysians... especially the Fumacites... enjoying their Eden while oppressing us, keeping us sealed away...

Ross: Living under their arrogant religious doctrine that they descended from the heavens...

Hal: Some day, comrades. Some day.

Hal: Well... back to work, I guess. Ross, you take over this post in half an hour.

Ross: *sigh* right...

Chapter III: Chapter Three: The Fumacine Empire - Scene XIX: "Azurat Arrives!"

Azurat: Voice log entry number 4428.

Azurat: After several missteps, I have made another time jump to a point 6642 years after my initial time of departure.

Azurat: The upgraded V-CORE aboard the Hovercrane is working as expected. Acceleration to Mach 3 is no longer required to make a jump.

Azurat: These important adjustments allowed me to make a jump inside of the Morgan's Gate shortly before it was scheduled to leave Earth orbit.

Azurat: Perhaps it should not have astonished me that the migration was successful. Pleiades-47 is heavily populated and thriving.

Azurat: The people of this world have adapted in some interesting ways but they are very similar to those of us on Earth.

Azurat: Ostensibly, the culture has somehow become vegan and knows nothing of many common vices from Earth.

Azurat: Some physiological changes are apparent in most of the people on this planet, as well.

Azurat: The planet itself has about half the gravity of Earth. There are no seasons. The climate is about 15 degrees colder than Earth in most regions.

Azurat: The atmosphere is surprisingly easy to breathe. The entire planet is covered in lush native vegetation, with some invasive Earth species interspersed.

Azurat: Having no magnetic field, the upgraded quantum locking hover engines have proven to be a necessary investment.

Azurat: The level of technology is comparable to that from my original time period. This indicates some kind of setback along the way.

Azurat: No Earth languages are spoken here but an artificial intelligence translation earpiece is available that eliminates that as a problem.

Azurat: With regard to alien pathogens, advanced nanotechnology smart drugs are freely available to prevent 21st Century style outbreaks.

Azurat: Of course, the problems of war and geopolitical strife still exist in this world. It was a bit disappointing to see the news.

Azurat: To reiterate: Three weeks ago, I emerged from the jump inside the Morgan's Gate. The ship was an old, abandoned ruin.

Azurat: The search for my wife, daughter, and her friend continues. Hopefully my latest calculations have brought me to the correct time period.

Azurat: I am certain that, after an extensive investigation aboard the Morgan's Gate, they are all alive somewhere in this world.

Azurat: The many-worlds theory of time travel is correct. It is not possible to travel back to one's exact originating timeline.

Azurat: Fully accepting this reality, I will find my family, no matter how long it takes.

Azurat: I have all the time in the world.


Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene I: "Democracy for Fumacine!"

Reporter: We have a breaking news update on the situation in the capital of the Fumacine Empire.

Reporter: Large demonstrations are gathering in Fumacine City to demand that Prince Bachan Fumacine abdicate the throne.

Reporter: New evidence has emerged that Prince Fumacine has been collaborating with Zetsfir leaders on a secret project.

Reporter: Outrage over these allegations has led to a renewed effort to convert the government of Fumacine to a democracy.

Reporter: We go live to our reporter on the ground.

Reporter: Crowds are gathering all over the capital as citizens demand a transition to a democracy and an end to Prince's rule.

Crowd: Remove the Prince! Remove the Prince! Remove the Prince!

Reporter: Since taking power last year after the sudden death of King Fumacine the XVII, the Prince has steadily become less popular.

Reporter: New evidence has emerged from an anonymous source within the Fumacine military that Prince Fumacine has been secretly cooperating with Zetsfir.

Reporter: Although a tribunal has yet to take place due to the Prince's unexplained absence, the Fumacine military has been ordered to guard the imperial palace.

Crowd: Fumacine! Fumacine! Fumacine!

Reporter: With me is Lieutenant Karla Alcyone from Fumacine military headquarters.

Reporter: Lieutenant, have charges been officially filed against the Prince?

Karla: According to Fumacine law, any person can be charged with treason if there is reasonable suspicion that they have collaborated with an enemy nation.

Karla: The Prince has been officially removed from power until he can either be acquitted or convicted of high treason against the Fumacine Empire.

Reporter: Can you give us details on the evidence upon which the charges have been filed?

Karla: My apologies but I cannot elaborate on the evidence at this time due to the sensitive nature of the situation.

Karla: I can say that the Prince's whereabouts are known but we cannot arrest him until he returns.

Reporter: Thank you for your time, Lieutenant.

Karla: Thank you.

Reporter: Former Fumacite captain and community organizer Celaeno Kabora has been nominated among the top candidates for Prime Minister.

Reporter: What remains to be seen is the exact plan for the transition to either a direct democracy or a multi-tiered republic.

Reporter: Many of the demonstrators here today heavily favor the direct democracy option as well as a rapid transition to the new government.

Reporter: Back to you.

Reporter: Chaos and uncertainty as the people of the Fumacine Empire demand liberation and democracy.

Reporter: There are also calls for an end to conscription for all citizens in the capital. Celaeno Kabora has expressed opposition to this proposal.

Reporter: In other news, the price of orange juice has skyrocketed...

Karla: Whew... I hate being on the news... so much pressure.

Pleione: Karla, you did great!

Karla: Thanks. I get so nervous in interviews.

Pleione: There's not much we can tell the public but it's good to let them know we have things under control.

Karla: We'll have things under control once the Prince tries to return to the palace.

Pleione: Is it true that he's... you know... outside of our dimension right now?

Karla: Pleione, we can't talk about that out here.

Pleione: Oh! Sorry! I should have known better!

Karla: We don't want.... Bachan... to be aware of what we know.

Karla: Then again, I don't think he can receive information remotely from where he is right now.

Pleione: He's removed from power, thank goodness, so that already neutralizes him as a threat.

Karla: Not quite, I'm afraid. I'm more worried about the work he's commissioned from that mercenary.

Pleione: The man in the trenchcoat?

Karla: Yes. That man has knowledge of things far beyond our understanding.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene II: "To Unite the World"

Celaeno: Citizens of Fumacine City...

Celaeno: As we continue to make progress in establishing our new government, in which the people decide our course...

Celaeno: As Prime Minister, I will work with Kadmas and Aufdek to strengthen our defense both on the surface and around our orbital bases.

Celaeno: We will also reach out to our friends on the moon, "Goliath". They, too, have suffered greatly at the hands of Zetsfir.

Celaeno: Zetsfir continues to attack from the shadows.

Celaeno: We must not allow them to continue to murder the people of Kaperth and its satellites.

Celaeno: As we saw, in horror, an ancient, sacred ruin rise in the sky as it was stolen from us, we must be resolute in an offensive strike against Zetsfir.

Celaeno: As Prime Minister I will initiate efforts to reverse engineer and build 5-D gate technology and begin a mission to take back the Great Ship!

Celaeno: The time has come for us to face Zetsfir head on and not merely absorb their onslaughts!

Celaeno: As we speak, Kadmas and the Graves Archipelago are drafting agreements for a joint effort to develop 5-D gate technology.

Celaeno: Cooperating with them, we will lead the world to victory against the perpetrators of genocide and oppression.

Celaeno: The Pandora orbital station is well underway with reconstruction efforts and will be at full capacity again soon.

Celaeno: This location in orbit is crucial for monitoring 5-D gates. Our commitment to them will not change.

Celaeno: We will cast aside our former, corrupt monarchy and bring the treasonous former prince to justice!

Celaeno: For the greatness, safety, and progress of the new Fumacine Republic, I ask you to elect me as your Prime Minister!

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene III: "Cleared and Safe to Return"

Saja: So... they caught on pretty quick that the prince was working with Zetsfir.

Malachi: Fumacine's parliament wastes no time, but are we cleared?

Saja: I'd say so. We were working closely with HQ ever since we recruited Ravenna.

Karen: That's a relief. I didn't like the idea of us being fugitives.

Malachi: Is Celaeno any relation to you?

Saja: Yeah, he's a distant cousin. We don't really communicate much since he got into politics.

Saja: Personally, I find his ideas to be a bit too militant.

Malachi: The push for going on the offensive right away?

Saja: Kind of. When lives are on the line, a good strategy is best.

Malachi: Saja, I'm going to see what Ravenna and Virulyde are up to.

Saja: Okay. I'm going to check in with HQ.

Saja: I saw you on the news, Karla!

Karla: Yeah, I was assigned to do some public relations work.

Karla: What happened with the Prince during your meeting with him?

Saja: He tried to detain us!

Karla: Are you serious?

Saja: Yes! You didn't know?

Karla: We had no idea! He tried to have you arrested?

Saja: He did! It's not just that... the "guards" appeared to be from Zetsfir!

Karla: Saja, I'd like you to come to HQ and file an official report. This will be important in the case for the prince's removal.

Saja: Affirmative. I take it that it's safe for us to return to the capital, then?

Karla: It's highly odd that the prince was using Zetsfir guards. I can assure you that no one else in the government is taking orders from him.

Saja: Understood.

Karla: By the way, could you bring Malachi into this call? I have someone who wants to speak with him.

Saja: Oh, sure. Just a moment.

Malachi: Hello!

Karla: Thanks for joining the call, Malachi. I have someone who wants to speak to you.

Pleione: Malachi~~~~!

Pleione: We were supposed to grab coffee before you... wait...

Pleione: What happened to your face?

Malachi: Oh, this. The prince and I crossed swords. Sorry about bailing on you, Pleione.

Pleione: You'll all be back at HQ after a while, right?

Saja: Yes. We will file an official report on the incident with the prince.

Pleione: See you then! Malachi, you owe me a coffee! Toodles!

Malachi: We're heading back to Fumacine City, then?

Saja: Yes, as soon as we take Grady home. He has some work he says he needs to do.

Malachi: Got that! See you soon, Karla.

Saja: It's good to hear that the government is re-organizing itself.

Karla: It's a difficult transition but we're trying to figure things out as quickly as possible.

Karla: See you soon.

Virulyde: Commander, Ravenna and I were talking.

Saja: Oh? By the way, we're heading back to the capital to file a report.

Virulyde: I see.

Virulyde: You know how the Virulyde unit series all contain data related to the operation of something called a "V-CORE"?

Saja: Yes, I do. What about it?

Virulyde: The V-CORE is the name of the time displacement system that brought Ravenna to our world.

Saja: Is it one in the same?

Virulyde: Definitely. Ravenna's family genetics, on her mother's side, contains the same encoded data as the Virulyde units!

Saja: That's why she was in the legend...

Virulyde: It's not just that, Saja. My unexplained memories come from the original source of the data within my kind.

Virulyde: Her uncle's... brain.

Saja: This just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Virulyde: The original purpose of the Virulyde units was to carry this data to be used some day.

Virulyde: Aufdek has a copy of the V-CORE but it was never discovered how to properly use it.

Saja: I know they had one but didn't understand its purpose.

Virulyde: There was a missing key in the data they preserved within us.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene IV: "Return to Grady's Place"

Grady: Hurry on back when you're done in the capital! Greta's cooked up a feast to welcome Ravenna!

Saja: We won't be gone long.

Karen: It's been a while, hasn't it?

Grady: Yes, it has! Greta will be really happy to see you again, Karen.

Saja: Ravenna, we won't be gone too long. I'm sure Greta would like to meet you, too.

Ravenna: I look forward to meeting her... plus I'm starved!

Grady: Don't worry, there's plenty to eat. There's always plenty to eat.

Saja: See you in a bit.

Ravenna: This place reminds me of home... so much...

Greta: Hi everybody! Oh! You must be Ravenna!

Ravenna: Hello!

Greta: You know, it's so strange seeing you in person after reading the legends for so many years!

Greta: I'm sure you're already tired of hearing about it, though...

Ravenna: It's just strange. Legends that are hundreds of years old... yet they're about something that just happened about a week ago.

Ravenna: I figure that if my mom really is the "angel" in the legend, she must have survived the journey, just like I did!

Greta: The legend says as much but I'm afraid that was supposed to have happened hundreds of years ago.

Ravenna: Yeah... still, dealing with time travel, there's always a chance.

Ravenna: I'm not giving up hope.

Dr. Maxwell: Mrs. Kaperth! Thank you for inviting us.

Karen: Nice to see you in person again, Greta!

Greta: Thanks for coming! Let's sit down to supper.

Ravenna: ...

Ravenna: There has to be a chance.

Ravenna: She would have had access to the V-CORE and the Disphumis factor. Anything could have been possible.

Karen: Hey, Ravenna. What's on your mind?

Ravenna: Oh, hi, Karen. I'm just thinking about the legend and if my mom might have time traveled after the legend was written.

Karen: I don't see why not, based on my understanding of how the V-CORE originally worked.

Karen: It's ancient technology that surpasses anything we've ever come up with. It's astounding that such a thing is possible.

Ravenna: Well, yeah. Even when my dad invented it, I was skeptical that it would work.

Ravenna: Sure found out in a hurry...

Karen: Didn't you say that someone else was with you when it happened?

Ravenna: Yes. His name is Marvin Jensen. He wears a big yellow coat, not that he'd really stand out much in this world.

Karen: I could search the population databases for that name and see if anything comes up.

Karen: Hmmm.... there is a "Sir Jensen"... but there's no associated data. Could be someone's alias. Not even a single photo... strange.

Ravenna: Most likely not him.

Karen: There is some location data but it's not useful. Last known location was... oh, this is odd, actually.

Ravenna: Hmmm?

Karen: The royal palace in Fumacine City, shortly before we arrived there.

Karen: Not very many people are allowed inside there. In fact, the last people there were Saja, Malachi, and Virulyde.

Ravenna: That doesn't sound right. They didn't mention a "Sir Jensen".

Karen: When they get back, let's ask them about this.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene V: "Next Directives"

NARRATOR: Fumacine Defense Headquarters, Fumacine City

Karla: Thank you for the detailed report, Saja.

Saja: I think we covered everything in there.

Malachi: Bachan seemed to be in a hurry. He briefly caught me off guard, landed an attack, and then left.

Karla: And the guards were wearing Zetsfir uniforms, right?

Virulyde: Yes. No insignia but the style was identical.

Karla: We already have a solid case against the Prince but this will be useful to have on file.

Saja: If I may ask, what was the primary evidence against the prince?

Karla: He was seen entering a transport shuttle that immediately entered a 5-D gate.

Saja: Oh!

Saja: That was very careless of him. It's almost as if he wasn't trying to be covert!

Karla: It's possible he doesn't care. If he's working with Zetsfir, it's possible he never intended to even return.

Saja: Still... it's very bizarre that anyone would be so careless.

Karla: Perhaps he forgot that we are still able to monitor the palace despite being otherwise bug-proof.

Virulyde: Maybe he's simply out of his mind.

Karla: If he tries to return, we will detain him for questioning. As things stand, he will not return to power.

Saja: Celaeno is probably going to be elected Prime Minister, right?

Karla: Running unopposed. The election is almost certain to go in his favor.

Karla: We have analyzed the latest information you gave us, Virulyde.

Virulyde: Regarding the V-CORE?

Karla: Yes. In the effort to develop 5-D gate technology, it has been decided that we need to obtain a V-CORE copy.

Virulyde: As I stated in my report, Aufdek has one.

Virulyde: They... uh.... aren't likely to hand it over, though.

Karla: This is true. As you know, Fumacine's diplomacy with Aufdek has been shaky since the incident with the first 23 Virulyde units.

Saja: I'm still not sure if that was Aufdek's negligence or an unforeseen problem that caused them to go out of control.

Karla: We lost a lot of troops as a result. Ever since, we have experienced difficulties negotiating with Aufdek.

Karla: Your next mission, therefore, will require a significant degree of stealth.

Saja: Awaiting your orders.

Karla: The higher-ups have directed us to obtain the schematics of the V-CORE.

Saja: Just go in and steal it?

Karla: Do not take it by force. The idea is to ultimately reverse engineer it.

Karla: The facility housing the V-CORE has been identified. We have a plan for Virulyde to run an analysis of it on site.

Virulyde: I am equipped with the ability to do that. If we can gain access to it for just a few minutes, I can gather enough data from it.

Karla: This is strictly classified but we are also interested in replicating its time displacement abilities, not just the dimensional shift function.

Saja: Entering Aufdek will be tricky. Their industrial and research districts are heavily guarded by automated weapons.

Karla: Nearly all security in Aufdek is automated. This makes it possible to disable over the network using Virulyde's systems.

Virulyde: It's tricky but possible. I have disabled their security on previous missions.

Saja: We will fly in low and disable their security as soon as we're in range.

Karla: Exactly. Once you are inside the facility and the surveillance is disabled, run a detailed analysis on the V-CORE and come back here.

Saja: Roger that.

Pleione: Hey, Malachi!

Malachi: Hey there, Pleione. Sorry about not getting you that coffee before.

Pleione: It's fine. If you have a moment, we could go over to that shop for some.

Malachi: Sure, sounds good!

Pleione: By the way, it looks like your face is healing up.

Malachi: Yeah, it's getting better. Might have a nasty scar for a while, though.

Saja: Hey, Malachi. We just got our orders for our next mission.

Malachi: Oh yeah?

Saja: We'll be headed to Aufdek tomorrow. We're going to exfiltrate the schematics to their V-CORE.

Pleione: That's going to be a tough one...

Malachi: Don't worry, Pleione. We can handle stuff like that with no problem.

Saja: Virulyde will be doing most of the work this time.

Virulyde: It shouldn't be a problem. It's not too different than what I've done before.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene VI: "The Night Before Aufdek"

Ravenna: Bus has to be somewhere in this world, right...?

Ravenna: If Pop's time machine ever worked, wouldn't he have found me by now?

Ravenna: This can't be... permanent. There has to be a way home...

Malachi: There you are!

Malachi: Grady probably isn't used to having people hang out on his roof.

Ravenna: Hey, Malachi. I didn't realize you three were back.

Malachi: Yeah. Sorry it took a bit longer. We met up with Pleione and spent the day at a coffee shop reminiscing.

Ravenna: Pleione's the lady with the purple hair, right?

Malachi: Yep, that's her! She went to Fumacine Academy with Saja, Virulyde, and me.

Ravenna: I see. How's that cut on your face feeling? It looks better already.

Malachi: It's fine. There will probably be a scar until I get it fixed.

Ravenna: Understandable but it does kind of look cool. It's like the mark of a warrior.

Malachi: Eh, I could live without it. Enough about that, though...

Malachi: We're going on our next assignment tomorrow. We're headed to Aufdek for a stealth mission.

Ravenna: I see. I'm not... the best with stealth.

Malachi: We wanted to ask you what you wanted to do.

Malachi: You did great helping us fight Zetsfir back on Pandora but... this mission isn't your responsibility.

Ravenna: I still owe all of you my life for saving me.

Malachi: Whatever debt you may feel you have has been paid many times over, Ravenna.

Malachi: We want to allow you to choose your own path from here on out.

Ravenna: ...

Ravenna: Let me think about it for a while.

Malachi: That's fine. We do leave tomorrow, just so you know.

Ravenna: I noticed your planet has two moons.

Malachi: Yes. How many did your planet have?

Ravenna: Just one. There were some research and mining colonies on it.

Malachi: Yeah, that smaller one is called "David". It's primarily occupied by mining colonies. It provides a lot of materials for construction in orbit.

Malachi: The larger, purple moon is called "Goliath". Quite a few people live there. Pleione is from there, as a matter of fact.

Ravenna: Really? That's pretty cool! I didn't know she was from there.

Malachi: Goliath is like its own nation. We go there sometimes when Pleione visits her parents.

Malachi: Its gravity is about a fourth of what it is here. It takes some getting used to. There's some interesting creatures there as well.

Ravenna: I'd like to check it out sometime.

Malachi: Sure, come along with us next time we go there.

Ravenna: Do you know anyone by the name "Sir Jensen"?

Malachi: Can't say that sounds familiar. Is it someone you know?

Ravenna: I want to find a person by the name "Marvin Jensen". He's the person who was with me when I was brought here.

Ravenna: The moment I arrived, he wasn't anywhere nearby.

Malachi: Hmmm. We could check the universal population database...

Ravenna: Karen did that earlier. The only person who came up was a "Sir Jensen", who was in the royal palace not long before you were there.

Malachi: That's... interesting. No one else was there besides us, the prince, and his lackeys.

Ravenna: He hated the Zetsfir that existed in our world. There's no way he would join forces with them.

Malachi: Ravenna, I'm going to head back inside. I'll ask Saja about this.

Ravenna: Thanks. I guess I'll head in, too.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene VII: "Departure for Aufdek"

Grady: Be careful, all of you.

Greta: It was nice meeting you, Ravenna.

Ravenna: Likewise! Thanks for everything.

Greta: Be sure to come back soon!

Malachi: I'm glad you decided to come with us, Ravenna.

Ravenna: There was just this strange feeling, you know? Just in case I could help if things get rough.

Saja: We shouldn't have to do any combat on foot but I appreciate your willingness to lend us your strength.

Virulyde: Aufdek... I haven't been there in a while.

Saja: I know you're not fond of your birthplace, Vie.

Virulyde: Eh... it's no big deal. I'm no longer their slave.

Saja: Once we're in range, try to access their network, Virulyde.

Virulyde: Understood. It might be a good idea for me to manually pilot and control our weapons systems.

Saja: You know the intricacies of their ground to air weaponry better than we do.

Virulyde: Okay. I'm going to try to access the network. We should be nearly in range.

Virulyde: Hmmm....

Virulyde: The encryption is a lot stronger, isn't it...

Virulyde: This is....

Virulyde: ...different...

Virulyde: Zm9yY29ub2NsaWNl

Virulyde: MjAwNTAzMTYtMDcyMQ

Virulyde: Y3J5cHRvcy5uaXRyb2Nvc20uY29t

Virulyde: What the hell just happened...?

Saja: Status?

Virulyde: Should be good to go. I can control most of the weapons and surveillance.

Malachi: Honestly, it's almost too easy.

Virulyde: Well... let's not get overconfident. If they can fix their network before we're done, we will be sitting ducks.

Saja: What kind of time frame are we talking about?

Virulyde: We're talking about hours. I gummed up the works pretty good with my signature Viruslyde!

Malachi: Pffft.... "Virus Slide"? Dude, are you serious? That's so freakin' corny.

Virulyde: Hey, c'mon. It's like a portmanteau of "virus" and "Virulyde". Work with me, man!

Saja: It's not the time for this, guys.

Virulyde: Okay, everyone. Next stop...

Virulyde: Aufdek.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene VIII: "Into Aufdek"

Saja: Here we are. Bring us in low.

Saja: Some of their weapons are firing...

Malachi: But they don't seem to be aimed directly at us.

Saja: They were supposed to be disabled. What's going on?!

Saja: Virulyde?

Virulyde: Ugghhh... I am not sure, commander.

Virulyde: Something isn't right. I'll try to take them out.

Saja: Virulyde, wait... we don't want to...

Virulyde: I'll destroy all of their weapons, commander!

Saja: Virulyde, I didn't say fire at will! Stop this.

Virulyde: Don't we want to disable them? Think of what they've done...

Virulyde: Made the Virulyde units with free will, yet enslaved us...

Virulyde: Not to mention how they've poisoned the atmosphere...

Saja: Virulyde! STOP! Cease firing!

Virulyde: Payback! It's long overdue PAYBACK! DIE!!!



Virulyde: Commander...

Virulyde: NO.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene IX: "Virulyde's Insurrection"

Saja: Virulyde Unit Number 24! What the hell is wrong with you?!!

Malachi: Something is very wrong, Saja. This is not like him at all.

Ravenna: Is it... hmmm....

Ravenna: (Is Uncle Gesh in there somewhere...?)

Virulyde: Heeeeeehhhhhh.....

Saja: I will not tolerate any further insubordination!

Virulyde: No one is asking you to "tolerate" it.

Virulyde: I'm only fulfilling my true purpose.

Virulyde: BEHOLD!


Virulyde: A GOD!!!

Virulyde: Our true purpose...

Virulyde: To administer judgement upon the False Elysians.

Virulyde: We will assist the glorious stewards of space and time.

Virulyde: We will keep the plan on course. We will stop those who seek to interfere...

Virulyde: We will facilitate the guidance of humanity to the correct path...

Saja: You will obey me. You will stand down.

Saja: You WILL respect the diplomatic policies regarding Fumacine and Aufdek.


Saja: DO I?!!

Virulyde: Hmmm.... heheheheheheh....

Saja: I will not hesitate to deactivate you if that is what I need to do.

Malachi: This isn't right at all. He's been taken over.

Ravenna: This brazen tone. The unhinged phrasing. Delusions of grandeur.

Ravenna: Uncle Gesh.

Malachi: Ravenna, what are you mumbling about over there?

Ravenna: Now probably isn't the time to explain. What do we do?

Malachi: It's the worst case scenario, I'm afraid.

Malachi: We're going to have to try to knock some sense into him.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene X: "Battle Against Virulyde"

Saja: I think I understand what's happening.

Malachi: Do tell. Please.

Saja: This is exactly what happened with the first 23 Virulyde units.

Malachi: I was afraid of that.

Ravenna: What happened with them?

Saja: Part of the "mystery" code inside all of them was activated somehow.

Ravenna: Any chance it happened while connecting to Aufdek's network?

Malachi: Seems the most likely.

Saja: Yes. Obviously the network intrusion didn't work as planned. Aufdek still has a backdoor to the 24th unit.

Malachi: Damn it. We should have anticipated it.

Saja: Virulyde has been scanned many times for system vulnerabilities. This must have been hidden very well.

Saja: My guess is...

Malachi: Saja, I hate to say this about our comrade but, at this rate, he's going to kill us.

Malachi: Our best bet is to defeat him and get him to Dr. Maxwell.

Saja: A temporary deactivation seems like the only option at this point.

Virulyde: Executing V-CORE directive 02-B.

Virulyde: Connected to master control system.

Saja: I am your commanding officer, unit 24. Make one wrong move and I will bring you down for deactivation.

Virulyde: You are not...!

Saja: Know your place. Respect the chain of command.

Malachi: Saja, do you think this will work?

Saja: He had free will before this. Maybe we can get him to fight whatever is controlling him.

Malachi: Let me try.

Saja: Okay. Be careful, Malachi.

Virulyde: Unnnggghhh....

Virulyde: Ugh.... what's going on here...?

Virulyde: ...........

Virulyde: What's going on? Why are we out here on the bow of the ship?

Virulyde: Guys...?

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XI: "A Somber Decision"

Saja: ...

Malachi: Hey, Vie. How you feeling?

Virulyde: Really confused.

Malachi: Saja... I can't...

Malachi: Please excuse me.

Saja: Listen... Virulyde...

Saja: You were taken over, remotely, by some unknown party.

Saja: ...somehow.

Virulyde: I knew it.

Saja: At this point in time, you are at risk. We are all at risk.

Saja: For the time being, I have no choice.

Saja: I have to deactivate you.

Virulyde: It's okay, Saja.

Virulyde: I agree.

Virulyde: Dr. Maxwell should be able to identify the source of the malfunction and remedy it at the hardware level.

Virulyde: Alright. Let's get this taken care of.

Saja: Thanks for being so understanding, Virulyde.

Virulyde: Hey, there's a reason I have an emergency shutdown switch. We know what happened with the first 23 models.

Virulyde: The safety and security of Fumacine is my top priority.

Virulyde: You know the drill, commander. Right there on the back of my neck. Go ahead.

Saja: We'll get you repaired soon, Vie. Until then...

Saja: Sweet dreams.

Saja: It's done. He's shut down for now.

Ravenna: Is he going to be okay?

Saja: Yes. He was created with an emergency shut off switch for this very reason.

Saja: We will return to Pandora and have Dr. Maxwell perform a full diagnostic.

Malachi: I'm sure they'll be able to determine what happened.

Saja: I'll need to contact HQ. Obviously, we have to abort the mission.

Saja: I'll be right back.

Ravenna: Do you think Virulyde will be okay?

Malachi: I think so, yeah. It just sucks to have to shut him down at all.

Malachi: It's so unfair that these kinds of things can happen.

Ravenna: So... the first 23 units went out of control?

Malachi: Yeah. They went berserk just like this and ended up killing a lot of people.

Malachi: Virulyde was supposed to be the first of a new line that was not susceptible to it.

Ravenna: Oh, I see.

Malachi: Dr. Maxwell found and removed other glitches in Virulyde before.

Malachi: It's going to be okay, Ravenna.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XII: "Temporary Deactivation"

Karen: We have started analyzing the logs from Virulyde's memory.

Karen: Nothing was recorded during the time he was under remote control.

Saja: Anything unusual before that? He started acting strangely right after connecting to Aufdek's network.

Karen: That may have been the point at which the control program was initially run.

Karen: After that, some alternative network seems to have connected.

Saja: From where?

Karen: I'm not sure. It didn't use the normal network hardware he has installed.

Dr. Maxwell: Good evening.

Saja: Good evening, Dr. Maxwell. What have you found so far?

Dr. Maxwell: Hmmm. Quite a few different things, to be honest.

Dr. Maxwell: This strange transformation you said happened... there are no systems installed to facilitate this.

Dr. Maxwell: There is quite a bit of damage to some of these circuits due to high voltage.

Dr. Maxwell: Furthermore, there are traces of nanotech substance here that aren't part of his system.

Karen: This is very similar to what we saw on the specimens from the incident with the original 23 units.

Saja: As I thought. Is this the same...?

Dr. Maxwell: It appears so. Whatever happened to him was what happened to the original Virulyde series.

Dr. Maxwell: Hmph. This is going to take a while, I'm afraid.

Karen: We have to identify the cause of the malfunction in order to create a mitigation device.

Dr. Maxwell: There is a lot of data from the original series that could come in useful here.

Saja: *sigh*

Saja: I was really hoping it wasn't this bad...

Dr. Maxwell: We will figure something out, Miss Kabora.

Saja: Thank you both. I am going to give Malachi and Ravenna an update.

Saja: *sigh*

Karen: Saja...

Karen: Virulyde will be operational again before you know it.

Karen: You don't need to worry.

Saja: I know. I have full confidence in you.

Saja: It's just... Virulyde, Malachi, and myself have always been a team.

Saja: The worst we have to fear as humans in terms of the network is losing the function of our comm implants.

Saja: Virulyde's very being is at the mercy of unknown attackers who can take control of him.

Saja: We're unable to even know who did it...

Karen: We can remove his network capabilities, if it comes down to it.

Karen: Dad's going to analyze the data more carefully and figure out what hidden system was used in the takeover.

Karen: We just need some time.

Saja: Thanks, Karen. You're right. I'm sure it will all turn out okay.

Malachi: I guess we really didn't have a lot of time to give you a proper tour of this place before, huh?

Ravenna: Well... other than getting something to eat and going shopping. Seems like the mall here is pretty big.

Malachi: Yeah, Saja loves it.

Saja: Hey.

Malachi: What's new, Saja? How are they coming along with Virulyde?

Saja: Determining what exactly went wrong will take some time. There's also some repair work involved.

Malachi: Oh. They'll be able to fix him, though, right?

Saja: Yeah. I'm sure they will.

Malachi: I am going to treat him to all of the orange juice he can drink once he's back to normal.

Saja: I'll hold you to that!

Ravenna: Same!

Saja: For the time being, we are off duty. We have some spare time as a result.

Saja: Ravenna, would you like to see some more of this place?

Ravenna: Yes, please! Actually...

Ravenna: I'm starving. Can we get something to eat?

Saja: Of course.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XIII: "Gathering Information"

Saja: We will get something to eat first...

Saja: Then it's time to gather some information.

Ravenna: Gather some information...?

Saja: You'd be surprised at how much can be learned through underground channels about Zetsfir's activities.

Saja: There are spies here from all over the world and even some working for Zetsfir, unfortunately.

Saja: If you know who and how to ask... there's a lot of good information that isn't available through official channels.

Ravenna: That's actually pretty unexpected, I have to admit.

Saja: Malachi, put that away.

Saja: Over there is where Malachi buys his video games.

Ravenna: This place is bigger than I thought. Is this entire section a mall?

Saja: Pretty much. This section is a tourist attraction of sorts. Here, I'll show you.

Saja: We are here.

Saja: Commercial sub-level A4.

Saja: Here's High Fashion Planet on the main plaza level, where we just were.

Saja: And the docks...

Ravenna: That must be where we were fighting Zetsfir.. and here's the restaurant...

Saja: Yes. And here's the residential area and my quarters...

Pleione: Heeeyyyy!!!!!

Pleione: Whatch'a doing?

Saja: Hey, Pleione!

Saja: Actually... good timing.

Saja: Has anything new come up with regard to Zetsfir's 5D gates?

Pleione: It's funny you should ask, Saja. Some really large gates have been opening in low orbit over the past few days.

Saja: Since we arrived?

Malachi: Huh. This is the first I've heard of any new activity. It's been quiet over the past week.

Pleione: These are harder to detect. We didn't know how to look for them until yesterday when we got some new data on scanning techniques.

Pleione: At least one of those gates appears to be one that the Prince was using.

Saja: This new information... did it come from one of our spies, or...?

Pleione: This is probably not the best place to discuss it. We have a new informant, let's leave it at that for now.

Malachi: Ah, ha! Good to know.

Pleione: There's still a lot of chaos at HQ and we're still working on a new plan since the Aufdek mission didn't pan out.

Pleione: Oh, by the way, how is Virulyde doing?

Saja: He will be fine. Dr. Maxwell is going to do some repairs and prevent a future takeover.

Pleione: That's good. As you know, until he is in working condition, any further missions have been suspended.

Pleione: I'm sorry to run off but I have a meeting. Later!

Saja: See you later, Pleione.

Malachi: Take care, Pleione.

Pleione: Toodles!

Saja: Hmmm.... Zetsfir's deploying gates again but not attacking. I don't know what to make of it.

Malachi: We've strengthened our exterior defenses a little but I wonder if it's enough.

Saja: Let's eat and then see if any of our informants have updates.

Saja: If any of those gates are left open long enough, there might be a mission to go through one.

Malachi: To the planet Zetsfir?

Saja: If it exists, maybe.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XIV: "Zetsfir's Orders"

Sir Jensen: No good. I can't take control of it again.

Bachan: Lousy. They must have caught on that we took control.

Sir Jensen: Just what is a "Virulyde Unit", anyway?

Bachan: A series of androids. We need to regain control of this 24th unit again as soon as possible.

Sir Jensen: They took it offline. Nothing I can do now.

Sir Jensen: It started doing some weird stuff when I ran the program. What's the purpose of this?

Bachan: Once again, too many questions.

Bachan: Ugh, fine. I'll indulge this.

Bachan: This particular Virulyde unit is with a group of traitors. We want it to subdue them.

Sir Jensen: These "traitors" wouldn't happen to be the companions of this girl from the ruins, would they?

Bachan: You're quick to catch on.

Sir Jensen: That's a pretty low down trick. You should have told me that from the start.

Bachan: I'm honoring your stipulation that no one is killed. Isn't that good enough?

Sir Jensen: ...

Sir Jensen: Yeah. That's fine, then. As long as we're clear on that.

Bachan: The Virulyde unit is of a lesser concern right now, anyway. We need to begin preparations for this ship's transformation.

Sir Jensen: I still don't see how this entire thing can just do that so quickly...

Bachan: Rojo.

Rojo: Yes, your majesty?

Bachan: The council wants to speak to us soon. Prepare a communications channel.

Rojo: Of course. By the way... let's drop the aliases.

Rojo: Address me as Unit #25.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XV: "Dinner"

Saja: I'm really sorry about the wedding, Rosetta.

Saja: We weren't able to get back in time.

Rosetta: Oh, didn't Mom tell you? Amid all the commotion, we rescheduled it. We have plenty of time.

Rosetta: With you keeping us safe, we have all the time in the world.

Saja: We certainly try. Our time off-duty might be short-lived, though.

Malachi: Hmm... I don't know what to eat.

Ravenna: I think I'll get what I had last time. It was pretty good.

Rosetta: It's so nice to finally meet you, Ravenna. I have so many things I want to ask you.

Rosetta: Maybe it's best if we wait until another time for that. I know you have a lot on your plate.

Ravenna: Likewise, nice to meet you. I'll have a lot on my plate once the food arrives but... trust me, it won't be on there long!

Malachi: Don't get between Ravenna and food. You may lose an arm...

Saja: Malachi!

Malachi: Oh! Sorry! My big stupid mouth... poor choice of words.

Malachi: Uhhh...

Ravenna: It's okay, Malachi. If you interfere with my meal, I might eat your arm.

Ravenna: Besides, it's not like my arm's gone forever, right?

Malachi: Of course. Dr. Maxwell will probably have it ready for you soon. We could go check on it if you like.

Ravenna: You know...

Ravenna: I don't think I want to see that arm before it's attached to me. It just seems like it would be unsettling.

Saja: You two... I swear...

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XVI: "Virulyde's Status"

Ravenna: That was a good meal. I'm stuffed.

Saja: Yeah. I think Malachi is still begging to get his job back.

Ravenna: It won't be that long before your next mission, right? We're just waiting on Virulyde's repairs?

Saja: Yes. I'm sure we'll receive our next assignment as soon as Virulyde is operational.

Ravenna: Let's go check up on him.

Saja: Okay. Here comes Malachi.

Malachi: Yo.

Saja: We're going to the lab to check on Virulyde.

Malachi: Cool. I wonder how they're coming along with that?

Ravenna: We've been here about a week, right?

Malachi: Yeah. 8 days now, if I recall.

Ravenna: Your hair has really grown back a lot since we got here!

Malachi: Well...

Malachi: That's because I use Happy Herbie's Hair Hurry!

Ravenna: Oh, I didn't know you used hair products!

Malachi: Of course! I had a little mishap working at the restaurant. Ever since, I've been lathering my head in the stuff to get my hair back to normal.

Malachi: Speaking of... don't you use hair products, Ravenna? I mean... the way you get your hair to stand up like that on the sides...

Ravenna: Nope! It just does that! Nobody knows why!

Saja: Ravenna, have you noticed that Virulyde's hair does that, too?

Ravenna: Yeah. I haven't given it much thought but I think it's because Virulyde contains a copy of the data that's encoded in my DNA.

Malachi: Uh, Ravenna... Virulyde's an android. He may contain that data but he doesn't have DNA.

Ravenna: Well... duh! I know he doesn't look that way due to that. I figured he was made that way on purpose, though.

Saja: Let's head on down to the lab.

Karen: Hello, Saja.

Saja: How are things coming along?

Karen: We've identified the "black box" system that was used in the takeover. It's been removed.

Ravenna: Whoa... he looks kind of creepy like that...

Karen: We had to partially disassemble him in order to perform repairs. Some circuits were badly damaged.

Malachi: There won't be a risk of any future system hijackings?

Karen: I believe we have that situation resolved. It was due to an oversight, that's all.

Karen: The vulnerability no longer exists.

Malachi: That's good.

Ravenna: Sorry to bother you about this, but...

Ravenna: What's the scoop on my arm?

Karen: I believe it's about 30 percent through the development stage. Do you want to see it?

Ravenna: No... no, I'd rather not, thank you.

Karen: Okay, suit yourself. If I may say so, it looks quite nice so far.

Ravenna: Yeah, I'll take your word for it!

Karen: It won't be ready to attach for a few more weeks, I'm afraid. Our bio lab does things a bit slowly.

Ravenna: No rush.

Ravenna: I think I'll head back out to the mall.

Karen: Saja, do you think it would be possible to take us to Goliath in a little while? We have some business there.

Saja: Of course. I think Pleione wanted to go visit her family soon, anyway.

Karen: Excellent. I am going to finish up my work on Virulyde and then we will bring him aboard the ShockShadow II when you're ready.

Saja: I'll speak with the others. I'll be back soon.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XVII: "Destination: Goliath"

Ravenna: It was a little unsettling.

Malachi: I know. They'll get him put back together soon.

Saja: Yes, in fact, Karen's finishing him up right now.

Malachi: Oh, good!

Saja: She's going to have him brought aboard the ShockShadow II. We are going to take Karen and Dr. Maxwell to Goliath.

Pleione: Goliath? You guys going there?

Saja: Yeah! Do you want to come along?

Pleione: Yes, please! I haven't visited my folks in a while!

Saja: I guess we'll depart as soon as Karen finishes up with Virulyde.

Dr. Maxwell: Repairs are complete but, by protocol, we cannot re-activate him until a number of diagnostics are completed.

Karen: It's safe to transport him as-is?

Dr. Maxwell: Yes. The ShockShadow II has the necessary facilities to complete the tests and such.

Saja: Malachi is preparing a shuttle to the ShockShadow II. We can leave whenever you are ready.

Dr. Maxwell: Excellent. There is an important experiment taking place on Goliath and our presence has been requested.

Saja: Understood. We're currently in a lower state of alert, so our trip has been authorized.

Karen: I'll get Virulyde sent to the docking area.

Karen: He's headed to the docks. The crew will take him aboard now.

Saja: When you are ready, we should head down there, too.

Dr. Maxwell: Let's go.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XVIII: "To Goliath"

Dr. Maxwell: That should do it.

Karen: Safeguards are in place to prevent accidental reactivation.

Karen: Should we wait before beginning the diagnostics?

Dr. Maxwell: That would be best. We should arrive on Goliath soon.

Malachi: Been a while since we've visited Goliath.

Saja: It has.

Pleione: Y'know my parents would probably like to meet Ravenna.

Saja: We are trying to encourage her to keep a low profile, Pleione.

Ravenna: I'm not worried. As long as I'm not on the news or anything, that is...

Malachi: Yeah. At this point, I think anyone who might be a problem already knows, anyway.

Saja: Judging by the Prince, anyway.

Pleione: Not to change the subject, but who might be responsible for taking over Virulyde?

Saja: Someone with deep knowledge of the Virulyde units.

Malachi: I wouldn't think it's Aufdek, though. He was destroying the city like crazy. They wouldn't want him to destroy their own city.

Pleione: Not unless they wanted a false flag pinned on Fumacine. That still wouldn't make sense, considering the history of the original Virulyde units.

Pleione: With the ruckus caused in Aufdek, I don't think sneaking in there and getting data on the V-CORE is going to happen any time soon.

Saja: Most likely, we need to get a lead on any other potential copies that might exist.

Pleione: Fortunately, my dad knows a thing or two about that.

Malachi: Really? That could be very useful.

Ravenna: The V-CORE on the Morgan's Gate activated when I was near it. Do you think the copies might also react to me?

Saja: We don't know much about them but I wouldn't rule it out.

Pleione: I'm going to contact HQ just to check in. Looks like we'll be entering the atmosphere soon.

Malachi: Is the V-CORE really the key to manipulating the 5-D gates?

Saja: So I hear. I'm not completely sure where Fumacine HQ received this information but it's the best lead we have.

Ravenna: All I know is that it can act as a time machine. All this 5-D gate stuff is new to me.

Saja: Having access to Zetsfir's base of operations is our world's best chance for peace, so I'd say it's worth a shot.

Saja: Let's bring the ship in for a landing near Pleione's family home. The conference facility isn't too far away from there.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XIX: "Goliath - Arrival"

Ravenna: Hmmm.... I feel even lighter, now.

Malachi: That's because there's a lot less gravity here. This moon is smaller than our main planet.

Saja: It takes some getting used to.

Saja: Pleione struggled to adjust for a while back at Fumacine Academy when we were kids.

Malachi: I stopped making fun of her as soon as we came here, though.

Ravenna: What happened?

Saja: Malachi tried to show off how high he could jump and ended up hitting his head on a lamp post.

Ravenna: Yeah.... I can relate. I hurt myself a few times showing off as a kid.

Malachi: Lesson learned. Just walk more slowly for a while and you'll get used to the gravity.

Ravenna: I was so weak when I first arrived on the main planet that I didn't notice the change quite so much.

Pleione: Did I hear you all mention me?

Malachi: Just reminiscing about when you were adjusting to Kaperth's gravity as a kid.

Pleione: Oh, well, I got used to it. Anyway, I'm heading into town!

Saja: We should do the same once Dr. Maxwell and Karen leave for their conference.

Karen: Actually, Saja, we're just about to head over there.

Saja: Is Virulyde secured?

Karen: Yes, he's in the sleeping quarters on the ShockShadow II. He's in hibernation mode for now.

Saja: Understood. Thanks for being so diligent with his maintenance.

Karen: Sure. It's our job, after all.

Karen: Let's regroup after the conference.

Saja: Absolutely.

Saja: In the mean time, let's go for a little walk and then head into town.

Ravenna: Sounds good to me. I'd like to have a look around. This atmosphere is very... purple.

Malachi: Of course it is! This is Goliath, the purple moon, after all.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XX: "An Android's Hidden Memories"





Gesh: Gaia, why don't you see through their smokescreen?

Gesh: Zetsfir is only trying to exploit us!

Gaia: Gesh, bro, don't be so paranoid.

Gaia: Zetsfir's sole purpose is to provide a way to save humanity.

Gesh: Because of that myth, sis? You really believe in that?

Gesh: actually do, don't you?

Gaia: It's not a myth, Gesh. It's science.

Gesh: Oh, please.

Gesh: A gene mutation is the key to saving the world?

Gaia: What was once a legend has been proven to be a real threat.

Gaia: Humans have to leave Earth and spread out to new worlds.

Gaia: You and I have the gift that makes it possible.

Gesh: "Gift"? Sis, that's...

Gesh: Everyone says I'm crazy but it's all of you who are delusional!

Gesh: It's a fairy tale, Gaia... Just some story, that's all.

Gesh: Whatever this so-called "threat" was supposed to be, it's just some dumb snipe hunt.

Gaia:'s not what you think it is.

Gaia: An event happened in the late 20th Century that was later shown to demonstrate an anomaly in our world line.

Gaia: It led to the discovery of how higher temporal dimensions work but also the dangerous ripple effect of the event.

Gaia: Earth is at the very epicenter of this anomaly in temporal causality. We only have 26 years before...

Gesh: The world is destroyed in 2224? Give me a break.

Gesh: The next thing you'll probably tell me is that the anomaly is proof that we are living in a simulation.

Gesh: You're starting to sound like the eccentric inventor of the Hovercrane series.

Gaia: You can't deny that we have synthetic computer code in our DNA.

Gaia: It's been in our family long before that was technologically possible.

Gesh: So... time travel, right? Really...?

Gaia: How else do you care to explain it?

Gaia: My husband and I are working hard to implement that code.

Gaia: We still need the missing pieces from you in order to have the system ready before the collapse.

Gaia: This is about the destiny of our species. Think it over, please!

Gesh: ...

Gesh: ...and open the gate...

Gesh: Sis, I'm telling you for the last time.

Gesh: This will only lead to a far worse disaster.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XXI: "Goliathian Gold Beast"

Ravenna: It's really peaceful here.

Saja: The people on Goliath tend not to get involved in the affairs between the nations on Kaperth.

Malachi: They also keep to themselves in terms of not attracting Zetsfir's attention too much.

Malachi: Still... they have been targeted a few times in the past.

Ravenna: It sounds like Zetsfir won't leave anyone alone.

Saja: They hunt down anyone who believes humans came from another world.

Ravenna: I know. I just hope we can do something... huh...?

Saja: What? What's wrong?

Ravenna: I heard a weird noise...

Ravenna: GAH...!!!

Ravenna: Nyuuuuuuhhhhh....!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?

Malachi: Oh, that's just a goliathian gold beast.

Malachi: They're completely harmless.

Saja: Ha ha! She had no way of knowing, though!

Ravenna: Hey, Saja... come on, gimme a break, will ya?

Saja: Sorry, Ravenna. Just so you know, though, there are no dangerous species on this moon.

Ravenna: It's cool.

Ravenna: So... these are gentle creatures.

Ravenna: Hey, there buddy!

Ravenna: Ha ha! There, there.

Ravenna: I take it there are no carnivorous creatures on the main planet, either?

Saja: Carnivorous?

Ravenna: Creatures that eat... other creatures.

Saja: Were there such creatures on your planet, Earth?

Ravenna: Well... yeah. There were herbivores and carnivores. Humans were omnivores.

Malachi: The translation device isn't making sense of those words.

Ravenna: Huh. I guess the entire concept doesn't exist in this world.

Saja: All food for humans and animals grows as vegetation, Ravenna.

Saja: We've... never known it to be any other way.

Ravenna: I wonder if something happened during the migration that caused life to adapt to that.

Saja: That would be the only explanation. No doubt it was necessary for survival.

Ravenna: Strange. We were able to synthesize meat from raw synthetic chemicals in my time.

Ravenna: It was chemically identical...

Pleione: I see you've made a new friend, here!

Pleione: I'd like you to meet my parents...

Pleione: This is my father, Amos.

Amos: How ya do? Been keepin' busy, have ya?

Pleione: This is my mother, Eris.

Eris: Welcome to Goliath, everyone.

Amos: If ya would, please come back with us to the house, I wanna discush some schtuff with ya.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XXII: "Shedding Some Light on the Prophecy"

Amos: Thanks for stoppin' by on such short notice.

Amos: Ravenna? We heard you are a time traveler from the original world.

Ravenna: Yeah... I guess you could put it that way.

Amos: Here, have a look at these scrolls.

Ravenna: These are the same as at Grady's place!

Amos: You appeared in the ruins of the great ship and don't match the genetics of any known modern humans.

Amos: Do you know about what the legend says?

Ravenna: Yeah. Apparently my mother was the "angel" in the story.

Ravenna: I still don't get a lot of it.

Amos: To sum it up, someone took steps to make sure this legend survived Zetsfir's attempt to erase it.

Amos: Whoever did that was able to travel through time in order to know what would happen up until you arrived.

Ravenna: If that's true, that means... it was probably by using the V-CORE!

Amos: Unfortunately, they also knew what happened to your world.

Ravenna: Dr. Maxwell said that my planet's star system is missing from where it's supposed to be.

Ravenna: Does that mean... THAT's the result of the "calamity"?

Ravenna: So... even if I got back home... just how long would we have before...?

Pleione: Dad... you're scaring her...

Ravenna: I'm okay. Whatever happened could have been hundreds of years later.

Amos: If time travel is involved, then there's even more to it than that.

Ravenna: Huh?

Eris: The research is very limited but we have a small underground organization here on Goliath working on something.

Eris: Some experiments are being conducted right now to confirm the existence of parallel worlds.

Ravenna: You've lost me. What does that have to do with time travel?

Eris: It's why we called Dr. Maxwell and his daughter to attend the conference.

Eris: We've determined that the 5-D gates allow more than just movement in higher spatial dimensions.

Eris: Ostensibly, these higher dimensions accessed by the gates can also be temporal.

Ravenna: Uhhhh.... still not quite getting what you're driving at.

Eris: 5-D gates aren't just wormholes and the V-CORE does more than generate those.

Eris: It allows more than simple time travel, too. What I mean is that, theoretically, it allows movement across world lines.

Ravenna: World lines... like, alternate timelines? Alternate histories?

Eris: Exactly. This is the true purpose of the legend. It's to let believers know that it's possible.

Ravenna: I wonder if Pop knew about this.

Malachi: It's all theoretical, though, right?

Pleione: Although our official purpose is to obtain or re-create a V-CORE in order to reach Zetsfir's domain...

Pleione: We were also commissioned to forward our findings here for research into the broader time travel applications.

Ravenna: If that's successful, not only can I go back home but we could check other timelines for ways to avert the disaster.

Pleione: It's at least a possibility. We just need to know more about how the V-CORE actually works.

Ravenna: Do we have any more leads on how to get our hands on one?

Saja: Supposedly, there are other copies around the world.

Amos: One possible location is in the Ice Plains, near the South Pole of Kaperth.

Amos: We've been told that a duplicate was built and hidden in that area a few hundred years ago.

Saja: The Kadmasian government's abandoned project!

Amos: Kadmas did have an outpost in the Ice Plains quite some time ago.

Saja: Why would they abandon such a thing, if it's true?

Malachi: I say we at least have a look around there, then.

Amos: By the way, Dr. Maxwell told me he wants to meet up with all of you in town.

Malachi: I guess we should head into town, then.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XXIII: "Useful Information Regarding 5-D Gates"

Saja: Dr. Maxwell said he would meet us here as soon as the conference was over.

Malachi: The conference center isn't too far from here. I'm sure he'll be...

Ravenna: I think I see Karen over there.

Karen: Hey. Dad went to check on Virulyde. He'll be here soon.

Karen: I heard you had a chance to speak with the Tauruses?

Saja: Yes, we just came from there.

Saja: They filled us in about the conference. Now I understand the secrecy.

Ravenna: We probably shouldn't talk about it too much out here, I take it.

Karen: It would be wise to keep discussion of any specifics to a minimum.

Karen: What we can talk about is what we know about Zetsfir's location.

Dr. Maxwell: Sorry I'm late, everyone. I had to check on Virulyde. Telemetry was indicating some unusual activity in his memory systems.

Saja: That's odd. I thought he was in hibernation mode. He shouldn't be conscious.

Dr. Maxwell: "Dreaming" might be an appropriate term, although that's not supposed to happen, either.

Dr. Maxwell: Anyway, we learned a great deal about the 5-D gates, as I'm sure Amos told you.

Dr. Maxwell: The team on Goliath has performed a deep analysis of the waves produced by the 5-D gates and we know how to replicate them.

Dr. Maxwell: If we can obtain or replicate a V-CORE, we now have the ability to use it to produce our own 5-D gates.

Karen: Furthermore, we have documentation on how manipulating these waves allows movement through time and higher dimensions.

Dr. Maxwell: A side effect of this research gave us the location of the exhumed Morgan's Gate.

Saja: Excellent!

Malachi: We also have a possible lead on where to obtain a V-CORE duplicate.

Saja: It's not certain, but it's a start.

Ravenna: ...

Ravenna: ...I really need something to eat...

Saja: Let's get some dinner, then. We'll rest up here tonight and then head back to Kaperth.

Saja: Once we've checked in with HQ, we'll likely set course for the Ice Plains.

Ravenna: Great!

Malachi: I know exactly what I want to have for dinner.

Pleione: Oh, really?

Malachi: Yeah, I was thinking about getting a big ol'...

Pleione: ...Heaping helping of my home cooking? You bet!

Malachi: Actually, I had something in mind, but...

Pleione: Aw, c'mon, Mal. I get a chance to come home and make my specialty using authentic Goliathian ingredients!

Malachi: Well... is it okay?

Pleione: Sure! Everyone, come back to the house and I'll whip up a feast big enough to feed the entire Fumacine military!

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XXIV: "Dinner at the Tauruses' House"

Malachi: That was an amazing dinner, Pleione. I'm stuffed.

Ravenna: Yeah, if I eat any more, I'll explode.

Pleione: I'm so glad you enjoyed my cooking.

Pleione: It's not often that I get a chance to come home and actually have guests, too.

Eris: Our daughter has many talents!

Eris: Your father and I have some business to do in town, so we'll be back later.

Pleione: Okay, Mom, be careful!

Eris: Certainly. Don't stay up too late. You'll want to see your friends off in the morning, right?

Malachi: Actually, Pleione, how long will you be here on Goliath?

Pleione: I'm sort of on vacation for one week.

Pleione: Well... sort of. They want me to keep an eye on things remotely and then return to Pandora in a few days.

Saja: I see. Since you've been promoted, you're technically always on duty, just like we are.

Pleione: I don't mind. This is what I want.

Ravenna: We never really know when Zetsfir is going to strike again, do we?

Pleione: Even though we have all of this new information, we don't know when or where, sadly.

Saja: For that reason, there is never a time when we can let our guard down.

Ravenna: With the V-CORE, we can finally force them out of the shadows, huh?

Malachi: That's right, as long as everything works out as anticipated.

Saja: Let's return to the ShockShadow II. Dr. Maxwell and Karen had to check on Virulyde again.

Pleione: They left so suddenly. I was afraid my cooking didn't agree with them.

Pleione: I thought maybe they had a case of the...

Ravenna: Ew.

Saja: No, Pleione, they just get really absorbed in their work.

Pleione: That's a relief!

Malachi: In more ways than one! The facilities on the ShockShadow II aren't exactly well-ventilated...

Saja: Malachi! Stop!

Pleione: Ha ha ha ha!

Pleione: Malachi, you're too funny.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XXV: "A Foreboding Atmosphere"

Eris: Dear... are you sure we shouldn't tell them?

Amos: I'm not sure of anything, dear. The prophecy is vague sometimes.

Eris: Shouldn't we find a way to convince them all to stay here for a while?

Amos: To have information about the future... and intervene...

Amos: Is it right to change the course of this timeline?

Eris: We have to protect our daughter, Amos.

Amos: And we will. Zetshfir could attack any place. We don't know the whole story.

Eris: Can't we at least contact the Pandora station?

Amos: It's a calculated risk. If the Pandora orbital station is attacked again, they'll need their forces in place to defend it.

Eris: Amos, it's clear enough in the prophecy that something big is about to happen. Once the "angel's daughter" arrives...

Amos: "Many will die". We just don't know exactly how that happens.

Amos: If we try to warn people and they evacuate, what if the place to where they evacuate is attacked?

Eris: The Pandora station, Goliath, the outposts on David, anywhere on Kaperth...

Amos: All vulnerable. If we intervene, we could be responsible for countless deaths.

Eris: ...This burden... what is the right thing to do...?

Amos: We throw everything we have into helping them get a V-CORE so they can end this once and for all.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XXVI: "Before Returning to Kaperth"

Saja: Okay, everyone, before we get some sleep tonight...

Saja: We are going to stop at the Pandora station to drop off Dr. Maxwell and Karen.

Karen: Some unexpected problems appeared in Virulyde's system and we need to use the lab to diagnose them.

Dr. Maxwell: Virulyde is in mostly good shape and safe to re-activate but we would like to at least take a look at these issues.

Dr. Maxwell: Please excuse us.

Saja: Malachi and Ravenna, after we drop off the Maxwells, we are headed back to Kaperth.

Saja: En route, I'll check in with HQ to confirm our mission and then we're headed to the Ice Plains.

Ravenna: Sounds like a plan.

Malachi: Ravenna, make sure you bundle up before we get there. It's very cold and probably a lot colder than you're used to.

Ravenna: I'll keep it in mind.

Ravenna: Do you really think we'll be able to find a V-CORE there?

Saja: It's likely. Our lead came from a very reliable source.

Ravenna: I'm just a little worried. I feel like it just can't be that easy. Just... find it lying around, and all.

Saja: Not many people go to the Ice Plains. It's not exactly the most hospitable place on the planet.

Saja: Anyway, get some sleep, you two. I'm going to check in with HQ.

Ravenna: Good night!

Malachi: Don't stay up too late, Saja.

Saja: Karla?

Karla: Saja! How's everything on Goliath?

Saja: Everything is fine here. Pleione fed us all.

Karla: And you're feeling okay?

Saja: Well, yes, her cooking is really good.

Saja: Any updates?

Karla: Let's see. We have picked up some signs of Zetsfir using a 5-D gate in the vicinity of the Pandora station.

Karla: It appears to be for reconnaissance purposes as no weaponry or ships have entered that space.

Saja: I see. That's still a cause for concern.

Karla: A squadron has been deployed to patrol the area in case Zetsfir does send anything through.

Saja: That's good. Has the documentation been reviewed for a potential excursion to the Ice Plains?

Karla: Yes. We have approval. As soon as you enter Kaperth's atmosphere tomorrow, check in and we'll verify.

Saja: Thank you.

Karla: We are going to monitor the air space surrounding the site where your team will land.

Karla: It's just to ensure you aren't ambushed.

Saja: As is standard procedure. Much appreciated.

Karla: Saja, this is just between you and me, but...

Saja: Yes...?

Karla: Zetsfir's movements, from what we can tell, seem to be different lately.

Saja: Would we chalk that up to the fact that the Prince is with them?

Karla: That could be the reason. I just feel like they're planning something completely different.

Karla: Something... big.

Saja: It's the times when we don't know where to focus that bother me the most.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XXVII: "Zetsfir's Secret Weapon"

Bachan: We've had Sir Jensen make the final adjustments.

Bachan: Everything is ready. Awaiting your orders.

Bukavac: I see. Good work, Prince Fumacine.

Samael: This pleases us.

Bachan: As instructed, Sir Jensen is unaware of the exact nature of the V-Core's energy redirection.

Bachan: I do wonder, though, if I may be so bold...

Bachan: For what reason are we discharging the beam cannon through a 5-D gate?

Bukavac: You don't need to concern yourself with such things.

Pithius: It is a test of the 5-D gate's stability.

Bukavac: That will be all, Prince Fumacine.

Bukavac: Have Sir Jensen open the gate and discharge the beam cannon at once.

Bachan: I... have concerns...

Bukavac: That will be all, Prince Fumacine. Are you having trouble understanding me?

Bukavac: Perhaps you desire a painful correction. Perhaps your precious Unit 25... your "Rojo" would desire said correction in your stead?

Bachan: No, my lord. We will execute your commands immediately.

Bukavac: Yes, see to it that you do...

Kulshedra: Bukavac, is this truly necessary?

Bukavac: You are weak, Kulshedra.

Kulshedra: !!!

Bukavac: It is by divine providence that we cleanse the world of all knowledge pertaining to the sins of the past.

Kulshedra: Yes, but at this cost...?

Bukavac: You lack conviction, as usual. It was by our efforts that such a world may exist at all!

Bukavac: Now that the time has arrived to do what is necessary, you show a lack of resolve?

Kulshedra: No, I...

Bukavac: There are things that must be sealed away. The infidel factions seek to uncover these blasphemous things.

Bukavac: We will take this decisive action to end the threat.

Rojo: Has the V-core energy pipeline been re-routed to the beam cannon?

Sir Jensen: Yes, we're all set but...

Sir Jensen: Rojo... I mean, Unit 25...

Rojo: Unit 25 shall suffice.

Sir Jensen: Why are we firing the beam cannon through a gate? What purpose does that serve?

Sir Jensen: I'm beginning to wonder if Fumacine really needs this kind of firepower against Zetsfir.

Rojo: You needn't concern yourself with that. We are merely performing a test.

Sir Jensen: How did you get involved in all of this, anyway?

Rojo: I don't think you need to ask such probing questions!

Sir Jensen: Sheesh, alright, alright... As long as we aren't acting on the offensive here.

Rojo: You are being offensive.

Sir Jensen: Yo, alright already. Chill. I'm just not going to take part in killin' anybody.

Rojo: You are being paid a generous sum of money to do a job. Just do the job.

Rojo: I'm going to check on the troops.

Sir Jensen: (What's her problem? I know these guys are up to something...)

Sir Jensen: (I just can't bail here. There's too much at stake...)

Bachan: Sir Jensen, I have orders to begin. Open a 5-D gate and fire the cannon when I give the order.

Sir Jensen: Right... the cannon is fully charged and on standby.

Bachan: Open the gate.

Rojo: Are we starting?

Bachan: Yes. It's about to begin.

Rojo: Yes... yes... yes...

Bachan: It'll all be over soon enough...

Sir Jensen: The gate is open. The cannon is ready to fire.

Sir Jensen: (Why do I have a terrible feeling about all of this...?)

Sir Jensen: Prince Fumacine, are you absolutely sure...?

Bachan: Sir Jensen, WILL YOU RELAX? This is only a test!

Bachan: Now... on my mark...

Bachan: FIRE.

Chapter IV: Chapter Four: Global Revolution - Scene XXVIII: "Ignominy"

Karen: Thank you for bringing us back to the Pandora station.

Malachi: It's on the way but it's no trouble at all regardless.

Dr. Maxwell: I would like to run some additional tests on Virulyde before re-activation.

Saja: That's fine. I would like to see Aunt Marie and Rosetta about the new plans for the wedding, too.

Malachi: Saja, I think you might want to take a look at this.

Saja: Hmmm?

Malachi: There's a space-time anomaly ahead of us.

Saja: A 5-D gate? What orientation?

Malachi: There is a very high amplitude energy reading coming through.

Saja: That's way too close to the Pandora station...

Saja: I'd better contact them immediately!

Ravenna: Look, there it is...!

Saja: This is bad. Normally, we detect signature radiation patterns ahead of time.

Saja: This is a much larger distortion than usual, too... wait... what the...

Malachi: What's wrong?

Saja: Communications are overloaded.. or jammed... I have to warn them!

Ravenna: It's opening... is it Zetsfir?!

Malachi: No... no.... no...

Malachi: This isn't happening...

Dr. Maxwell: Emergency communications are offline!


Saja: Aunt Marie... Rosetta... everyone in there.... they never had a chance...



Pleione: Hmmm.... what gives...?

Eris: Is something the matter, Pleione?

Pleione: I can't reach anyone on the Pandora orbital station, Mom.

Karla: What is that? Are they cloud seeding again already?

Celaeno: Lieutenant Alcyone, no one is able to make contact with the Pandora orbital station.

Celaeno: When was your last contact with them?

Karla: Just about 40 minutes ago. I thought there was network congestion.

Celaeno: We need to make contact with the station immediately.

Celaeno: Establish an emergency communications link with them on any available medium. Immediately.

Karla: What's going on, here...?

Grady: Greta, dear, do you know if any of our vehicles produce condensation trails that look like that?

Greta: Dear, you need to have your eyes checked. Whatever those are, they aren't condensation trails.

Grady: It's not my eyes I'm worried about.

Greta: That's really high up there. Above the clouds, from the look of it.

Grady: Let's get in touch with Fumacine headquarters.

Azurat: Hmmm... What kind of trails are those? I don't like the look of them.

Azurat: They remind me a little too much of...

Azurat: Oh please no, I hope not...

Azurat: Something truly horrible has happened, hasn't it?

Azurat: If that's what I think it is, my thoughts are with those who have been lost.

Azurat: Ravenna, Gaia, and Marvin...

Azurat: If you're out there somewhere, I hope you're safe.


Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene I: "Bus Learns the Truth"

Sir Jensen: ZETSFIR!!!!!

Sir Jensen: You tricked me into helping ZETSFIR!!!!

Bachan: ...

Bachan: You don't understand our goals, Sir Jensen.

Sir Jensen: What the HELL is there to understand?! You're murderers, don't you know that?!

Sir Jensen: I thought this was just going to be a test! All of those innocent people...DEAD!

Bachan: Look... this arrangement isn't exactly voluntary, alright?

Bachan: We're just carrying out orders...

Rojo: Your majesty, do you want me to handle this situation?

Bachan: Yeah, fine... whatever.

Rojo: We've had enough of your insolence, Sir Jensen.

Sir Jensen: What a coincidence.

Sir Jensen: I'm also pretty damn tired of dealing with you two.

Sir Jensen: Fortunately, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Rojo: Fun little toy you have there. There's only one problem...

Rojo: Do you really think you can hit me with that?

Sir Jensen: It's just a little something I keep handy for emergencies.

Rojo: Oh, it's an emergency, alright. It's an emergency for you.

Rojo: Where are you even aiming?! You're clearly way in over your head.

Sir Jensen: Don't be too sure, you mass-murdering bitch.


Sir Jensen: Move yo' ass OUT OF MY WAY!!!

Sir Jensen: What makes you think I'm aiming at you?!

Sir Jensen: I'll make sure Zetsfir won't be able to repeat this atrocity.

Sir Jensen: That should do it. The V-CORE is destroyed.

Sir Jensen: The gun ain't for you, lady. Like I said... I ain't killin' nobody.

Bachan: What.... have... you... done...?

Rojo: I'll kill him... I'll kill him...

Bachan: No, Rojo...

Bachan: There's no need for that.

Rojo: Just let me...

Bachan: No... we need to get out of here.

Bachan: Let's go.

Rojo: You are so damned lucky, Sir Jensen.

Sir Jensen: Such cowards...

Sir Jensen: Just following orders....?

Sir Jensen: How could I have been so blind as to not figure out it was Zetsfir...?

Sir Jensen: My hands are stained with their blood....

Sir Jensen: I have to get out of this forsaken scrap heap.

Bus: No more of this kind of work for me.

Bus: Now that I know Ravenna's out there somewhere... I have to find her.

Bus: It's only a matter of time before they rebuild the V-CORE, though.

Bus: Hmmm.....

Bus: There should be some escape pods over there. I think I'll bail before the 5-D gate closes.

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene II: "Reeling in the Aftermath"

NARRATOR: Fumacine City, 5 weeks later

Karla: Sir, I have the latest report.

Karla: Reconnaissance has notified us that the 5-D gate has been confirmed to close roughly five hours after the incident.

Karla: Without our observation point... intact... it was difficult to ascertain the closure.

Celaeno: Understood. We did not have any remaining satellites in the vicinity.

Karla: Furthermore, there has been no additional 5-D gate activity nor any similar anomalies since then.

Celaeno: They've been quiet. Surely they're aware of our plans to counterattack.

Karla: If I may say so, yes. They are likely planning for that.

Celaeno: It's difficult to simply wait for the next appearance.

Celaeno: Will we be sitting ducks? What's the status on the search for a viable replica V-CORE?

Karla: Since Pandora's destruction, the elite trio has been on leave.

Celaeno: Has the Virulyde unit been reactivated?

Karla: No, sir. Dr. Maxwell was unable to run some last-minute diagnostics due to the loss of the lab.

Celaeno: Please support the Maxwells in their efforts to construct a new facility.

Karla: Yes, sir. I'll ask Dr. Maxwell to send us a list of necessary equipment and supplies.

Celaeno: Thank you. Let's set up a rendezvous point for the shipments to the ShockShadow II.

Celaeno: I have a press conference. Talk to you later.

Karla: Understood.

Karen: Hello, Karla. How are you doing?

Karla: Same as usual. How about you?

Karen: We're holding up. Everyone's slowly getting back to normal.

Karla: How is Saja? She has not contacted me since... you know...

Karen: Saja's a little bit of a different story. She's... still in shock.

Karla: I see...

Karla: I know she lost her only remaining close family.

Karen: Yes. We... we all lost... friends... family... co-workers...

Karen: I'm sorry. I'm still not...

Karla: Don't force yourself.

Karla: Listen... I just wanted to pass along a request for a list of any and all materials, equipment, anything you need.

Karen: To set up the new lab?

Karla: Yes. That, and, once you're established with a working setup, please re-activate Virulyde.

Karen: Right. He has been down for quite a while now.

Karla: Surely you know but the pressure is increasing to find a working V-CORE.

Karen: Yes. We were told there may be one in the Ice Plains.

Karla: Right. Once your team is ready, let us know. That will be the next mission.

Karen: I'll pass it along, thanks.

Karla: Thank you. Hang in there, ok?

Karen: I'm sure our team will be ready soon. I'll have Dad give me a list of everything we need to set up a new lab.

Karla: Take care, Karen!

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene III: "Celaeno's Resolve"

Reporter: The newly-elected prime minister Celaeno Kabora is about to address the Empire today regarding Zetsfir.

Reporter: Calls for retaliation have increased since the Pandora Orbital Station's destruction.

Reporter: Forty days ago, Zetsfir committed a devastating atrocity in which the Pandora Station was completely destroyed.

Reporter: 4428 people were aboard the orbital station at the time. There were no survivors.

Reporter: Many have called for immediate action against Zetsfir, describing the attack as Zetsfir's final act of evil.

Reporter: We take you live to the main auditorium at Fumacine Defense Headquarters.

Reporter: In just moments, Prime Minister Kabora will speak.

Reporter: Today's highly anticipated speech is expected to assure the people of Fumacine that action will be taken against Zetsfir.

Reporter: We are about to head inside the auditorium.

Celaeno: Thank you all for coming.

Celaeno: As you all know, the Pandora Orbital Station, a critical outpost for Fumacine and Kadmas, was destroyed in a vicious surprise attack.

Celaeno: We will no longer tolerate Zetsfir's genocide.

Celaeno: Months before the attack, we have been making progress in developing a method to open 5-D gates and take the fight to Zetsfir's homeland.

Celaeno: I announce today my commitment to launch an all-out attack on Zetsfir's homeland.

Celaeno: We will reverse engineer their technology and execute a full-scale eradication of their military bases and weaponry.

Celaeno: Fumacine will also lead the attack on their capital, ensuring the demise of their leadership so that no one remains to continue their genocide.

Celaeno: The time has come to rid our world of the constant threat posed by Zetsfir. We have lived in fear for centuries.

Celaeno: Thank you. At this time, I will be unable to answer any questions.

Reporter: Well, there you have it... the Prime Minister gave a brief speech with some strong words for Zetsfir.

Reporter: Some, however, have some reservations about his ambitious plan.

Reporter: Sir, what do you think about Prime Minister Kabora's plans to attack Zetsfir?

Jack: Yo, let me tell ya, I hate Zetsfir as much as anybody else, hell, I had friends up there on Pandora...

Jack: But this Kabora, he's all about shootin' first and askin' questions later. Like, we can't do it that way.

Reporter: How would you propose Fumacine respond to Zetsfir's attacks?

Jack: Hey, look, like, why is he blurting out stuff about reverse engineering the gates? Giving them a heads up?

Jack: Whatever happened to stealth? Hit Zetsfir when they think we can't fight back, y'know?

Reporter: Thank you, sir. We appreciate your input.

Reporter: Let's hear from someone else here...

Reporter: Ma'am, did you hear Prime Minister Kabora's speech just now?

Elle: Yes, I did.

Reporter: Do you agree with his aggressive strategy to attack Zetsfir's homeland?

Elle: I think what happened to Pandora was the final straw. I'm glad he's taking a proactive approach, although...

Elle: I am worried about needless bloodshed. Just because Zetsfir kills innocent people doesn't mean we should.

Reporter: What do you mean, specifically, about needless bloodshed?

Elle: He said we'd attack the capital. We've never seen their homeland. What if there are innocent people living in their cities?

Elle: Their troops must come from somewhere. I don't know... don't they have families? Certainly there are children there somewhere...

Reporter: So you think Fumacine and the coalition with Kadmas and Graves would attack indiscriminately?

Elle: Well, no, I mean... we're not like that, are we? Still... innocent casualties are inevitable with that kind of rhetoric going into war.

Reporter: Thank you.

Reporter: Some opinions on the ground in Fumacine City.

Reporter: Leaders in Kadmas have issued statements criticizing Prime Minister Kabora's speech, citing that his rhetoric is irresponsible.

Reporter: We have reached out to other Fumacine officials but have not yet received any response.

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene IV: "Bus Laments"

Bus: I hope they don't have tracking devices in these escape pods.

Bus: It doesn't look like they even have controls, for that matter...

Bus: ...

Bus: ...I can't even begin to process all of this...

Bus: How many people just died because I went along with their orders?

Bus: I didn't know, right? How could I have known they had aimed the beam that way?

Bus: No...

Bus: I could have figured it out if I'd bothered to look.

Bus: No, that's a cop-out, too...

Bus: I didn't want to look.

Bus: I didn't want to know.

Bus: Anything to get a lead on where Ravenna might be.

Bus: Look what my complacency got us.

Bus: How am I going to face this world, having done this?

Bus: What the hell am I going to do to atone for this?

Bus: I can't bring them back.

Bus: I can't even find my friend...

Bus: After ten whole years...

Bus: One thing's for sure. I can't tell a soul I was involved.

Bus: Atonement... that's something I'm going to have to figure out.

Bus: At the very least, I have to stop Zetsfir so this never happens again.

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene V: "Azurat and Bus Meet Again"

Azurat: Ugh.

Azurat: This search is going nowhere fast.

Azurat: Ravenna's signal was there and then it wasn't.

Azurat: It just dropped off the sensors entirely.

Azurat: Huh.... what's that?

Azurat: Another fragment of that space station? After this long...?

Azurat: No, wait... that's something different.

Azurat: ...

Azurat: Neat.

Azurat: Welp... time to go be nosey.

Azurat: ...don't be a space monster...

Azurat: ...don't be a space monster... don't be a space monster...

Azurat: ...please don't be a big purple man-eating space monster...

Azurat: Wait... what the...?

Azurat: PLEASE DON'T EAT M....muh....

Azurat: Marvin?!!!

Bus: ...Professor Disphumis?! Is that you?!

Bus: Your time machine worked?!

Azurat: Marvin!!! Am I glad to see you!!!

Bus: The feeling is mutual, Professor.

Azurat: Please pardon me for saying this but...

Azurat: You look older. Just how long has it been for you?

Bus: I arrived here almost exactly ten years ago.

Azurat: Where's Ravenna? She was with you, right?

Bus: She was with me right up until...

Bus: Professor, I've been looking for her these past ten years.

Azurat: Marvin, the Hovercrane's right over there.

Azurat: We have a lot to discuss.

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene VI: "Azurat and Bus Catch Up"

Azurat: ...So, you were trapped inside a cargo shuttle and it launched off-schedule.

Bus: Not just that. All communications were jammed somehow.

Azurat: We were also experiencing network issues at the lab that morning.

Bus: That's... odd.

Azurat: I don't blame you two for wanting to find dirt on Zetsfir.

Azurat: After you two disappeared, I did a little investigating on my own.

Bus: Oh? What did you find out?

Azurat: Zetsfir had knowledge of the future. Anyway...

Azurat: Do you have any idea where Ravenna might be?

Bus: Professor, I don't know how to tell you this but...

Azurat: What is it, Marvin?

Bus: I'm sure she's okay if you picked up on her tracking beacon...

Azurat: Did something happen to her?

Bus: She was badly injured right before the V-CORE activated.

Azurat: How badly?

Bus: A guard robot messed up her right arm and she ended up breaking it, too.

Azurat: She's well-trained in first aid. Did she manage to treat it?

Bus: Yes, she patched it up but she had still lost some blood.

Azurat: Her tracking beacon is in her radio. I hope it's still in her posession.

Bus: Professor, there are some people aware of her in this world.

Azurat: Really? That means she's okay!

Bus: Well... these people happen to be pretty horrible. I don't think we want them to find her.

Azurat: How do you know this?

Bus: These past ten years, I've been working as a mercenary to survive.

Bus: I've learned the local language in the Fumacine Empire and have done some work for the government there.

Azurat: You have connections! Political connections, no less. This is great news.

Bus: Hold on... it's not that great.

Azurat: You didn't get yourself into trouble, did you?

Bus: Not exactly. Well... it's complicated.

Bus: There's some kind of religion built around the story of Ravenna and her mom's arrival here.

Azurat: You're... you're kidding me. Are you serious?

Bus: Obviously they aren't mentioned by name.

Azurat: So much for keeping a low profile while we're here.

Azurat: You probably already realized this but since you and Ravenna survived the V-CORE's activation...

Azurat: My wife almost certainly did as well. She wasn't vaporized after all.

Bus: I realized that the moment I arrived here. That's awesome... I hope maybe we can find her, too.

Azurat: When did you first hear about these people looking for Ravenna? How do you know it's her?

Bus: They showed me a photograph. It's the same photograph Ravenna took of herself sitting under that tree...

Azurat: Oh!

Azurat: Marvin... when did you first hear about Ravenna in this world?

Bus: Just a few days ago. It was right before the incident with the space station.

Azurat: That disaster in orbit? Wait, that was around 44 days ago...

Bus: Wait, I'm talking about what happened today.

Azurat: It was all over the news. That happened 44 days ago.

Bus: That's... strange...

Azurat: Marvin, where have you been? Why were you in that escape pod...?

Bus: Professor... I was on the Morgan's Gate.

Azurat: How is that possible? That ship should be rusting apart by now!

Bus: Oh, it was when I arrived. It was restored and put back into orbit by...

Bus: ...Zetsfir.

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene VII: "Calculating the Leap"

Azurat: Zetsfir still exists. Go figure.

Bus: They do but they've become warped and insane. It's some kind of genocidal mega-cult.

Azurat: I don't like the sound of that.

Bus: After I became fluent in the local language, I spent a lot of time learning about the history of this world.

Bus: For all of this world's recorded history, Zetsfir has been hunting and murdering people.

Azurat: I have a hunch as to why. They've taken things way too far.

Azurat: Listen...

Azurat: After you and Ravenna disappeared, the V-CORE aboard the Morgan's Gate had extensive logs of its activation.

Azurat: This triggered a major investigation aboard the Morgan's Gate.

Azurat: My first discovery was that you, Ravenna, and my wife were not vaporized but sent forward in time.

Azurat: A deep analysis of the data showed that all three of you were sent to different points in time.

Bus: How far apart?

Azurat: Because the V-CORE is spatially locked to the Morgan's Gate's position, you would all still be aboard the ship.

Bus: I was but I couldn't find Ravenna anywhere.

Azurat: All indicators suggest the destination times were after the Morgan's Gate landed on this planet.

Bus: That was roughly 707 years ago on the current calendar. The calendar system changed 1278 Kaperthian years ago.

Azurat: 707 years since the Morgan's Gate landed?

Bus: Yes, by my calculations, the calendar changed 428 years after we left. Long before this planet was settled.

Azurat: You never fail to impress me, Marvin.

Bus: Well, I've had a lot of time to work through the numbers. The years here are 1096 days and the days are 25 hours.

Azurat: Yes, I've observed that much from the star positions.

Azurat: Wait... now that I know about when you arrived, I can calculate the other two leaps from the V-CORE's data...

Bus: Ah, ha! You were able to find that out?

Azurat: Yes... but it's all relative. You just gave me a vital piece of the puzzle.

Azurat: According to the numbers I have, you jumped 4418 years and it looks like Ravenna jumped 4428 years to...

Bus: This year! So, if she's really here, she hasn't been here very long at all!

Azurat: Precisely. Sadly... my wife seems to have arrived....

Azurat: ...around 707 local years ago. She definitely would not be alive in this time period.

Bus: We have a time machine, though! We could go back and find her!

Azurat: Perhaps. There is a major catch, however. Time travel has a horrible twist to it...

Azurat: I made some errors previously and went too far into the future here before coming back.

Bus: Professor, I believe in you.

Azurat: Thanks, Marvin.

Azurat: How curious...

Bus: What is?

Azurat: The time intervals of the migration and the present day... 2214 Earth years apart.

Bus: Oh, yeah... I noticed. Hey, how did you arrive here with the Hovercrane?

Azurat: It took a while to make it possible...

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene VIII: "What Happened After They Vanished"

NARRATOR: April 29, 2214

NARRATOR: Zetsfir Laboratory, outskirts of Saulsburg, Oregon

Azurat: I would like the two of you to accompany me to the Morgan's Gate.

Melvin: For the investigation of the V-CORE's sudden activation?

Azurat: Yes. It's also related to my daughter's disappearance.

Jeanne: We're not telling the council?

Azurat: No, not yet. I need to verify some things.

Melvin: To be honest... I've had some mixed feelings about their orders...

Azurat: Let's extract all of the logs from the system for the past two months.

Melvin: Roger that.

Melvin: Wait... it's not letting me in.

Jeanne: No doubt they've increased the system's security.

Azurat: No worries. There's a back door my daughter's friend helped me create.

Melvin: Ooooh, sneaky!

Azurat: Yeah but we are going to have to answer for this.

Jeanne: It's for a good purpose.

Melvin: Professor Disphumis, I went ahead and extracted everything. We have all of the test activation data.

Azurat: Thanks, Melvin. That will be useful.

Jeanne: I still want to know why we built this thing. How is this related to the migration?

Azurat: I don't know and I don't like how the council keeps us in the dark about it.

Melvin: It's our job and all but... are we doing the right thing?

Azurat: I want to do the right thing. I have a feeling my daughter and her friend do, as well.

Melvin: Professor! Come take a look at this!

Azurat: This shows evidence of three successful time leaps.

Azurat: That means... Gaia... you might be out there somewhere.

Jeanne: Azurat, the security footage indicated your daughter and her friend were in here, right?

Azurat: Yes. It looks like they may have been involved in the recent activation.

Azurat: It shows two of the time leaps originated from that moment in time... but they ended differently.

Jeanne: They all survived?

Azurat: I don't know. They weren't vaporized. We know that now. I can't say when or where they ended up.

Melvin: Can we reverse it? Bring them back?

Azurat: Not from here.

Azurat: Hey, Melvin...?

Melvin: Yeah?

Azurat: Can we arrange a cargo shuttle launch? I need a shuttle that can transport a Hovercrane GT-4.

Melvin: Uh, sure, I'm sure we can... but a magnetocraft won't operate aboard this ship.

Azurat: Oh, I know. I just need it physically on board long enough to...

Melvin: To what?

Azurat: Both of you, it's been an honor working with you two but there's something very important I need to do.

Azurat: I'm afraid I need to embark on a very long and possibly one-way journey.

Azurat: I know I can trust in you to make it possible.

Azurat: ...and, after making some arrangements and staying under Zetsfir's radar, we brought the Hovercrane aboard.

Azurat: The hover engines were augmented with a newer, state-of-the-art quantum locking system.

Azurat: Additional modifications were made to ensure safe operation in the vacuum of space, if needed.

Azurat: With only days until the Morgan's Gate departed from Earth's orbit...

Azurat: Our team finished preparations. I'm not sure if Zetsfir turned a blind eye or what.

Azurat: With the Hovercrane now aboard the great ship and with some additional serious modifications...

Azurat: I used the miniaturized V-CORE aboard the Hovercrane to initiate the jump.

Azurat: It was risky and it required a tremendous amount of power.

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene IX: "The Hovercrane's Journey"

Azurat: Strangely enough, the Hovercrane arrived outside of the Morgan's Gate.

Azurat: I'm really not sure what happened but I managed to get here... let's see... 97 days ago.

Bus: That long? Where have you been living?

Azurat: A small town in Kadmas.

Azurat: I obtained a small in-ear device that allowed me to understand and communicate with the locals.

Bus: Someone gave me one of those when I first arrived, too!

Azurat: Since I needed a place to stay, I took a job in a small coffee house.

Azurat: After a while, they found out I was really good at repairing the coffee machines, so I became the local handy man.

Azurat: After saving up some money, I took some time off and continued my search.

Bus: That's what I did, more or less.

Azurat: You said you worked as a mercenary? I just can't picture that.

Bus: Not the combatant type, Professor. It's strictly cyber warfare.

Bus: And... sometimes demolition. No direct violence... nothing intentional, anyway.

Bus: ...

Azurat: Didn't you say you came from the Morgan's Gate on that escape pod?

Bus: ...yeah.

Azurat: I won't pry but I can tell something's bothering you.

Azurat: ...

Azurat: ...Anyway...

Azurat: I was lucky to find that job in Kadmas. When we're new in an alien world, well... I guess we're the aliens, huh?

Bus: Most of the people in this world are very nice and accomodating. They know what it's like to count their blessings.

Bus: Once we find Ravenna and your wife, I have a request.

Azurat: Of course, what is it?

Bus: Let's find out if there's something we can do to save the people of this world.

Azurat: Sure thing. It sounds like Zetsfir's way out of control.

Azurat: Let's go find Ravenna.

Bus: Yeah!

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene X: "Never Give Up Hope"

Malachi: We've finished unpacking the equipment for the lab.

Malachi: They are setting things up down below right now.

Saja: ...

Malachi: Commander?

Malachi: We'll be able to re-activate Virulyde soon.

Saja: Understood.

Malachi: ...

Malachi: Saja?

Saja: Hey.

Malachi: Listen... we're all still dealing with what happened but...

Malachi: It's been six weeks and HQ is getting anxious.

Saja: Yes.

Malachi: We have to be prepared both mentally and physically for the next mission.

Saja: Indeed.

Malachi: Saja, we've all noticed that you haven't been sleeping much or hardly eating anything.

Saja: Malachi, pay it no mind.

Malachi: I mean, we're a team and all, you know --

Saja: I SAID I'M FINE!!!

Malachi: Commander... please. You have to try to pull yourself together.

Saja: ...

Malachi: I'm... I'm going below to see if I can help with the lab.

Saja: ...

Saja: ...damn it.

Ravenna: Heya.

Saja: ...hey.

Ravenna: So... listen...

Ravenna: I know we're about to start another mission.

Saja: ...yes, but for what purpose, I wonder...?

Ravenna: To find a V-CORE copy, right?

Ravenna: Look, this isn't all set in stone. What if we can go back in time and...?

Saja: ...and what if we can't? What if it doesn't work? We've been making assumptions!

Ravenna: I know it's a long shot but we just can't give up hope!

Saja: Hope? Ravenna, do you know what it's like to defend something with your life, only to lose it?!

Saja: Do you...? I know you've had a hard time being separated from the life you knew. I get that.

Saja: Still... have you seen it all taken away right before your eyes?

Ravenna: Yes. As a matter of fact, I lost my mother at a very young age.

Ravenna: I watched my uncle driven insane and my father nearly succumbed to the same madness.

Ravenna: Kids at school telling me my father was responsible for splitting families apart for the migration.

Ravenna: Getting hateful messages every day telling me to die.

Ravenna: Seeing dozens of city blocks flattened after my uncle killed six thousand people in a suicide bombing!!!

Ravenna: Having to see that carnage every day on my way home from school, no less...

Ravenna: So you're damn right I've dealt with tragedy.

Saja: Ah...

Ravenna: But I know something. I was brought here through time travel.

Ravenna: We know such a thing exists and we might be able to use it.

Ravenna: None of this is set in stone, Saja. If we get aboard the Morgan's Gate or find a V-CORE...

Ravenna: We can go back in time and prevent what happened. If there's one thing I learned since coming here...

Ravenna: It's to never give up hope.

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene XI: "Virulyde's Reactivation"

Karen: I think that's everything.

Dr. Maxwell: Yes, everything is set up now. I'm just running some last minute tests.

Karen: On the new equipment or...

Dr. Maxwell: On the new equipment, yes. Virulyde is ready for reactivation.

Dr. Maxwell: We should probably have Saja present for this.

Dr. Maxwell: I know she's still...

Karen: Yeah. I'm not sure she's ready.

Dr. Maxwell: Be that as it may, we're under orders to move forward.

Karen: *sigh* ...yes, that is true.

Malachi: How are things looking?

Karen: We're ready.

Karen: Could Saja come down here?

Malachi: Might have to drag her, honestly.

Dr. Maxwell: Please, bring her in here. She needs to be present.

Malachi: Right.

Dr. Maxwell: I'm going to start the process now.

Saja: Sorry, Karen. I didn't know we were ready.

Malachi: We starting?

Karen: Yes. Oh, and Saja...

Saja: Yes?

Karen: Virulyde may have problems with emotional shock. Please be careful... you know...

Saja: Right. Oh, and everyone...

Saja: ...

Saja: Look... I... I'm sorry for being so short with you all lately.

Malachi: Are you going to be okay, Saja?

Saja: Yeah. Let's do this.

Dr. Maxwell: Sending activation command.

Virulyde: ...

Virulyde: Virulyde Unit #24 boot sequence activated.

Virulyde: Input output layer online.

Virulyde: Basic routines loaded. Directives loaded.

Virulyde: Declarative and episodic memory loaded.

Virulyde: Working memory buffer validated.

Virulyde: Personality layer active.

Virulyde: Hey, everyone. Where are we? What day is it?

Malachi: How you doin', Virulyde? Good to have you back.

Saja: How are you feeling? Any problems?

Virulyde: No problems to report. All systems appear to be normal.

Virulyde: Mind letting me out of here, though?

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene XII: "Bad Tidings"

Virulyde: Man... I feel like I was out for a long time.

Saja: You were shut down for 54 days, Virulyde.

Virulyde: This room seems vaguely familiar...

Saja: We're on the lower deck of the ShockShadow II.

Malachi: It's been remodeled as a lab for Dr. Maxwell and Karen.

Virulyde: Ah, a mobile lab, huh? That's useful. Looks like all new equipment, too.

Virulyde: They didn't bring anything from Pandora? That's kind of strange.

Malachi: Hmmm...

Saja: Virulyde... uh... about that...

Virulyde: Saja, don't take this the wrong way but...

Virulyde: You don't look too well. Are you okay?

Saja: I'll be fine. I just need to get a little rest before our next mission.

Saja: Here's your cape, by the way.

Virulyde: Hey, thanks! Now I feel more complete.

Virulyde: I'm going to grab a glass of orange juice. I need one like you wouldn't believe!

Saja: Virulyde... we'll meet you on the bridge.

Virulyde: Good deal. See you up there!

Malachi: Are... you going to tell him?

Saja: Yes. We owe him the truth. It's not fair to keep him in the dark.

Malachi: Right. It's best to fill him in as quickly as possible.

Ravenna: I really need to start looking for Bus...

Virulyde: Hey, Ravenna!

Ravenna: Virulyde! Welcome back!

Ravenna: How are you feeling?

Virulyde: Really thirsty. Otherwise, fine.

Ravenna: Um... how much do you remember?

Virulyde: Pretty much everything until I went to sleep.

Virulyde: I'm already aware of the system modifications Dr. Maxwell made.

Dr. Maxwell: Virulyde...

Virulyde: Yes?

Dr. Maxwell: Take it easy for a while.

Dr. Maxwell: The upgrades allow you to control your transformation now.

Virulyde: It definitely feels different. At first I thought it was just grogginess from being shut down for so long.

Dr. Maxwell: I'll let Saja fill you in on what's happened while you were down.

Dr. Maxwell: Ravenna, please come down to the lab with me.

Ravenna: Sure thing, Doc.

Virulyde: Hmmm....

Virulyde: Something isn't right. I can feel an odd tension in the air.

Virulyde: I may be wrong but... something terrible has happened, hasn't it...?

Saja: Listen... Virulyde...

Saja: Our next mission is in the Ice Plains. There should be a V-CORE there.

Virulyde: Understood. Hey, Saja?

Saja: ...yes?

Virulyde: Is there something else I need to know?

Saja: Uh... yeah, actually... I don't know how to tell you this, but...

Virulyde: It's obvious something really bad happened.

Saja: Pandora.

Virulyde: ... don't tell me, it's --

Saja: Gone.

Virulyde: ...

Virulyde: Zetsfir...

Saja: Obliterated it. We were on our way back from Goliath when it happened.

Virulyde: Damn them!!!

Saja: We need to get the V-CORE copy and then we can take the battle to their territory.

Saja: There's even a small chance we can go back in time and prevent what happened.

Saja: Are you feeling up to the task? We're the only team who can do this.

Virulyde: Those bastards...

Virulyde: Do you really think you needed to ask?

Virulyde: Of course I'm up for it.

Virulyde: I'll give up my own life to save our world from Zetsfir.

Virulyde: You can mark my words on that.

Virulyde: I'm in. Let's do this.

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene XIII: "Getting Back to Normal"

Malachi: Ravenna, make sure you get plenty of rest tonight.

Malachi: Also, get some extra heat packs. You'll need to bundle up for tomorrow.

Ravenna: Right. I'll check with Dr. Maxwell to see if he has a box of them.

Malachi: When you get into the sleeping quarters, be careful not to wake Saja.

Ravenna: She's been napping most of the day, right?

Malachi: Well, resting per Karen's orders when she can. She's been given some supplements to help with that.

Ravenna: Drugs?

Malachi: Nah. Just some natural sedatives from flowers grown on the islands of Graves.

Ravenna: I wouldn't mind trying some of those.

Malachi: Just be sure you're well-rested, okay?

Malachi: I'm going to fly us to the Ice Plains and then I'm turning in, as well.

Ravenna: Good night, Malachi!

Malachi: Hmmm... are we finally getting back to normal...?

Ravenna: Let's see... didn't I have a heavier scarf around here somewhere?

Ravenna: Ah... here we go.

Virulyde: Yo!

Ravenna: What's up, Virulyde?

Virulyde: Guzzling OJ, feeding the choccy fish. You know...

Ravenna: Feeding the choc... uh, you know what? That's cool. Hey...

Virulyde: Yeah?

Ravenna: Do we have a bunch of those heat packs?

Virulyde: Oh, right! Where you're from, the climate was much warmer.

Virulyde: You might get really cold in the ice plains, huh?

Ravenna: That's what everyone keeps telling me, anyway.

Virulyde: I'm sure Dr. Maxwell has 'em.

Saja: ...

Dr. Maxwell: Looks like the preparations are complete...

Ravenna: Still awake, Doc?

Dr. Maxwell: Yes, Ravenna. I was just setting things up in advance.

Ravenna: In advance of...?

Dr. Maxwell: The recovery of a V-CORE. We've been instructed to connect it to power as soon as we find one.

Ravenna: HQ must really be in a hurry to activate it.

Dr. Maxwell: Sort of. We have to power it on in order to set up a control system for it.

Ravenna: Niftily neat. Say... do you happen to have any more of those heat packs?

Dr. Maxwell: Ah, yes. Let me grab a handful of them for you.

Ravenna: Thanks!

Dr. Maxwell: Here you go.

Karen: Let me have a look at that arm.

Ravenna: Thanks for the tune-up. By the way, that arm that was being grown in the lab...

Karen: I'm sorry. It was destroyed along with Pandora.

Ravenna: Yeah... I know. That's the least of our worries.

Karen: Unfortunately, we aren't quite set up yet to start over on that here.

Ravenna: Don't worry about it.

Karen: Ravenna, you should get some rest ahead of tomorrow's mission.

Ravenna: Will do. Thanks!

Ravenna: (Looks like Saja's getting some much needed sleep...)

Ravenna: (I wonder if we actually will get our hands on a V-CORE.)

Ravenna: (If we do, will it work? Can we change the past?)

Ravenna: (First... a good night's rest.)

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene XIV: "Evidence of Elimination"

Bukavac: Have we confirmed that our target was eliminated yet?

Kulshedra: There is a 100% match on the DNA found on some fragments from the Pandora station.

Kulshedra: The girl from the prophecy was... killed at that time.

Pithius: Can we be absolutely sure? Her DNA could have come from anything.

Kulshedra: It was in bone fragments. I'd say that's as positive confirmation as any.

Bukavac: Hmmm... indeed.

Kulshedra: Was this really necessary?

Bukavac: Prince Fumacine!

Bachan: Yes, my lord...?

Bukavac: It appears they are going to retrieve a relic from the Ice Plains.

Bukavac: We will permit it but... you will go there and deliver a message.

Bachan: Yes, of course.

Chapter V: Chapter Five: The True History - Scene XV: "Landing in the Ice Plains"

Saja: Are we ready?

Saja: Malachi, you're okay with waiting here, right?

Malachi: Yes. As the plan goes, I'll stand by in case we need to leave immediately.

Virulyde: If Zetsfir starts to attack, we don't want the ShockShadow II to be a target.

Virulyde: You'll be on standby too, Dregweht. Weapon mode!

Saja: Let's head out. Malachi, if there's trouble, be prepared to lift off.

Malachi: Roger that.

Saja: Pick up the pace, you two.

Virulyde: Commander...

Virulyde: Do you want to build a snowman?

Saja: Let it go, Virulyde.

Ravenna: You weren't kidding about the temperatures!

Virulyde: My sensors are picking up the signature of a V-CORE replica in the area.

Virulyde: It should be relatively near by.

Saja: Hmm...

Saja: Virulyde, do you still have a lock on it with your short range sensors?

Virulyde: It keeps fading in and out.

Saja: Kadmas had an old outpost around here from an old war.

Virulyde: I hope there's nothing there that would cause a false positive.

Saja: Hard to say.

Ravenna: Would something like that really be out in the open?

Ravenna: It seems to me they'd put it underground in some kind of bunker.

Saja: Fair point.

Ravenna: Um...

Ravenna: Kaperth's climate, from the start, immediately seemed cooler than Earth's.

Ravenna: The temperatures on the polar caps really are a lot more extreme than I thought!

Virulyde: I'm getting a stronger reading now, Saja.

Ravenna: You can connect directly to the V-CORE, right, Virulyde?

Virulyde: As long as it has some kind of residual power source.

Virulyde: Since it's emitting some kind of signal, I'll try to connect as soon as we're close enough.

Virulyde: I've had a lot of time to think about it and I've figured out quite a few things.

Virulyde: Thanks to my powers of deduction, I've come to understand some aspects of that old legend.

Saja: Virulyde, let's concentrate --

Virulyde: All Virulyde units were created using residual data from two beings. This "angel" person and... "Gesh".

Saja: Seriously, now is not the --

Virulyde: The "angel" provided DNA for the design of the bodies while the minds were modeled after "Gesh"...

Ravenna: So, basically, you and the V-CORE contain elements from his brain.

Ravenna: That explains the brain tank...

Virulyde: Well, elements from his subconscious. My mind was stabilized but the other units weren't so lucky...

Saja: FOCUS!

Virulyde: Okies.

Saja: But, yeah, Virulyde, the Maxwells dug into the whole thing pretty deeply and found out some other things, too.

Saja: Ugh, see, now you've got me distracted...

Ravenna: Hey, take a look over there!

Virulyde: The signal is getting stronger.

Saja: That must be the entrance.


Chapter VI: To be continued...

Chapter VI: To be continued... - Scene I: "To be continued..."

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